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Holler Summaries

Post your summaries for chapters 7-9 here. Each summary needs to be minimally 3 paragraphs and use three citations: direct, free paraphrase and a block quote, one per paragraph, if there are three. If not, it's your choice.

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Kathleen Adams
Professor Sabir
English 201 A/B
10 October 2009
Chapter 7

The news is out and it is not good, Tupac had been murdered. Thousands of young adults were mourning in pain after Tupac‘s death. Tupac illustrates,”… such an affect on a great number of the youth, because he was their intellectual. Several of the youth had endured the same or a worse childhood as Tupac.” (Paraphrase) Tupac is how many of them express inner feelings. Tupac asks,”…God can you feel me?”(202). Most people did not know that Tupac had a gargantuan spiritual soul and always searching for fulfillment within. ”He always talked about the holy triangle, the most volatile area in the planet,” she says. “The corners [are] Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, the three strongest, vocal organized religions.” (204).

Tupac states,”…if you are a poor person in the ghetto with no money, how can you expound on life? So [Tupac said] it’s very racist to have the luxury of exploring your humanness, because when you are in the hood, you don’t get to ponder because you’re trying to eat. (206) Tupac’s music and lyrics addressed a small bit of his life and circumstances much later in his short lived life. (Paraphrase) (207).Only those closes to Tupac knew what kind of man he was, after reading this book there is still so much to be told. He definitely was kind, and wanted to help so many that grew up wearing the same scars that he did.

Even the best philanthropist cannot get words across as Tupac could. He was in his rights a revolutionist, a prophet, a motivator and a true human that had compassion. People everywhere listen, even if they complained about him, it was something that each person heard that they could identify with. How can you live not trying to make life for yourself and someone else better? “I remember when [Tupac] died, someone at Columbine University said, “why would you write a poem about Tupac? Poet Sonia Sanchez recalls.”He was a thug.”(209).
Despite what people thought of Tupac, he was a genuine masterpiece that will never be duplicated.
Rhonda Washington
Professor Sabir
English 201A
10 October, 2009

Chapter 7 "But Do The Lord Care"

"Steinberg says: Tupac was interested in making people think about the conception of sin." I think Tupac was in trying to understand the aspects of sin as well. He believed in god and read numerous of books on religion. He questioned why would oneself continue to do things that are considered to to wrong in the eyes of god. But realized that sin is a part of spirtual growth.
"Jada Pinkett-Smith says: I think that there was a part of Pac that knew that God had his hands on him." Tupac at times felt so alone and the only person he could talk to was god. At those most personal moments he spent with god was precious to him. Tupac thought that his long suffering helped him to understand sprituality. Unfortunately the battle between his addictions prolonged his full potential of spiritual growth.
T.D.Jakes believed that Tupac had prophetic messages in his lyrics. But the delivery of those words were not always recieved by his critics. However it is ironic that some of his perdictions came true. I wonder, did Tupac have the gift of discernment? It makes one think there is a great possibilty, however we will never know because his life ended to soon.
Rhonda Washington
Professor Sabir
English 201A MW 1-2:50p
10 October, 2009

Chapter 8
"I Got Your Name Tatted On MY Arm"

"Johnnie Cochran asked Tupac, Why do you put that stuff all over your body? Is that necessary?" Tupac's responce was yes it was necessary for him. Tatting was the way that Tupac self-expressed himself. Every tatto had a meaning to him. Tupac's body was his temple and the writings were a symbolic masterpiece of his artistry.
Tupac's thugish style was an attractive characteristic for many women. Vivica Fox says, "he had nice lashes and great lips...234)".
Kim Fields also stated that it was something about him that would draw her into him. I think he had great eyes, sexy lips, well porportioned nose and milk chocolate skin. Tupac may have had all of these things that some women found attractive and that is what we will remember.
Tupac loved all forms of art. That is what made him stand apart from his peers. His willingness to be open and knowledgeable about artistry in many different forms. Tupac was a well rounded person. Though his bad boy image shocked people when they learned of his soft side. This made Tupac a more intriging man to know.
Kathleen Adams
Professor Sabir
English 201A/B
10 October 2009
Chapter 8

