Thursday, October 01, 2009



Today we corrected the first part of the Midterm Exam. Students scored high, some as high as 49/50--Bravo! Some students didn't finish the Synthetica essay. Bring to class with the check-list Monday.

For homework, write summaries for each of the chapters in Holler. Post the words you didn't know, the names of folks you had to look up and any questions you had. I have divided the posts into chapters 1-3 and chapters 4-6. Respond to each other. Each summary needs to be minimally 3 paragraphs.

Bring Rose to class all next week. If you want to get ahead, read the preface, intro and forward. I made a mistake on the Ellipses exercises answers. Review the Auxiliary pages: 319-325 in SPHE.

We will talk about research essays next week. I gave students copies of chapters 6-7. I put extra copies in the folder outside L-235. I have papers for Matt, DeMel, David Le. Ask for them Monday or connect with Dominique today. We will put them in the envelop outside L-235.

When you get the exams back Monday, October 5, notice your errors and review that section of Pidd. We are writing the Point of View essay next week pp. 144-172. We will write it in class, probably Wednesday, October 7. We'll start the Be-Verb essay Thursday, October 8 and the essay will be due on Monday, October 12. We'll write the Possessives essay in class and perhaps Parallel Structure also. Subject/Verb Agreement will be homework. We might write the Bad Granny Essay in class.

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