Monday, November 23, 2009


Final Days

Today in the early class students did peer reviews of the nature/nurture essay. What I've read so far, looks good. The censorship essay was homework for the morning class.

For anyone this afternoon who didn't finish, email the essays to me by 12 noon Tuesday, Nov. 24.

In the afternoon class we started with the Multiple Choice Exam 2. Most students missed almost or over half the answers. This means you need to keep SPHE and review.

Secondly, this afternoon students wrote an essay response (500 words) to one of the prompts at the end of the essay: 1, 2, 4, and another one from the board: Respond to Nathan McCall's essay. What do you agree on and where do you disagree if at all?

The next class meeting for both classes we will watch Revision Strategies and review the final SPHE essay. I have graded some of them, if you want to pick it up early come by the classroom at 12 noon.

I have underlined the errors and named them at the top of the page. Students need to make templates for all the errors and write about five different ones, unless all you errors are the same. Mention the text SPHE and its authors and the character you have met this semester. You can use humor to talk about taking what you have learned from his writing errors to reflect on your own. Will you fail yourself or be more generous than you were with him.

Reflect on the usefulness of the text and how it was structured. Has it been easy or difficult to translate what you have learned to your own writing? How to you plan to make this happen?

The template:
Claim naming the type of error. "Insert the error." Explain why the error is an error. Explain how to fix the error. The corrected sentence will read, "Give examples of the corrected sentence."

Do this for each error identified in your essay.

Turn in both the essay evaluating the writing and a corrected second draft of the original essay. Don't forget the works cited page. Include the SPHE book, your essay and the essay from the Censorship package.

This essay and the revised essay are due Nov. 30. Note: there are two essays due. We will work on the portfolio essays next week, Monday, Nov. 30. The portfolio is due by Wednesday, Dec. 2.

If you are behind, drop the class by Wednesday, Nov. 25.

English 201A 10:00AM-11:50AM
Mon & Wed - Thea Hernandez

I took this class over nine years ago, so I am unable to use it towards my prerequisites for my Certificate of Achievement in Radiologic Science.

English has been a great challenge for me, English is my father's second language & Spanish is his first. I picked up on many of miss pronunciation of words & other bad habits in his English speaking.

I am over forty years old; I have one daughter & granddaughter. I’m recently divorced. I am now dedicating my life to work on myself, to accomplish what I started out many years ago, this time I am more prepared & have a plan in place. I have relocated my living quarters to become a full time student.

My goal for this semester is to acclimate myself to becoming a student, to concentrate & stay force. Get help if I need it & utilize my resources here at school. Meet other students & partner up for studying.

I enjoy reading & I very much look forward w/excitement to this class & attending college again.
My name is Maira Lopez. I am taking english 201A. This is my second semester here at Alameda College. i grauated from oakland high in the year 2009. I am a new student but im ready for all the challanges college has to offer.

I am 18 years old. Im Mexican American. I learned to speak spanish as my first language. but when i started school forgot my spanish and only speaked english. i have been working on my spanish skills for 4 years now and feel that it has improved a lot.

I grow up with a full family my mother, ftaher, and two brothers. Being the only girl in my family has taught me many things. i feel like i am alot more responsible. I grow up in the bay area my whole life. Im happy to live here and dont wanna move anytime soon.

English has never been one of my strongest subjects in school but i have always been willing to learn and improve on my reading and writing skills. I dont read much, reason is because i dont really have time for it. i work full time aswell as going to school full time. it got diffuclt last semester but i have learned from my mistakes and hope that i do a lot better this semester.
english 201 a 1:00 to 2:50 mon-wed
i really enjoyed reading the blog, and finding a lot about my instructor. It really encourage me to move forward with this class, since this is the first english i ever took.

Well to tell you a little bit about myself i am a automotive student at the college of alameda, and i have one semester left to complete after this course. i never took english took english before, but i feel like im up for the challenge. Im taking this course because its a requirment for my a.s. degree. i have to take english twice and math twice then im done
My plans are real simply, i want to finish school with a degree with all my automotive certificates as well. Maybe enter a entry level position at one of are local dealships such as, Toyota, and GM., but if all fails i will work for a independent shop long enugh to one day open up my own bussiness.

In conclusion i grew up in west oakland, i have two brothers an two wo sisters, aslo i have a son and daugther living in oakland. MADDEN3355@YAHOO.COM
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