Many teenagers display how they feel with tattoos over the body, some say it is simply art. With all those tattoos covering Tupac’s body, what was behind all of it? Was it Tupac’s way of finding purpose besides rapping? Why did he begin talking more and more about death? Did Tupac know he was being prepared for his death? Just before Tupac crossed to the other side, he had a few cases pending, and was dealing with a vindictive attorney. Could it be that he did not want to spend any more time in prison? That is a question we may never know, or do not wan the answer. One could argue on both sides about this.

“After fulfilling her duties, Balkan recommended that instead of going to prison, Tupac give a free concert.”(248). While they discussed the case, the judge was impressed with Tupac and his outstanding commitments to give back; he also agreed that Tupac should give a free concert. Soon the hearing date was confirmed, but there was not a need for it Tupac had been murdered. Tupac had made such a high impression on the attorney and the judges that after hearing about his death wanted to be in the presence of those who knew Tupac. “Wow “that is some first impression huh?

Tupac inspiration, pain, suffering, and wanting to be heard have resonated with so many different lifestyles that will never be the same. That is what a great and true leader is all about; leaving a mark that cannot be erased forever in our memories, spirit and soul.
Kathleen Adams
Professor Sabir
English 201A/B
10 October 2009
Chapter 9

“It’s ugly that it was whoever it was [who killed him], but I just feel it was going to be somebody.”(249). Tupac our greatest realist activist and truth has left us, although his legacy will live forever. He touched many lives to do well, and inspired others to explore, read and write. Vehement and valueless of the young ones today is criticized and referenced to Tupac. (Paraphrase) (250).

Some assume that Tupac’s death was not real, and believes his living with his auntie in Cuba.
Tupac has been an icon from his first day of arrival, defining all the odds against his myself and his mother. He was often compared to James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. In some view would assume to think not, since Elvis was the greatest icon that ever lived. We can also beg to differ that Tupac by far is so much more of icon. Tupac was self taught, fought for equal rights, and cared for the homeless, hungry and the poor. Today we have not heard of Elvis Presley, James Dean or Marilyn Monroe give their time to fight hunger, homelessness. There can never be that kind of comparison to a great such as Tupac.

Tupac showed strength for all to know that you can succeed. If you want to you.You have to find that passion and pull it out of you, and go for it I have learned a lot of things about Tupac that I needed to know, so that I may pass on to my children and they can pass on to theirs. With the love of your parents you can accomplish anything.
Rhonda Washington
Professor Sabir
English 201A
10 October,2009

Chapter 9
"How Long Will They Mourn Me"

Tupac is an urban legend. His short life ended on in 1995. He was slanned on the streets of Las Vegas, ironically sin city capitol of the United States. Dyson says, "Tupac arrived in Vegas on September 7, he stayed for seven days, the number seven is the number of perfection in the bible.He died on friday the 13th of September." The superstitous day for bad luck.
"Robin Kelley compares Tupac to the historic black figures Simon Kimangu and Charlie Parker. These men were outlaws through out Central Africa." Tupac would have been a great leader who was also considered an outlaw. And in essence he is because we are studing him today. But as Kelley says,"the myth of Tupac's death makes it hard to believe that he is gone."
Tupac is known to our youth as the ghetto saint. The figure whose words aspire hope, aspiration,humilatity,endurance, long suffering,pain,joy,sorrow and change to an young generation. His diverse persona has opened the eyes of children who want to express there talents. Tupac's body is no longer with us, but his spirit will live on eternally.
Arely Razo
Professor Sabir
English 201B
7 Oct. 2009

But Do the Lord Care?

