Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Social Entrepreneur Essays, Be-Verb Essay, Possessives

Today in the morning class students were not prepared to write the Possessives essay. We reviewed the exercises and students will write it on Monday, May 11, in class. You will be able to type it. Continue reading and doing the exercises in Pidd. We will review Parallel Structure on Monday and Wednesday.

Bring in your research essay on Monday. I only read one today and two in total: Mariam and Javon's. Many students are not hearing me when I tell them to state the problem first and then introduce the social entrepreneur. You also need to define SE.

We watched the film: "Immersion." Post your response to the questions here along with your arguments and supporting evidence. Remember, the evidence is introduced with the word "because."

Immigrants' children often fail in America because they are not equipped academically to navigate the linguistic landscape.

The evidence is the child who plays hooky during the test. Another example is the Principal's instructions to the teacher to pay attention to the kids who have promise.

This afternoon we fared better re: research essays completed for peer reviews. We reviewed the exercises first in Pidd up to the essay on Possessives. We didn't get to the film, maybe Monday. Only two students turned in their Be-Verb essay. If you did not turn it in today, it loses points for every day it is late. (You cannot skip it, and you have to get a perfect score.)

Sabah Said
English 201B
Mon/wed 10-12
Free write: immersion film.
The film talked about the young boy named Moises and he has a hard time in school, understanding and speaking English. He and his family escaped from their country to come to a better place to stay. The main characters in this film are the young boy Moises, his classmates, and his teacher Ms. Patterson. Moises main problem was understanding English when his teachers and everyone else to. Then he asks the teacher can she help him study the test that they are having soon. The teacher tries her best to find a test written in Spanish but there’s was no luck. But at the same time Mosies is really good in math, but he can’t explain how he got the answer to the teacher. So when the test comes she just tells him to try his best. Moises has a hard time from the students. Moises struggles in English but also tries his best to learn it. Basically the argument is how becoming fluent in English helps you get many places and do many things in life. Also how schools are not realizing how much students need help ion English, they don’t give students much attention to help them make a difference.
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