Monday, May 04, 2009


Be-Verb Essay

Today in class we spent the first hour writing and researching. Students then started their Be-Verb essays assignment (Essay 4). Students who missed class last week were given the handout to help with the introduction which is a paraphrase of the answers to questions. Bring the typed essay to class on Wednesday. We will review the Possessives essay and templates and write an essay in class. Bring in a draft of the research essay (a paper copy).

The academic writing labs have the Bedford Guide to Writing on the desktop. Use this source to help you to cite your sources (see Research Guide).

The essays you have written so far this semester are: 4 essays in Pidd (one was a midterm), a collection of short writings for Dreams from My Father, freewrites for The Message, Cyber-Assignments, and now the research essay. The portfolio will consist of all your work, plus two essays which will look at your revision process and your 18 weeks of study.

I will be around for an hour tomorrow: 10-11 AM.

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