Tupac was the type of
person that was spiritual and believed in God. A church was nice enough to make a memorial service. Syke feels that he has done wrong, but has changed and is ready for when God takes his life away. Tupac was the type of person that cared about others. His family was everyone. He was a unique person.
Tupac didn’t want to be a thug anymore. When he was finally going to leave the business he was killed, he wanted to make his life as an actor, which he was good at acting. The bullet proof vest that he wore did him no good. Many people still believe that he is alive and is hiding somewhere. That is not possible though.
Tupac wasn’t happy with life anymore. It got worse when he got out of prison. As a person he changed, he wasn’t the same person as the one that was put in jail. Something in him died. Some think that something happened to him while in prison. He even felt that he was ready for marriage.
Do We Hate Women?
This chapter talks about how many women are judged wrongly. Men just like to say things about women. Men are more powerful than women and get more money than women. They see women as a sex symbol and at times take advantage of them. Women are blamed for many things in life. They are always being called bad names such as b***h.
Rappers like to have a women’s body exposed in their videos. For them to have them in the videos some girls have to sleep with them or do other stuff with them. Rappers expect to get things from girls and many of them tend to have many women at the same time. They like having many women because it makes them look better.
Tupac was blamed for something that he didn’t take part in. he just didn’t do anything about the situation. He was put in jail because he was said to have rapped a girl. It also talks about how it is hard to find someone that will accept you for the way you are. Many people tend to want to change things, in order to make the person the way that they want them.

I Got Your Name Tatted on My Arm

This is about how Tupac was misjudged in many ways. Holland didn’t think that he would wear a suit or be into classical music. She was proven wrong. He was wiling to try new things. Some people thought that he was just a thug. He was into many things.
Tupac was a person that many girls liked because of his looks. Many women liked his body. He was the type of man that many women wanted to be with and fantasized about. Tupac would get girls that he shouldn’t have been with. He couldn’t help the low self-esteem girls that he would be with be more confident because he himself wasn’t.
Tupac changed when he was put in prison. He was addicted to dugs and alcohol. Tupac didn’t think that he was and only said he was when he had talked to his girlfriends mother. That is just a way that thugs are and what happens to many artist as they start getting famous and are under a lot of pressure. He had many tattoos on his body and that was his work of art.
Arely Razo
Professor Sabir
English 201B
7 Oct. 2009

How Log Will They Morun Me?

This chapter is about how Tupac was charged with having drugs on him while he was in Los Angeles. Instead of going to jail when tupac admitted being guilty, he just gave a free concert. Tupac was killed before he could go to court. Many believed that Tupac was not dead and that he was with a family member in Cuba. Danyel Smith believed that he was dead and she had a feeling that he was going to die.
Many people could not imagine that he was dead. Even though Tupac is dead he is still blamed for many things and what he has done has not been let go. Things are not the way that they appear. To some people his death made it as if they could also die. He is considered an urban leyend. His death seems as if it was faked.
Blacks say more about young people in gangs. People that are not in gangs at times get stuck in the middle of gang things. Urban leyends give people that are poor power and motivation. Tupac wanted to help as many people that went through the samething as him.Tupac worried about being blessed and cursed. Tupac died n Las Vegas and many believed that he had attended a Mike Tyson fight.
Julianne Bauer
Professor Sabir
English 201B
13 October 2009

Chapter 7: "But do the Lord Care?"

When Tupac was murdered people were lost and disillusioned. A reverend named Willie Willson agreed to have a service agreed to have a service for the rapper in Washington D.C. in the church. The service had alot of teenagers across the city. Wilson said that Tupac was a preacher who brought a message to young people.

Steinberg said they talked about their mothers and Jada Pinkett smith said that he had a special relationship with God. Tupac also talked about how he was unhappy and talked about how he said that jail killed his spirit. Tupac also said that he wanted to stop Thuging and stop rapping and start acting more.

Tupac was also in Above the Rim and he was sensitive to children. He also cried around Leila Steinberg and he wanted to protect his thug image.
Julianne Bauer
Professor Sabir
English 201B
13 October 2009

Chapter 8: "I Got your name Tatted on my Arm"

This chapter talks about a woman named Johnnie Cochran talked about his tattoos and what they mean. And also talked about his music videos

Also talked about his body how he had tattoos of thug life and his bad-boy image. Tupac was in prison and wanted to set goals when he would get out.

