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Brave New Voices Cyber-Assignment

Today we watched Brave New Voices, and HBO series that aired late Spring this year. Respond to the question: Do you believe with Lauren Whitehead, that poetry saves lives? Give examples.

Kathleen Adams
Professor Sabir
English 201 A/B
October 23, 2009
Brave Voices

Do I agree with Lauren Whitehead that poetry save lives? Yes, I absolutely believe that poetry saves lives. I know someone that would not be here if it were not for poetry. She is a rapper that is working on her first album. She talks about how she used to run the streets and chased after men, because she had no self-esteem. Through the poetry and writings, she noticed that a new person was blooming inside of her, and all of the hurt and pain she held inside began to appear on paper. More and more she began to write, she felt like weight and heavy burdens were being lifted.

I am another example of how poetry changes and save lives. When my mother died, I no longer wanted to live. It took me three years to start writing again. It began to make me feel lighter and become more visible to dreams and goals. When I begin to feel helpless, I write to her, tell her what I am going through, she is always here for me.
Cynthia Phan
Professor Sabir
English 201A 8-9am

Do I agree with Lauren Whitehead that poetry save lives?

Yes, I agree with Lauren Whitehead that poetry does save many lives because I know that a lot of people expresses the way they feel by writing their thoughts and ideas down on paper instead of telling someone face to face. For example, in the video that we saw in class there was many poetry spoken word youths team being form because it help many of the young youth living in good or bad environment speak up and make a change in their life. They get to express how they feel towards something, tell about incidents that occur in their life, or just anything that they want to out of their chest.
An example from Brave New Voices was seeing youth that has disability being proud and excited about trying to make it in a team competing with other youths around the world. They are learning new thing through poetry, making changes within their self, and reflecting on their life. Many people are super passionate about spoken word poetry.
Poetry keep the youth out of trouble and I guess that writing poem is a way for many people to relax, cool off when they are angry, clear their head, and make them feel happier or better.
Mai Bee Lor
English 201A 8-8:50am
Professor Sabir
25 October 2009

Brave New Voices

I agree with Lauren Whitehead that poetry saves lives. Spending one’s time on poetry and learning to express oneself is a productive way to spend time. I believe that by doing this it can save teens from doing drugs, having sex too early, and violence. It can also help the self-esteem of teens. This is a life changing experience. From the video Brave New Voices, Diego says that after he started spoken words poetry, it has changed his life. I remember what another teen had comment, but don’t remember her name. She was over-weight and ate excessly. She says in the video that expressing herself through poetry had saved her from feeling pain and hurt from eating too much.
Arely Razo
Professor Sabir
English 201B
21 Oct. 2009

I do believe that Lauren Whitehead saves lives. Instead of these kids being out in the streets up to no good they are writing poetry. They express themselves through poetry and describe hardships or struggles that they have had in life. For example in the video it talks about how a girl named Jasmine has sickle cell anemia and her way of feeling better is to talk about it through poetry. It also talks about how she was rapped. A girl talks about how she was made fun of and that her mother told her to beat whoever would make fun of her. This shows that instead of these kids doing something that would get them itrouble they speak about it. Many have notebooks that they just write their thoughts in and they realized that it was poetry. Briteny was told that she could not be president by her grandmother. It give these give motives and have goals. It helped people get over things that they went through life.
Kholood Gaid
English 201A
26 October, 2009
Brave Voices

Do I agree with Lauren Whitehead that poetry save lives?
I do believe with Lauren Whitehead that poetry do save lives. I believe that because i have lived with my blood brother who is always writng poetry and that saved his life. He was failng everything in his life, he didnt have a job and lost all his close friends in a car accident and when he first experienced that he can write poetry, it felt like reborned again from writing poetry.
Sometimes people lose alot of their best friends or relatives but when they find their talents in their peotry, its like you are living a new life with all peotry in it.
Elizabeth Garcia
Professor Sabir
English 201A
October 26, 2009

Do you agree with Lauren Whitehead, that poetry saves lives?

I agree with Lauren Whitehead with her opinion that poetry saves lives. One reason is because it’s a way to express feelings and to let anything you have in your mind out and set free in a good way instead of in a bad way. Someone can show their hatred, sadness, happiness, or explain what you are going through in your life. This can help relieve your own self and show others how you feeling. Many people can relate with your own issues that is why it can save lives because it can let people know that they are not alone.

An example from Brave New Voices was a young girl with sickle cell disease that before she found her talent in poetry felt that she wasn’t going to make it a while because she always felt bad. After her mother passed away she said that she did not talk for 3 month's she just wrote on her notebook not knowing that she was writing poetry. When she found out her writing had a rhythm she kept on writing poetry and then it was something that helped her feel liberated from her sickle cell disease.
kevan peabody

i was absent on this day. I was sick.
Kevan Peabody
Sabir posse
Spoken word
I believe that poetry saves lives because poetry is a spoken word that allows people to express how they feel and get their emotions out. With poetry people can say what they want and not hold their emotions in. I believe that poetry also can also motivate and lift up people. For example if you listen to poetry, you will get it will relax you and take your mind off the problems that you are having. Poetry helps you get away from the things you stress about. Another example is when I went to a spoken word a few years ago it helped me feel good about myself. It was a wonderful experience. Thery video was very good. The video showed how poetry helps young kids.
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