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Tupac Speaks

Today we listened to an interview with Tupac Shakur at Radio Free Georgia, hosted by Bomani Bakari in 1989. The tracks we listened to were:

Visit for the Bomani interview when Tupac was 18.

1. On African names and embracing an African-American identity

2. On negative images of the black community and the New African panthers movement

3. Takes questions from callers concerning historic origins of the NBP, women's role in the organization and contemporary discrimination of African-Americans

Post your impressions of the interview, use quotes and/or paraphrases which resonated with you. How did reading Dyson prepare you for Tupac? What did you already know about the artist that he confirmed in the interview about his political beliefs? What did you learn you weren't already aware of? How did you like listening to Tupac? List all the references you did not recognize such as the Virginia Beach incident and Bishop Stallings in DC.

Second interview with Davey D, 1991

1. Again reflect on Tupac's comments on Davey D's question about his life, politics and music.

2. How did reading Dyson prepare you for this interview?

3. How does Tupac in his own words and voice verify Dyson's claims? What arguments does Tupac support of Dyson's?

4. In Tupac's voice, have him write Dyson a critique of Holler If You Hear Me (three paragraphs minimally.)

Does anyone have the film Juice and/or the album 2Pacalypse Now? If any student would like to make a short presentation on the film and/or the record let me know.

Mai Bee Lor
Professor Sabir
English 201A 8-8:50 am

Tupac Shakur Interview w/Bomani Bakari, 1989, on Radio Free Georgia

1. Tupac Shakur said he is proud to have a traditional African name. It is his chance to express himself in telling what his name means. He believes that one should have the African brains to deserve an African name. This is so that one could back it up with knowledge.

2. Every where there are negativity about Blacks. They magnify on the problems. Police will pull over someone if you’re colored. It’s hard now, but it was harder then. They didn’t try so hard for them now days to be weary.

3. To be in the New African Panther, you have to be thirteen years old through twenty-five years old. You must be willing to read and learn about history. You must also be willing to sacrifice. Educating yourself is a start as self defense. After the age of twenty-five, there is another group that you could go into. It is called, New African People. One recommended reading is Malcolm X. A sister within the organization helps fight sexism and works together to unite and help the black community. Brothers all over the world should support each other than drop on him.
Cynthia Phan
Professor Sabir
English 201A 8-9am
5 Oct 2009

Free Write Tupac Shakur Speaks

My impression on Tupac speak is that he is a very honest person who wants to help his borthers and sisters in the community that he is living in. From the interview I hear that he is serious about whatever the topic they are discussing, but at time he jokes around or laugh it off with the interviewer. Reading Dyson had perpare me to understand Tupac’s life a little better because in the reading I get to read about all the differnent hardships that Tupac has went through in his life. I already know that Tupac is a hard working person who will do whatever he has too to get through his life and that basically he was the one taking care of hisself, his sister and mother while growing up. I thought that listening to his interview was good because we get to actually hear his voice and we get a feel of how he really is and see. I was not aware of the Virginia Beach incident and Bishop Stallings in DC.
Elizabeth Garcia

English 201A 8-9am

Tupac never felt ashamed of what his name was even though he was always questioned about it. His name was different and that is why he said “Who cares what it means.” He also stated that he felt liberated by the name his mother gave him. He found it a way of knowing who he was. He said that he never compared his race even though it was judged often. Tupac said he lived in California and everytime he saw a newspaper he always saw his race incriminated in some type of violence. "Everything is not right in America." Tupac replied this because he said that in order for everything to be good everyone needs to put effort into wanting to make a change.
Kathleen Adams
Professor Sabir
English 201 A/B
5 October 2009

Free Write 1st Interview
The first interview conducted on free radio hosted by Bomani Bakari, which took place in Georgia 1989. Tupac addresses the meaning behind the African names. He state, “It is about knowing your history and meaning of the African name.” However, Tupac did not address his name and its meaning. I thought that he would come back to it later in the interview, but that did not happen. “Wow.” He comments on breaking of chains that keep African Americans in the wrong mentality; not fully informed to become wiser with knowledge and make well-impacted decisions. “Liberation is what Tupac calls it true freedom.
The images that surround the African Americans are always dark and negative, such as “crack heads” or “drug dealers.” In which people believe and become part of that which is society talk. He spoke candidly of the organization African Panther, which teenagers age 13 and beyond could join and make a difference in the community. Tupac knows that we cannot help or empower our community or abroad unless we unite with each other first.
Kathleen Adams
Professor Sabir
English 201A/B
5 October 2009