He also had a drug and Alcohol problem. Smith talked about how he wanted to marry her and she also talked about Tupac's girlfriends.

Chapter 9: "How long will they Mourn Me?"

This Chapter talked about how tapac life. How he was charged with drugs.

It also talk about how when Tupac was murdered. How there were rumors of how tupac was faking his death. There were saying that Tupac went to the Caribbean or he went to Cuba or Jamacia.

Also talked about how Tupac is a legend. It was also was talking about how tupac was in Las Vegas to see a fight and that he hung around for seven days.
Jimmy Sengthavilay
professor sabir
english 201A

Chaper 7
"But Do The Lord Care"
Michael Eric Dyson in "Holler if you Hear me" mentioned Tupac's death and how it
reached out to many young people. During that time, much radio’s asked to give a chance
to young people to speak their minds and open their heart out. They said the only reason
that might meant so much to young people is that Tupac music
was the key to identify with, related to what is real, also spoke out to the reality of
circumstances, their situations, and their environment that they might be living in."I
Think in every sense these pop artists are the rocks that are crying out with prophetic
words", this quote shows that most pop artist have their own situation that many relate to
especially their situations and expressing their feelings with words and music.

When Tupac have struggles and frustration he prayed to God, hoping him to please save
him. In, "Are you still Down" tupac was onced praying for God, "Please God come and save
me". His questioned for God was, was he onced ghetto?, this question made him asked god
to understand him, and he want god to help him make all his enemies bleed. When Tupac
was shot 5 times in the streets having a helpless friend watch him bleed the death, his
mother believed that Tupac is now in heaven making peave with God.

Tupac also meantions in Chapter 7 that everyone of us in the world matter and counts,
One can make a difference. Also if we would all just come together we can get rid of this
racist society. Also Dyson let readers now how people didn't realize how much Tupac had
suffered before his music came out. His life of frustration lef him to have the
understanding of life and his obsession of God. Jada Pinkett smith believed that "I think
there was a part of Pac that knew that god had his hands on him". He also believed that
"Tupac's heavy reliance on weed and alcohol made it difficult to discern his faith".
Dyson said that his whole point of music was to show all of what is going through his
mind and he is also trying to find an answer with other people through his music.
Jimmy Sengthavilay
professor sabir
english 201A

Chapter 8
"I Got Your Name Tatted On MY Arm"
In Chapter 8, Michael Eric Dyson uses Examplification to demonstrate what might be the
reason Tupac have all those tatooed on him. All the ink in Tupac body identify his life,
what he went through and what he was dedicated to. As they said that the body of Tupac's
is not his, young people claimed that his body was theirs. If suffer comes, they would
feel his pain, "I will be your sacrificial lamb. i will suffer for your sake,in your plane.
I will tell the story of your entombment in poverty and stunted social ambition". This
quote meant that many was related to his pain and suffer, they would feel for him, and he
would touched them.

Tupac's body paint caught many people attention on judging him. When Tupac onced asked a girl out, she rejected him so many time by because of his body of paint. There was many
stereotype by looking at his way of dressing, talking, and all the tatoos. Butcher who
works with Charlie Holland when they suggested Tupac should do a shoot with them, Butcher
judged him onced he saw him "He's probably going to smoke". He also didn't like the way he
were dressed. But Tupac had his way of liking jeans that need to be sag and long comfortable
white tee, so he disagreed with the fact that he need to change the way he dress.

