Monday, April 06, 2009


In-class essay

Plans for the day:
1. Freewrite: Write a 3 paragraph essay on question 3, then respond to a classmate's essay. In each paragraph use 1 citation: a paraphrase, a in-text citation and a block quote.

2. SPHE Essay 3 peer review

3. Social Entrepreneur video: Frontline World (Respond to essay questions)

We chose question 3 to respond to in an essay this morning. The theme is "forgiveness/blame". We brainstormed for a few minutes on reasons why Obama might feel wronged:

Father left him and his mother to pursue graduate studies (abandonment).
Residual effects of this loss: single family head-of-house, anger and hurt, confusion: re: blackness, and being a black man, missing a part of himself, estranged relationship w/siblings and other Kenyan family members, ignorance of African culture.

We spoke of primary and secondary sources: Obama vs. his grandparents, mother and father's colleagues

Primary experiences of father:
Strong physically and philosophically
Engaging and charming
Mother loved him still and they had a good relationship
She still took care of him when he was near
Grandparents admired him also
Obama Jr. was called the same nickname: Barry

Secondary Experiences:
Stories his mother and grandparents told him
Those stories his siblings told him and other relatives, friends, and colleagues who knew his dad

Reasons why Obama might want to forgive his father:

He needs to forgive his father so he can move ahead w/his life (page numbers?) he can grow as a mature man (page numbers?) he can find peace in his inheritance (Kenyan and white and black numbers?)

Other homework was to get a peer review of Essay 3 (handout)and bring it and the essay to class for 4/8

Complete on Frontline World program, answer questions and post on the blog by Wednesday

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