Free Write 2nd Interview
This interview took place in 1991 with Davey D ,in Oakland Ca. Tupac addressed several issues concerning the young black males; such as poverty, the unemployed and police brutality just to name a few. He talks about ways in which you could be free from all the negative things that come up against us as African Americans. Tupac was a rebel, and did not go with the grain as he called it. He states,”going against the grain…” Tupac revealed that his lyrics were honest and what was in the video did happen. So much, police brutality, which is still prevalent today along with power and un-unity.
Tupac verifies Dyson claims by talking things of the written text. Tupac explains how we must dilute the music, how hip-hop has soul, and how we must teach them to love themselves through living it. He has a group of young people that he works with, called the Digital Underground. The Digital Underground helps everyone, giving them music and the arts to be creative. He feels strongly about this because of what he went through as a child. “It’s not about egotistical rap Tupac states….” He talked about the film Juice, in which he played a character by the name of Bishop.
In this role, Tupac played an insecure, violent, teenager, who demanded respect, at any cost. He was alone in his mind and his home. Reminds me of the poem he wrote In the Depths of Solitude
Kathleen Adams
Professor Sabir
5 October 2009
Dyson Critique

What will Tupac say when he analyzes Dyson, Holler if you hear me?

Overall, I feel he did a great job expressing, what I said my thought process and my ability to speak the truth no matter who did not like it. I always knew someday I would be famous, and leave a great indent in the world, but nothing to this magnitude. Thanks to my mother, my Panther fathers, street hustlers, the poor, the hungry and most of all my love for wanting to explore knowledge, which made me, want to fight for justice and equality even more.
It was not easy for me, at times, I was so raged that I have exploded, and other times I would write knowing that there was a better life for me. I had to embrace the knowledge of realistically seen truths that I vividly wanted to escape. Many times, I was so hungry, but did not want to eat peanut butter and jelly. I felt deep inside of my fragile and dismantled spirit that my life would have great meaning for me and awakenings for so many others.
I can truly appreciate all the efforts that went into this book; it explains me at most to being a two-sided sword at times. Overall, I appreciate the endless talk of how I was always willing to fight for the just causes, and able to be the voice for so many with out a voice. In light of my shortcomings not been eradicated as some predicted, lets me know that my life is not over. I know what ever you go through in life there will be consequences, choose the path of knowledge for this is what saved me.
Rhonda Washington
Professor Sabir
English 201A 1-2:50p
6 October, 2009

Tupac Speaks:

I think that it is important for African-Americans to have African names. It would help us to identify with our hertiage. Maybe make our race want to live up to the meanings of their names. It would also bring us a closeness to our fore-fathers.
I thought the New African Panthers Party would bring a great change to the community. It would help to educated our lost brothers on the streets. The media has portrayed the community in such a negative light. Tupac states it would help us to pull one another up.
This interview was very enlighting to me. It made me think that Dyson had very good information about Tupac. He was able to find so many different resources to pull the book "Holler" togerther. If Tupac was alive I think he would say "job well done".

Second Interview:

In reading Dyson before listening to Tupac's interview with Davey D was great, because it reinforced material I had already read. Dyson was accurate on his imformation. When I was taking notes it was easier to unstand or clarify what Tupac was answering. Tupac was such a political person.
I loved to hear Tupac's voice in speaking. I had not heard his comforting tone in so long, I felt as though he was still here. Dyson states that our young black brothers need to be educated on history. Tupac said the thought the same, that is one of the reasons he wanted to be a national representive for the organization.
Tupac's comments from this interview was sincere to his heart. He has had to endure police brutality just for the color of his skin and the way he looked. He is so feed up with the negativity and the tearing down of our race. He really wanted black people to come together and pull one another up.
Julianne Bauer
Professor Sabir
English 201B 1-2:50

Free write:

When I was listening to the interview with Bomani Bakari, 1989,on Radio Free Georgia

Tupac was talking about how he is forming the Black Panthers and wanted to have everybody involved in it. I thought he was pretty smart for having to start the Black Panthers again. I guess Tupac wanted to peace and didn't want to have any crime in the city. People were calling in too asking questions about the black panthers and wanting to come to the meetings. Tupac was also talking about how people can come from ages 13 through 25.