When Tupac was in jail, some of his friends mentioned that his head was clear and he
actually set a goal which was writing scirpts. He didnt realize it was a actually goal,
his friends also said he never makes goals. Although his friends confirm that his head
was cleared at the time that he was in jail, Smith disagrees, "He was getting high [in
prison]... i remember somebody was in there making some alcolhol, and he would get his
little buzz in there one way or another". Tupac wanted to quit his way of getting stress
out his mind but he couldn't, his only way that can really calm him down was to really do
what he always do best.
Jimmy Sengthavilay
professor sabir
english 201
m/w 1-2:50pm
Chapter 9
"How Long Will They Mourn Me"
In Chapter 9, about Tupac's death they mentioned many rumors and how his first and last
concert happened A week before they took away Tupac's life, he was charged drug possession.
Tupac's laywer decided to convinced the judge that Tupac should give a concert instead of
going to prison, the judged says "I'm going to sentenced himto give his concert". Not long
ago when they dated his time to have the concert Tupac was murdered. Although his death had
occured, they remained the date for his concert, and millions of fans was there to
support his music. Many had made rumors, some was that Tupac wasn't really dead, he was
assumed. Smith didn't believed any of the rumors that was passing around "I never doubted
it for five minutes when they said he was dead".

Tupac was a person, and now he is a memory, a spirit. Tupac's death was beyond our control, his music and his believes of human rights still lies within us. Tupac's death created more than it destroyed.Tupac's death symbolized the ultimate arbitrarinessby destiny to rise
from the conditions in which they were still mired. His death related to many, some that
said his body was theirs had strong feelings about the rumors that had passed around, "If
he is dead, thenwe are, or could be, dead". Many felt that Tupac was apart of them, if he
falls then their whole black society falls, although his death occured his music is still
out there letting them know that black power is still here.

Although Tupac had suffered, stressed, frustration, he overcomed it," Tupac mediated status fused with his own larger-than-life-person, where he had defeated death before". This shows how strong Tupac is, and he his believes kept him this way. He went through many that was close to
Killing him, he survived all those possible thing that should have killed him, he went to jail many time and learned each things from it and had set goals while in there. Tupac was one of the black that had survived with the white icons managed. Tupac's music mentioned many about black society, and by that many blacks had looked up to him, and enjoyed his music, not in the
Violence way but in a respect way as how he sung about how much women should have respect
From mean, and they should be equal.
Mai Bee Lor
Professor Sabir
English 201A 8-8:50am

Chapter Seven: “But Do the Lord Care?”

•Tupac murdered; shot five times
•Teens all over the world are sad
•Tupac was considered a preacher to teens
•Tupac obsessed with God and spiritual matters
•Tupac asks for forgiveness in his songs
•Tupac believes Christianity, Islam, and Judaism to be the holy triangle
•Used spiritual side to tear down lines between races
•Tupac’s dream is to embrace diversity
•Suffering led Tupac to have better understanding of God
•Tupac was like the Black Jesus

1.Befuddled: confused or perplexed; drunk
2.Eulogy: formal expression of someone who has died recently
3.Outlandish: bizarre, strange
4.Ecumenical: general, universe, worldwide
5.Hoary: white or gray with age
6.Epitomize: a series of extracts from or condensed version of a written with
7.Heuristics: using a general formulation that serves to guide investigation
8.Anachronistic: preferring things or values of the past
9.Nihilistic: someone who rejects all theories of morality or religious belief
10.Exacerbated: worsen; make worse
11.Lumpen: referring to social outcast
12.Perfunctory: casual; hasty and without attention to detail


In chapter seven, “But Do the Lord Care?” of “Holler If You Hear Me,” Michael Eric Dyson shows Tupac’s spiritual side, “Tupac was obsessed with God” and “interested in spiritual matters" (202-204). Leila Steinberg says, “His songs were calculated to take you back to the Bible” (204). This was Tupac’s way of bettering the world and overcoming the issue of racism.

Tupac many songs that were related to divine matters,

So Many Tears,” he asks God to intervene in his suffering, “God can you feel me? / Take me away from all the pressure and all the pain.” In “Only God Can Judge Me,” Tupac seeks an answer for his existence and his friends’ deaths, and in “I Wonder if Heaven Got a Ghetto” Tupac declares his sympathy for thug life while pondering his destiny (202).

