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Morning class

This morning we spent a significant time on Ladies First (38). We identified the thesis adn then pulled out evidence in the reflection that supported Felicia Pride's point that: Girls can do anything they want to do in life. There are no limitations.

After we did this students worked on a second assignment, same article, to write a three paragraph letter to Felicia Pride as Barack Obama. Students were to choose a "Halloween" moment in his life and reflect on it as he writes to Pride. Use first person, which means you are not quoting Obama, you are Obama. Put page numbers so I will know where the citations comes from.

Use three. Sources: Ladies First (song), The Message, Dreams from My Father

I told you to use direct quotes, but I have changed my assignment: use free paraphrase. You can quote Pride and Latifah.

Post your letters here.

Homework is to post your freewrite which was a reflection on Pride's chapter 38 (102-104). You can continue reading Obama and completing essay 2. Only two students brought their work in typed. We are behind now.

Sabah Said
English 201B
Mon/Wed 10-12

Free Write: Ladies first, from “The Message” by Felicia Pride.

Felicia Pride is being judged because she’s a female and African American that’s wrong. But what Felicia told that she couldn’t be Santa clause for a Halloween costume because she’s a girl and she’s black, but she was most hurt because the boy thought he had the power to tell her what she could and couldn’t do. Nobody has the power to tell her or anybody that they can’t do anything. Queen Latifah shows that ladies are first and they are free to do whatever they want. Queen Latifah showed them that she was also in that position when people thought they could tell them what to do or not do. Queen Latifah knew that she could whatever she wants. I agree ladies could do whatever they want; they shouldn’t have to let anyone tell them what to do, or to take control either
Sabah Said
English 201B
Mon/Wed 10-12

Letter from Barack Obama to Felicia Pride

Dear Felicia Pride;
I understand your situation because you are not the only one who had felt like people are trying to take control and think they have power over you. As you know I am the first black president and that’s basically something that’s stood out to everybody because I know some people thought it was to good to be true, or that people thought that a black person can’t be president because of my race/color. However, it does not matter what race or gender you are. You could do or be anything in life. For example, I am now president of the U.S. and I did what I had to do to get this far and accomplished many things in life, Felicia you could also too. You shouldn’t listen to what people have to tell you about your self. You could be or do whatever you want; people cannot take control of you. As you said Felicia, “I could do whatever I want“(pg 102).

Queen Latifah also sang a song about “Ladies First”, she also said, “…they see a women standing up on her two” (Queen Latifah song). Meaning women have freedom in doing things independently, also so whatever they want. Queen Latifah had a point, she also makes sense because women have as much fights as men do, and everyone is equal and should be treated that way Queen Latifah also said, “Gender shouldn’t stop anyone from following her heart” (pg. 104).

I on the other hand experienced some situations that relate to your which is people trying to tell me I cannot do something for a certain reason. For example a young white named Jeff at the college we went to at a party once said, “how it must be tough for you and Ray sometimes, at school parties… being the only black guys in all” (pg.84). In addition, my friend Ray said, “we were always playing on the white mans court by the white mans Rules” (pg.85). This really hit me, it made me upset, but I know that cannot stop me from what I want to do. I should not care about what people say because everyone is equal and have the same freedom. No race has any power over other race. I knew nothing comes easy because it was difficult living life in those kinds of situations, but I learned to pay no mind to things like that, because we all could do whatever we want and so can you Felicia, just believe in your self, you are strong enough to.

Sincerely, Barack Obama
Shaela Saunders
English 201A
mon/wed 10a-12p

"Ladies First" Freewrite

Ms. Pride was being talked about negatively for being a "black" santa clause for halloween. That hurt her because not only was she proud of her costume that she came up with but she was being mistreated just because she was a african-american santa clause. THe white kid who told her she couldn't be an african american santa clause was wrong. It showed ignorance and insensitivity to being open and free to be and do whatever you want in life. Felicia especially didn;t expect her schoolmate to be judgemental. As said by Ms. Pride, "I could do whatever I want."
Shaela Saunders
English 201A
Mon-Wed 10am-12p

Obama Letter To Felicia Pride

Dear Ms. Pride,

I was so touched by your message about "Ladies First" because I too can relate to that story. I too was picked on growing up because of my racial history and background. I still have people in aw about me being the first black President of the United States. Latifah said "Gender shouldn't stop anyone from following their heart"(pg. 104) and that goes for race also. Just because your black, or a female, or gay, doesn't mean that should stop you from pursuing your dreams just because of other peoples perception of you.

In the "Ladies First" song by Queen Latifah, she talks about being a strong, independent woman who can do whatever she puts her mind to. Latifah says, “they see a women standing up on her two”(Ladies First by QL) and to get recognition it feels like you have to be a male to be accomplished and that is not the case. Latifah tells you in this song real blatantly that anyone can do anything, and being a woman does not make you any less effective. Females Rock!!!!!!
Angelia spikes
Ms. Subir
English 201a
March 23, 2009

Responds To the People of Oakland

Dear Citizens of Oakland, want happen on Saturday 21, 2009 should’ve happening. I’m very sorry that it has happen. That just show us how weak our community is and that we really need to work together to fix this problem. We as a nation should come together and help one another and stop killing each other. This world is starting to divide up between the have and have not, the rich people and the poor people. What happen on Saturday was a man that needed help and it was too late. Should we get mad at him or ourselves for not helping one another when they need us. If we don’t help change our country and made it where everybody can be the have and not the have not, then I fear that this won’t be the last time we see what happen on Saturday the last time.
Carmen Truong
Professor Sabir
English 1A

Dear Felicia Pride,
I enjoyed the “Ladies First” poem and the stories. It have a great meaning to it. I know “Ladies First” is imperative to you and also made you a strong and grown woman. The story imply to me that you are a very independent woman. I respect your integrity. As a U.S President, I feel like we have related in some points I would like to share. I admit that without the few women in my life to support me, I wouldn’t have stand here and be who I am today. “Listen, Barry, your father is dead…”(pg.5). My father was dead when I was only two years old, and my mother have to raise me. First of all, I wouldn’t be here without my mother. She’s the one that shows me independent, respect, confident, brave, and intelligent. She is my role model.

Ms. Pride, you had mentioned how mad you was when a student from your school yelled out, “You can’t be Santa Clause, because you’re a girl and you’re black…”(pg.102). I feel like being black perhaps made you uneasy because “98 percent of them were white”. But it seems like that made you grow your tolerance. Seems like the more people talk dirty on you, you did not let that upset you. Instead, you was calm and was mature about the situation. Keep it up! I have a huge hope in you.

There’s a line in your song I like, “It doesn’t make a difference, Keep the competition coming…”(Queen Latifah). To me, it sounded like whether a woman is young or old, black or white, we stand strong and women can do what men can do. Men and women are both treated equally. There is a balance in between.

Barack Obama
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