Second Interview

Tupac was talking about his movie Juice. I thought it was pretty cool that he went to preformace art school. He also talked about his new cd that was coming out. Tupac said when he walk in oakland that the police asked him for his name and then they ask him for his ID. They wanted to arrest him, but he resisted arrest so they beat him unconscience.
Kevan Peabody
Ms. Sabir posse
Octber 6, 2009
Tupac interview
The interview with tupac was very entertaining. Tupac spoke very positively on the black panthers. Tupac was a strong leader in the Black Panthers. In the interview tupac gave us information on what king of things he was doing and planning to do. Tupac said, “he was planning on making black America and all the people living in the ghetto stronger and that when he had an opinion on something he would always speak on it instead of holding it in. tupac also said, That he felt that blacks should stick together and not talk about each other because other races are already talking about African Americans. These quotes from tupac really stood out to me. Reading Eric Dyson Holler helped me in many ways prepare for the interview. The book gave me a feel of who tupac was and what he was about. I didn’t know much about tupac until reading the book. By listening to the interview and reading the book by Dyson I learned that tupac was very passionate for his music. I also learned that tupac loved his mother very much.
Kevan Peabody
Ms. Sabir posse
October 6, 2009
Second interview with Tupac
This interview tupac talks about black poverty and black negativity. Tupac wants all black males to get along and stop the violence. He encourages everyone to join the Black Panthers because it would help them with their life. Tupac felt that the Panther helped him with his struggle and he wanted to give back and help everyone else with their struggle.
Tupac also talks about how his music is real, and how he takes written text and uses it in his music. Tupac thought that if written text was put in his rap songs more people would listen to it other than reading it out of a book. In my opinion tupac was very correct. He made music that young kids in the ghetto could understand and gain power from.
During the interview tupac was very passionate about everything he talked about. All the questioned he answered, the response came from the heart. He seriously cared about what was going on in the world around him, and he wanted to make a difference
Adetokunbo Fajemirokun
Proffesor Sabir
English 201A 1-2:50

In the Interviews Tupac struck me as a very serious person. In other interviews I sein of him he seems to be joking around and laughing a lot. In this Interview Tupacs seems to take every question very seriousley and thinks deeply before he speaks. In the first interview conducted by Bomani Bakari on radio free georgia Tupac discusses African names he really enjoyed the name his mother gave him because it was 1, diffrent and unique and it 2, gave him a since of pride to know where he came from and have the name of his people.

The second Interview which took place in 1991 by Davey D Tupac discusses a lot of problems that are still relevent today In black communities. He Talked about Poverty and police brutality. He stressed that education was the key for everything. Reading Dyson has helped me to understand Tupacs thinking and analyze him better. I think the fact that I know that Tupac really actually came from poverty and made something of himself makes me listin to him with more appreciation,
Matthew Young
English 201A-8-850
Professor Sabir

Tupac Interview
Tupac felt that African-Americans were treated unfairly by other races. He felt that African-Americans were labeled ignorant, and felt that African-Americans as a group needed to step up and let their voices be heard, by not retaliating, but by standing up for their race by joining the Black Panther Movement. Tupac felt that all it took to be a Black Panther was that you had to know your book, meaning you have to read, and you have to make certain sacrifices for that you wouldn’t normally like for the whole movement. The role that women play in the organization is the same role as men. Their all in the group standing up and knowing more about their race, and sex didn’t have anything to do with that, male or female. They also stand up for their youth, in the struggle of freedom, to let the youth know that violence is not the answer. Tupac felt that we should be aware of the media, and how they should listen to what they had to say about African-Americans because that was key. He mentions people who he respects for standing up for African-Americans and letting their voices be heard, like the rap group “Public Enemy” with their song called, “Fight the Power”. The song usually refered to racism with blacks and how we can overcome it. He mentions homo-sexuality and how we shouldn’t judge the person for what he prefers, but we should give him credit for standing up for what he believes in as a citizen living under pressure.
Arely Razo
Professor Sabir
English 201B
8 Oct. 2009

Tupacs interview by Bomani

Tupac talks about how he uses the name that was given to him. Only when he got introuble did he change it. We should know the history of the name not just use it.
to be able to get in the Black Panther group people have to be from thirteen to twenty five. People have to be able to read. He feels that all people should support this group. Once a certain age you can upgrade to a different group.
I liked what Tupac had to say was very important and things that he talked about were true. People do need to reunite and be more educated. Not many young people right now know much about their history. In order to know who you are, you should know where you came from. Rap is a good way for people to learn about history. If that is what helps them be intrigued to something then that is a perfect way.
Blacks have been brained washed with what whites want them to know. The things that they view important is what is put into the minds of Blacks. I am glad that Tupacs mother gave him a lot of history because it was needed. It helped so that he could inform others what is happening and has happened in the world. This is what was needed. He found a good way to get young people to be more interested in what happened to their ancestors.
I think that Tupac is doing good things in life. People have to know what is going on so that things are not repeated. To changed history we have to know the past. I agree with him that we should support all people and not be racist. It is true that cops usually are more mean to blacks than they are to whites. They misjudge people because of all the negative that is shown in the media. I think that they should show how Blacks really are if they are trying to show people.
Tupac was a smart person that has done something in life that others should have done. I support what he is trying to do in this world. I think that Mexicans should try to be more united also and in many ways try to be more like Blacks so that things can be done. They show people that they should stand up for what they think is right. I really liked this interview and would not mind hearing it again.
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