After jail, Tupac was different. Tupac says, “It wore me out. I’m tired now. I don’t know if I’m making any difference” (215). Tupac was still big-hearted, loving, and caring. Pac’s action went out of control after a shoot up Pac claimed was set up by Biggie and Sean Comb. His song, “Hit ‘Em Up,” started more hatred between the East and West. Talib Kweli says, “…Something bad is going to happen to him if he continues” (224).

Tupac was shot five times. Teens all over the world are sad and for comfort, they turn to his funeral. They considered Tupac to be a preacher. They were able to relate themselves to Tupac’s songs (201-202).
Mai Bee Lor
Professor Sabir
English 201A 8-8:50am

Chapter Eight: “I Got Your Name Tatted on My Arm”


•Tattoos is a way to express oneself
•Tupac’s body not his own
•Tupac was very handsome; women loved him
•Love was at the core of his eyes
•Tupac is charming
•Tupac’s body in danger; harmful substances, weed, alcohol
•Appreciate classical music; Mozart, Beethoven
•Weed is romanticized in hip-hop
•Tupac didn’t make sense when he was high or drunk; he’s an addict
•Prison cleared up his mind
•Tupac proposed to Jada by asking her mother
•Tupac’s choices of girls led his lack of self-worth
•Tupac lacked self-esteem
•Real thug is a playa
•Tupac’s tattoo “50 Niggaz” means you’re going up against him and 50 guys
•Public starting to accept tattoos and rags as fashionable because of Tupac
•Legend of Tupac: His comrades to smoke his ashes when he died
•Shot at and was alone


In chapter eight: “I Got Your Name Tatted on My Arm” in “Holler If You Hear Me,” Tupac expresses himself through his tattoos. He has many tattoos such as, “Nefertiti,” “Thug Life,” “Outlaw,” “Playaz,” “F the World,” “Laugh Now, Cry Later,” “Exodus 18:11,” and “50 Niggaz” (232). His tattoo, “50 Niggaz” means when someone goes against him, they are facing 50 men (243). Along with tattoos, he likes to wear earring studs, and chains as accessories.

Tupac was very handsome. Many girls are attracted to him. Actess Vivica A. Fox described him, “He had nice lashes, great lips; he was just working it” (234). Jada Pinkett Smith didn’t like Tupac’s choice of girlfriends. Smith protest, “. . . You don’t have to be with somebody that’s just raggedy and looks like she has no self-esteem and nothing going for her, and maybe combs her hair and maybe didn’t” (242).

Tupac was an addict in taking harmful and illegal substances. Peers found it hard to understand him clearly when he was high or drunk. While in jail, it cleared his mind. According to Karen Lee, “I saw him pretty regularly when he was [in prison], and he was clearer there than he had ever been . . . for the first time he set goals” (241). Tupac proposed to Smith by asking her mother first for permission. Smith mother’s questioned him, “. . . You’re an addict. When are you going to get clean?” (241). Tupac knew he was going to stop taking in those substances and even promised Smith to quit.
Mai Bee Lor
Professor Sabir
English 201A 8-8:50am
25 October 2009

Chapter Nine: "How Long Will They Mourn Me"

On Tupac's last week alive, he was charged and was heading back to prison. His lawyer, Shawn Chapman hired Sheila Balkan who successfully helped Tupac to avoid going back to prison. Instead of returning to prison, Tupac had a free concert to the public.

On September 13th, Tupac attended Mike Tyson's fight and was shot later and died alone. In a way, Tupac knew that his death was coming soon. Teens found it hard to accept his death. Many believed that he isn't dead yet. They believed that he faked his death and is on a Caribbean island. He was cremated. Fans mourns for Tupac.

Many people still questions his existence. Many claim to have seen him when he was supposed to be in jail too. His fans keeps his works alive.
Kelley Yuen
Professor Sabir
MW 1-250pm

Chapter 7 “But Do the Lord Care?”

