Monday, May 11, 2009


Portfolio Summary on Blogspot

We are working on Parallel Structure now in Pidd. Finish so we can talk about the exercises Wednesday, May 13. Most students did not complete the essay analyzing possessives today. Turn it in tomorrow or Wednesday. I am around tomorrow. I finish teaching at 10 a.m. and will go to my office for an hour, come by.

Today we created blogs at Students were instructed to take all of their work this semester and create posts such as: Pidd essays, Obama freewrites (from blog), Love Assignment and research planning and drafts, The Message, and freewrites.

Research section:
Research process assignments: Frontline World, planning sheets, outline, introduction and conclusion, first draft with feedback, second and final drafts with narratives.

Portfolio narratives

Grades listed per assignment
Grade justification (narrative where you evaluate your writing and assign a course grade)

Graded Essay from another course (extra credit)

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