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Cyber-Post for March 16, 2009

Afternoon class, post your outlines here for your chapter. Identify the chapter and the student partner who worked on the outline with you. This can be a list. On Wednesday we will use this information to write a paragraph about the chapter.

After students finished reviewing the chapters, we shared sections from the book chapter by chapter up to Chapter 6.

Chapter Outline
--Identify the plot or thesis for the chapter: key points or ideas (with page numbers)

--List the characters and where they come into the story and how
Differentiate between new characters and continuing characters from previous chapters;also identify the characters' relationship to the protagonist (Obama)

--What changes for "Obama" the character in the chapter because of his relationship to the other characters?

--Gvie the chapter a title that reflects the theme (you can note the section)

In class today we reviewed Essay 2. I graded the revisions and gave them back. Some students kept their essays for further revision and will give to me Wednesday, March 18.

Wednesday, March 18 is the day before the anniversary of the War in Afganistan. We'll read poetry about the war and freewrite on it. If anyone wants to bring in anything to share regarding this anniversary date, please feel encouraaged to do so.

In Stewart Pidd we reviwed Pronoun Case, Part 4 (108-114). Complete (115-126).

We didn't do anything from The Message today.

Christine So
Eng 201 B
MW 1-2:50

Chapter 5
Partner: Larry

Plot or Thesis: Barry is college and just realizing a little bit more about himself and others around him.

Key points: " I got high for just the opposite effect, something that could push questions of who I was out of my mind..."(93).
"I had nothing to escape from except my own inner doubt"(99).
"To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully"(100).

Hasan- a friend he threw a party with.
Regina, Marcus, Tim, Reggie, Steve- colleagues.
Micky- a friend who he used to do drugs with.
Pablo- a friend who got arrested for drug possession.
Frank- gramp's friend

Changes: Although there were many characters in this chapter, one character in particular I think changed Barry was Regina. After his speech he made at school, she pointed out some things to Barry that he didn't realize about himself.
"You wanna know what your real problem is? You always think everything's about you. You're just like Reggie and Marcus and Steve and all the other brothers out here. The rally is about you. The speech is about you. The hurt is always your hurt. Well, let me tell you something, Mr. Obama. It's not about you. It's never just about you. It's about people who need your help. Children who are depending on you. They're not interested in your irony or your sophistication or your ego getting bruised. And neither am I"(109).

Title: Realizing
Christine and Larry:

Perhaps a little more for the title. What about: "Realizing what I'm Worth"? Remember, at title contains the main point of the writing. It is like the thesis, but not the thesis (smile).

Great outline. I don't understand what the key point #1 means: "I got high for just the opposite effect...". How does this support your thesis?
Kelley Yuen
Professor Sabir
English 201A
MW 1-250pm

Partner: Julia

* Plot or thesis:
In chapter 6, the plot or thesis of this chapter is he went to New York and was taking his education more serious than before. His mother and sister went to visit him in New York for the summer, and his mother told more stories about his father.
* Key points or idea:
- “I spent my first night in Manhattan…” (113).
- “After a while, I reached into my back pocket, pulling out the letter I’d been carrying since leaving L.A.” (114)
- “It hadn’t been easy to write to him…” (114).
- “For the first time in years, I applied myself to my studies and started keeping a journal of daily reflections and very bad poetry” (120).
- “It was in this humorless mood that my mother and sister found me when they came to visit during my first summer in New York” (122).
- “Then, without any promoting, my mother began to retell an old story…” (125).
- “I needed to search for him, I thought to myself, and talk with him again” (124).
* Characters:
- Marcus: He meets Barack at school and they became close friends. One day, Marcus had talk to an Iranian man in the school library, and then from that day he had change. He had been drop out of school even though he just had less than a year left from graduation.
- Mother: His mother and sister went to New York to visit him over the summer. During that visit, his mother told stories about his father. She wanted him to remember his father even though he wasn’t in his life most his life time.
* Changes:
- Marcus: Barack realizes that Marcus changed right after hearing what the Iranian man said, so thought about what he can do to make the community better, and even equal in all ways. Barack realizes Marcus needs his help as much as he needs Marcus help.
- Mother: His mother would keep reminding Barack that it is not his father fault leaving the family, and keeping tell him the good side of his father.
* Title:
- Changes during New York Times
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