Because there was lots of grief and pain for the death of Tupac, Baptist pastor Reverend Willie Wilson held a memorial service for his tragic death. Youth from across the city came to the memorial service. This service will give a chance for young people to show what they are feeling deep down. Wilson said that Tupac was the young people preacher.
Tupac was bitter about the poverty he was reared in. Later through Tupac’s lyrics, the whole world discover how much he was suffering. This had led him to understand the spiritual and God deeper. Rapper Big Tray Dee said that Tupac was a really spiritual guy. Tupac has lots going on in his mind and he would tackle it through his songs.
Tupac proclaim that rapper Notorious B.I.G. (“Biggie”) and Sean “Puffy” Comb had set him up in the attempted robbery of New York recording studio that Tupac had got shot five time, but survived. There wasn’t any proof to that robbery. A close friend of Tupac said that Tupac knew it in his heart that they weren’t the one who did that. Their personal conflict had lead to violent beef and infamous between East and West Coast rappers.

-Reverend Willie Wilson agreed to hold a memorial service at his church in Washington D.C.
-Tupac used his spiritual beliefs to tear down ethnic and national barriers
-a poor black youth who was bounced from house to house with little support
-Steinberg and Tupac both inherited from their revolutionary mothers
-poet Sonia Sanchez said that Tupac was searching for his black Jesus
-different image of the background surrender different identities

-outlandish: having a foreign appearance
-assailant: a person who attacks
-spurting: a sudden, forceful gush or jet
-nihilistic: total rejection of established laws and institutions
-exacerbated: to embitter the feelings of (a person); irritate; exasperate
-impoverished: reduced to poverty
-inevitability: unable to be avoided, evaded, or escaped; certain; necessary
-burdensome: distressing; troublesome
Kelley Yuen
Professor Sabir
MW 1-250pm

Chapter 8 “I Got Your Name Tatted on My Arm”

Tupac has lots of tattoo all over his body every artwork represent something special about himself. Tupac thinks that writing all over his body is a necessary sign of self-expression. Tupac fashioned his personality of the term homeboy and thug.
If Tupac was to sacrifice his body for young black men, it is because the love he got from the women. Tupac has love in his eyes. Tupac never brag about his good looks and thinks that he doesn’t deserve someone special to love. Tupac’s choices of girlfriends had reflected on his painful lack of his self-worth.
Hip pop’s potheads deny the fact of being addicted to weed. Young black men and women often smoke blunts to blunt cause the awareness of the social pain they suffer, including violence of every kind.

-art work all his body
-lots of words tattooed on his body
-every tattoo represents something special
-a fashion person that represent himself as a homeboy and thug
-has symbol accessories throughout his body
-suffering, hopeless
-black male could hear his pain
-his eyes fill with love
-love he got from women
-his mother abusive alcohol to low level drug dealer
-live and die as a thug and outlaw

-meandering: to proceed by or take a winding or indirect course
-parlance: a way or manner of speaking; vernacular; idiom
-sternum: the ventral surface of a body segment of an arthropod
-startlingly: creating sudden alarm, surprise, or wonder; astonishing
-crassly: without refinement, delicacy, or sensitivity; gross; obtuse; stupid
-provocative: tending or serving to provoke; inciting, stimulating, irritating, or vexing
-pubescent: arriving or arrived at puberty
-odes: a lyric poem typically of elaborate or irregular metrical form and expressive of exalted or enthusiastic emotion
Kelley Yuen
Professor Sabir
MW 1-250pm

Chapter “How Long Will They Mourn Me?”

In the last week of Tupac’s life, he was charged with drug possession in a felony criminal case. He was already on probation for two other misdemeanors. The district attorney was seeking to put Tupac back in prison.
Tupac’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman had hired Dr. Sheila Balkan to prepare the sentencing report. Balkan recommended that instead of Tupac going to prison, he is going to give a free concert. The judge thought Tupac was a remarkable person, so he sentenced him to give a free concert. Then shortly after, he was murdered.
On September 13th, Tupac die shortly after he attended Mike Tyson’s fight. It was very hard to believe that he was gone from us. Everyone thinks he is enjoying he life on some island, but he is really gone. No matter where he is right now, he will be loved and remember.

