Monday, October 26, 2009


English 201 Afternoon Class/ Morning class should read as well

Today in the afternoon class we will complete Essay 2: Possessives, start Evolution of a Revolutionary and develop a list of themes from the reading and use these themes to write thesis sentences.

Homework will be to continue in SPHE Parallel Structure, Part 8. This is another essay exam we will write in class. Type the three templates you'd like to use in the essay and save on your blog, as an email and on a jump drive. We will write this essay next week on Monday, November 2. If many students are attending the lecture/presentation at Berkeley Rep, also that evening, I will make the class just an hour.

Students can write the essay and leave. We will review Parallel Structure Wednesday in class. Bring your questions.

Keep a reading log for the Guy book, Evolution of a Revolutionary, with a section for vocabulary, chapter summary and questions that arise from the reading. Students have to respond to at least one person for each chapter.

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