Wednesday, May 27, 2009



Today we finished the English 201, 1-3 PM finals. Those students who presented shared the lives of people who care about others in society enough to dedicate their lives and work to ameliorating the barriers which keep certain people outside the realm of opportunity and success.

Again, tomorrow, May 28, 8-11 AM in L-235, we will be assembling the portfolio. I have had technical problems this weekend and can't use my laptop, so I was not able to send students grades yesterday. Come by tomorrow if you have questions and want papers back. Also, don't forget you can always call me. I return calls.

Some students skipped the final today. The final presentation was something which could help your final grade. The portfolio is not optional. I will be in my office at 12 noon Friday, May 29, to receive completed checklists.

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