Thursday, May 14, 2009



Yesterday, many students shared their concerns with the class. Thanks for your feedback. If you were absent and have something specific you need, you can email me:

Between the two classes, over half of you have not attended classes consistently this semester, or turned in essays on time or at all. The deadline is already past for late papers and those students who did not speak to me prior to May 4, will not pass the course if they do not speak to me now. I do not give incompletes.

Many students read the syllabus and then forgot important details, one was to keep all of your work, it is your evidence, it is your proof. The graded essays are your evidence of academic achievement. If you did not create a blog to store work as recommended at the beginning of the semester, or at least keep your work in a folder, how will you prove you were here?

I am in L235 today, and next Thursday, May 21. I recommend everyone of you get in touch with me to see how you are doing if you haven't already done so. Bring the graded work with you. You can also call me. I am always available by cell phone.

Homework is to complete the essay on Subject Verb Agreement. We did four quizes yesterday: Be-Verbs, Possessives, and two on Pronoun Agreement.

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