Tuesday, October 13, 2009



This morning it was wet...so wet, many of us lost books to the deluge. But we pushed through it. The students present and I reviewed SPHE Be-Verb (188). Homework is the complete the Be-Verb Essay. Email it to yourself. Tomorrow we will do the skits. I will have a CD player for you to play your music. I have quite a bit by Tupac. If you call me I might be able to have the music ready for you, let me know.

We will go chronologically through the book, starting with the Introduction, Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4. We will probably only have time for chapters Wednesday. We'll finish Thursday.

News Flash!
Your research paper will take its topic from the Jasmine Guy book, Evolution of a Revolutionary. The topic will be nature va. nurture. How much of who Tupac becomes a result of heredity, how much is environment, that is, the people in his life during his formative years?

I cannot post theBe-Verb introduction worksheet. It was outside my office in an envelop all along. I never looked so I wasn't aware that I'd put it out there Monday.

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