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In both classes students posted their narratives, paraphrases/summaries and other responses to the James Baldwin essay, Autobiographical Notes (which is on-line...I'll locate the link and post it later). I told students this morning that if, in reading SPHE, you want to revise your paraphrase before posting, post both drafts.

I do not have anymore copies of SPHE pp. 330.... The book is on reserve in the college library (L-bldg. lower level). Do the assignments there and bring to class Monday, August 29, or buy the book, or copy the pages from the book.

By: Arely Razo
To: Professor Sabir 8-9
Date: 24 August 2009
Re: James Baldwin Pg 5 Paragraph 1

Old version
I was born in Harlem and began to make up stories once I knew how to read. My mother had many children, which I took care of. As a child I read many books, the bible was an exception because it was something I was encouraged to read. I also wrote stories, the Spanish revolution was a short story that I wrote and won a prize. My story was censored by a lady editor.
New Version
Many years ago I was born in Harlem. Knowing how to read encouraged me to write my own stories. What I went through as a child was something that I view as bad and would not like to experience it again. I had many brothers and sisters because my mom started having many children. As my mom had more babies I became the one in charge of them, as I watched them I would be reading and watching them at the same time. My siblings went through a lot, although they try to not keep that in mind, I read as many books as I was capable of reading, only the bible I did not read because it was one I was told to read. I wrote a good amount, my writing was successful, a short story about the Spanish revolution received an award. Some of the things that were written in my short story were not seen in the church newspaper because of the editing that was done by a women.

By: Arely Razo
To: Professor Sabir 8-9
Date: 25 August 2009
Re: James Baldwen Pg 7 Paragraph 6

Old version
The hardest time in my life was when I finally realized that I was a nobody from the West, who had came from Africa. Being African gave other poets a new type of being. The history that I read, I tried to see myself in it but couldn’t because I didn’t know where I belonged. I have to adjust to how things are now because if I don’t, then I will not belong anywhere. There was something that I knew that I didn’t want to say, as nor did African Americans, that I disliked whites. I am not very fond of my own people, because they did not do the same as the author. I also did not feel comfortable in the world. The place that we live in today had a control over me, it was bad and that is why it is not in my writing.
New version
The hardest thing that I experienced was when I finally realized that I was a illegitimate from the West. Me being from Africa gave other poets/writers a different type of approach. In what history I read, I tried to figure out if I could find myself. To this day I still do not know where I fit in. I have to adjust to how things are now because if I don’t, then I will not fit in anywhere. Something in life that I did not want to say was that I disliked Caucasian people. Nor would I say that I am fond of my own people, because they weren’t able to do something. In this earth that ere are in I am not comfortable in. this place that we live in today has control over me, it caused me pain and that is why it is not in my work.
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