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Cyber Assignments from The Message

Wednesday, March 11, we reviewed Essay 2 in both classes, the afternoon students who'd turned their essays in Monday got them back graded. If the grades were not passing grades the revision is due Monday, March 16. For the earlier class, bring in your papers typed. Complete the checklist before class. Your peers will do another checklist and recommend a grade.

Our freewrite was Ladies First (the Message). Students were to write a letter to Felicia Pride discussing 3 points in her essay. Include a direct citation and a paraphrase from the Message and Latifah's song. No more than one citation per paragraph. The response should be no less than three paragraphs.

The other part of the freewrite was: How would Obama respond to Felicia Pride's Ladies First? Write a letter to the author in Obama's voice and have him share his Santa Claus experience with her and how he made it through it.

Homework was to develop three character profiles. Choose three different characters from Dreams and draw descriptive paragraphs from what you've read about them. Use vivid language. Be sure to connect them to Obama in significant ways. Talk about shared values and lessons Obama learned from them, and perhaps those learned by the other party.

Bring the character profiles in to class to share.

Mandukhai Andaan /Maggie/
English 201B, M/W 1-250

Freewrite: Ladies First (the Message).

Dear Felicia Pride,

We have read your “Ladies First” poem today in my English class. I think you wrote everything about ladies power and I appreciate that. Because until today we always say ladies first but then turns out to men first. I do not like the fact that men goes always first, and they do whatever they want to do. For example: I have a girlfriend, and she is very outgoing and a nice girl; she likes to flirt with guys but (I don’t think there is something wrong with flirting with guys, as long as you know what you are doing) and most guys says something bad about her, like, “you have no respect for yourself, you are a woman…etc.”
When men flirt with girls they dot the power, so I think that is one of the reality examples as for today’s generation.
However, Ms. Pride, I like you dressed up as a Santa Clause for Halloween. There is totally nothing wrong with that because, first of all, it was for Halloween party and you were tight to dressed up as a Santa Clause. That is very rude to say to someone “You can’t be Santa Clause, because you are girl and you are black” that sounds how immature he is. But you didn’t gave up, you had some tears because you wanted to fight for women. It shows how strong and confident about yourself.
Queen Latifah is one my favorite artists. She is very strong and a nice woman on this earth. This my first time hearing the song “Ladies First” by Queen Latifah featuring Monie Love, and I loved it. I never knew there were a song for the ladies. The lyrics says every right about women, how women and men should be equal like 50%/50%. Queen is a lady and a great example for the ladies.
Kelley Yuen
Professor Sabir
English 201A
MW 1-250

Dear Felicia Pride,
Ms. Pride, one of your poems that called “Ladies First.” This poem had made me realize that you are strong, and didn’t let other people pull you down. There was one part you said that you dress up in a Santa Claus suit for Halloween, and there was a boy that called you names. You said that “I wasn’t upset at the fact that he called me out for being black and female. That’s a beautiful fact. I was mad that he thought he had the power to tell me what I could and couldn’t do” (102). You stood up strong and didn’t let his words bring you down. I agree, what he said was a beautiful fact, and no one should have problem with their own skin colors.
Ms. Pride, you also used Queen Latifah featuring Monie Love’s lyrics “Ladies First” to bring out the main point of your poem. In the third stanza, where Monie Love rapped, “We are the ones that give birth. To the new generation of prophets because it’s Ladies First.” This is true; ladies will start a new generation of life.
“Gender shouldn’t stop anyone from following her heart” (104). I hope this quote that you said could help other ladies out there to find themselves and not let other people’s words bring them down.
Kelley Yuen
Professor Sabir
English 201A
MW 1-250

Dear Felicia Pride,
I have read one of your poems called “Ladies First.” In your poem, you talked about how a boy made fun of you for being a black girl and dressing up in a Santa Claus suit for Halloween. I have a similar experience about wearing a Santa Claus suit. I was trying to find a job at the mall. There I saw a job that would be right for me, and they was hiring. It was a job where you have to wear a Santa Claus suit, and take picture with little children. I quickly went up there to sign up. The guy told me that I can’t be hire because I have dark skin color. I asked him why, he told me because there was never a black Santa Claus. I was hurt, so I went back home. The next day, I went back to the mall wearing a Santa Claus suit. Children came up to me and wanted to take a picture with me. The guy at the taking picture stand was still trying to hire someone to be the Santa Claus. He saw a lot of children around me and asked if I want the job. I quickly said yes and got hire right at the spot. Then later on, he realizes no matter what skin color you have, you can be anything you want to be. That was my experience of being a Santa Claus.
Sincerely, Barack Obama
Adries Ahmed
English 201
Dearfilicia Pride, by reading the article it influenced you. It is about women getting sterotype feedback.The song of"queenlatifa" and "monie love" encourage's you to be tough, and show how things are to get accepted.
When you got the negative comment it hurt your feelings. There shouldn't be any comment against anybody wtih different skin.Everybody can be whatever one like.That was mean when the child said you arent to be sant' a clause.
Quin Latifa is pretty good .
She relate's to womens problem's
her characters encourage's youth.
She is a example for hiphop. The energy she put into the article "
ladiesfirst" show anybody can do
Carmen Truong
Professor Sabir
English 1A

Free write to Felicia Pride

Dear Felicia Pride,
I enjoyed one of your poem “Ladies First”. As I was reading it, I thought it was a unique choice to be a Santa Clause for your Halloween custom. Sadly, a student in school yelled out some unexpected things to you. “You can’t be Santa Clause, because you’re a girl and you’re black…”(pg.102). I was impressed the fact you react well by telling him he can’t tell you what to be and not to be. Instead of arguing with him, you was calm.

The song Queen Latifah: Ladies First, is a great song. The lyrics talked about how women can be as strong as men are, women can do what men can do and there is one thing that women can do men can’t. “We are the ones that give birth…”(Queen Latifah). That’s right, men rely on women to give birth. During the past, women may rely on men, because men goes to work and women stay home do chores and take care of the kids. Today, the reality is both men and women is equal. Women can do what men can do.

In time, women had proven how brave they are, how young girls can be tough and strong, tough enough to be whatever men do. Strong enough to represents girls power. Women can be able to challenge men. This story and song made me realize how important women is, and that “Ladies First.”
Travon Stephens
Proffesor Sabir
English 201B
April 20, 2009
Flower Power

1. The social entrepreneur are both Robert and son John Nevado
2. They wanted to help with the working conditions in Ecuador for woman.
3. The name of this company is called Nevado Roses
4. They addressed this issue because woman were being mistreated in the work place. Like for example they would get sick and the boss would not pay them for it or if they got pregnant they would not get paid.
5. The local component and the how the community owns the process is that they work there and basically run the place to keep it afloat.
Jacky Leung
English 201B, MW 1-2:50

Dear Felicia,

I’ve just read your reflection on “Ladies First” in the book “The Messenger.” I agree with your reflection. Gender should not be a pr when it comes to doing something you like. Was sexism a problem back in 1989?

I’ve heard of the name Queen Latifah somewhere before. I’ve seen her on many television commercial ads. It was not until today that I’ve heard one of her songs. For some reason, I’ve always thought her music was R&B like Mary J. Blige until today when I found out she’s a raptress.

It must have been tough for your mother back in the 1960s. Women shouldn’t just have three career options. I was not born yet, therefore I have no idea how it was back then. I agree with your statement “Gender shouldn’t stop anyone from following her (or his) heart.” Gender should not be a problem.
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