Thursday, April 23, 2009


Earth Day and Stewart Pidd final assignments with due dates

April 22 was Earth Day and the class watched a New Heroes program on Albina Ruiz, a Peruvian social entrepreneur. Students then wrote a summary using the questions from the essay assignment. We also, developed three thesis sentences using the 3-part thesis formula (handout).

If you did not hand in your summaries or thesis sentences, post them here. Students were also given copies of the research essay assignment (posted below). We then reviewed part 6 in Stewart Pidd. Homework in Pidd is to completed pages 196. We will write the essay in class during the final hour Monday, April 27.

Homework 4/27 will be Pidd Part 7 Possessives (216-227).

Wednesday, April 29, we will write the essay (Essay Exam 2)in class and do the Possessive Pronoun Quiz (handout). We'll start Parallel Structure. We'll write the essay, In-class Essay Exam 3: Parallel Structure Part 8 (244-253), Monday, May 4, after the parallel structure quiz.

Homework for 5/4 will be Subject-Verb Agreement Part 9 (272-279). We will write the essay in class (5/6). We will do the Multiple Choice Exam (handout) in class also. Arrive on time.

Homework for 5/6 Hootanny Essay Part 10 (282-294). We will write the essay in class (295-299).

Shaela Saunders
English 201A

New Heroes Summary: Albina Ruiz

Alibina Ruiz was worried about healthcare and environmental caused by garbage in Peru. She came up with an idea of community managed waste systems. The first neighborhood she worked with was El Cono Norte in Lima. She has been really successful in her plan to get trash off of the Peruvian streets. She oversees 20 cites in across Peru. Even though her organization has grown, Ruiz remains central to the operations on the ground. She still visits municipalities overwhelmed by garbage, checks on neighborhoods involved in her program and meets with government officials.
Sabah Said
English 201B
Mon/Wed 10-12

Free Write: Frontline World # 5
New Heroes questions: Albina Ruiz

1. Social entrepreneur- Alibina Ruiz - Peru
2. Problem the person identified is - 75% pf the trash is not collect problems with solid waste. They were not recycling. It was making people that lived around garbage sick; she talked to people about if they like their okay with the conditions of having waste. People were sick, they had rats everywhere and it smelled really bad. People weren’t okay with the waster, they wanted a change.
3. Organization they started- healthy cities
4. Relationships to the community that they served, she offered the people jobs, and permanent employment.
* they decided to address this issue, because they realized how people need help in a lot of ways, and that they want to improve the dirtiness they had to deal with in there community
5. She went to visit over 20 cities across Peru to accomplish her goal in getting trash off the streets.
6. The community owns the process by having a program that has people to visit Peru and check neighborhood to see if it’s clean. They helped them live in a healthier environment.
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