-some people think that Tupac was faking his death
-some people knew that Tupac is dead
-it’s hard to believe Tupac is gone
-Tupac’s music will live on
-Tupac had survived many things that could have killed him
-Robin Kelley said that it’s like Tupac had 9 lives

-misdemeanor: an instance of misbehavior; misdeed
-unmerciful: merciless; relentless; severe; cruel; pitiless
-baffled: to confuse, bewilder, or perplex
-traumatic: of, pertaining to, or produced by a trauma or wound
-demise: death or decease
-luminary: a celestial body, as the sun or moon
-posterity: succeeding or future generations collectively
-progeny: a descendant or offspring, as a child, plant, or animal
-flourished: to be in a vigorous state; thrive
Chapter 7
This chapter talked about tupacs love for god. Tupac had a deep love for god. He was very religious. Tupac relied on God to lead him in the right direction and to watch over him. Tupac prayed all the time asking for strength.
Because of tupacs religious beliefs tupac always tried to do the right thing. At times he did wrong but only when he had to. Tupac sometimes questioned god when times got hard for him. He sometimes said god didn’t exist.
chapter really showed different side of tupac. This chapter revealed feelings and emotions tupac had deep in his heart. It also showed his determination to survive by any means necessary.
Kevan Peabody
Sabir posse
Chapter 8
This chapter was very interesting. There were many topics in this chapter. This chapter talked about topics thug life tattoe. Topic tattooed his stomach to show his emotion. He felt it was necessary to mark his body to get his point across.
This chapter also talked about how tupac was a very caring person. He loved everybody. Tupac put his needs to the side to take care of everybody else. Tupac cared for his black brothers and sisters. Tupac would get upset when his black brothers and sisters didn’t show love for each other.
Tupac had a lot of pain. He lashed out on other rappers before his death. Topic lashed out on BIG and Puff Dady, saying the two set him up.
Kevan Peabody
Sabir posse
Chapter 9
Chapter 9 talked about tupac was facing a felony charge on drug possession. The judge did not sentence him to do time in prison. The judge made him do a free concert in exchange. Tupac was murdered a short time after.
When people heard about his death they immediately thought he was faking it. No one could believe that tupac was dead. In tupacs songs he talked about being killed. He imagined his self being murdered before it even happened. Tupac knew his time would come soon so he made music that would still be played even after his death.
Michael Eric dyson wrote that tupac was an urban legend. He was a legend because he spoke for the black, the poor, and the youth. He stood up to make sure that the generations to come would not have to live poor and be inferior to the whites.
Adetokunbo Fajemirokun
Professor Sabir
English 201A

Chapter 7 "Do the Lord Care"

This chapter has a lot to do with Tupac and his relationship with the Lord and the did have a relationship. Tupac was a very spirtual man, he read lots of books about religon. A lot of his songs had biblical refrences and talked about the afterlife. "Steinberg says: Tupac was interested in making people think about the conception of sin." I think Tupac was strugeling with sin his self and he had lots of problems and he was probably battaling within his self.

Chapter 8 "I got Your name tatted on my Arm"

A tatto is one way of expressing your self threw art. Tupac had lots of tattos maybe most infamosley the "Thug Life" tat across his stomach. Tupac was loved by many women. Many women found his bad boy image attracting then they found out he was sweet to and were hooked.

Chapter 9 "How long will They Mourn Me"

Tupac's death is surronded by loads of mystry. Like Elves and Jemi Hendrix people still insist that Tupac is alive. Tupacs death was very unexpected to everyone, except himself. In a lot of his songs he talked about dying at a young age. Im not sure if this is because he had problems with bad people or he just knew something we dident. Tupac died when he was at the prime of his music carrer but he surely died to early he dident even have children.
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