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Free Write & Homework

How does Tupac relate to Vincent van Gogh the artist in his poem Starry Night (25)? How is the starry reference a metaphor for the artist life? Here is a link to the painting: http://www.vangoghgallery.com/painting/starryindex.html

Look at van Gogh’s work, what were his topics and how do they reflect Tupac’s interest as well?

Elaborate further on this theme: the artist and society. Write a three paragraph reflection on the way society impacts the artist and vice versa. Look at van Gogh's painting: the Potato Eaters (http://www.vangoghgallery.com/painting/potatoindex.html) Think about Tupac's poverty and his hunger, both literal and figurative.

van Gogh is also known for his "sunflowers." His range or interests reflect both the beauty and ugliness of society. Would you say that Tupac does this also?

Today we also reviewed some of Section 9: Subject Verb Agreement. Keep doing the exercises. We will write the essay next week, Monday, Nov. 16 in class and begin to work on the final essay and do Multiple Choice Exam 2.

quincy jones]
Starry night.. an unknown creation
Written by and from the archives of tupac shakur
Dedicated to the memory of vincent van gogh
A creative heart obsessed with satisfying
This dorment and uncaring society
You have given them the stars at night
And you have given them bountiful bouquets of sunflowers
But for you there's only contempt
Though you pour yourself into that frame and present it so proudly
This world could not accept your masterpieces from the heart
So on that starry night you gave to us and you took away from us
The one thing we never acknowledged your life..
[mac mall]
Yeah game laid down by q y'knawmsayin?
Vocals by rasheeda fly beat by qdiii
And flows by the m-a-c y'all mr. m-a-c mall
[chorus: rasheeda]
Starry night your life
You gave to us and took away from us
Starry night your life
You gave to us and took away from us
[mac mall]
Uhh uhh.. watch me live my art; writin words from my soul in blood
I speak the truth on every thang i love
I'll probably sacrifice my life.. to send my message through mics
It's like a war drum callin soldiers at night
It's bigger than music i spit it straight from the heart
So it's cold n dark and deep like a universe but nah don't start
It's for ya entertainment but it's my life y'all
And i can't rewind fast forward or press pause
But when you give your all it's like the fans demand more
And after the tour i sit alone like before
When ya name is hot it's all love the world is yours
But when you fall off you get ignored
[mac mall]
You on the cover of da magazine flossin on the tv screen
Toastin wit yo' champagne playin life like a game
Loaded in the limousine love to hear the fans scream
Swimmin wit the sharks now ain't no love - money king
People got they hands out but ain't nobody lendin hands
Can you really blame dem for tryin to get what they can?
Late night bright lights lust n lies
And anythang goes under the hollywood sign
Well you might lose ya soul and who knows what you find
But go ahead main we all wanna shine...
But go ahead main we all wanna shine...
[mac mall]
There you have it..
Y'know when i was younger i prayed to get in this game
Y'know to hold dis microphone in my hand
I asked the man upstairs to let me rock a crowd one day
Y'know let people out there feel the way i feel through my music
Like my homeboy tupac did fo' sho'
And he gave that to me
But he didn't he didn't he didn't let me know
About all the shady xxxx that's in in between
You and yo' dream y'know?
See it's more than the music i spit it from the heart
So sometime it's cold n it's dark but it's raw
And that's how i'ma bring it to you every time y'know?
Chorus (fades out)
Elizabeth Garcia
Professor Sabir
English 201A
November 10, 2009

The way I think that Tupac and Van Gogh relate is in the way that they both had artistic talents that their surrounding environment did not appreciate. Tupac had the talent in writing poetry as for Van Gogh he was a painter these two people had different styles of expressing things. One used colors while the other used words. The way I see starry night metaphor with the artists life is how in a sky full of stars only one star was able to show their talent. This relates to how Van Gogh lived in a world full of people but he was only able to sell only one painting to the world.
Kevan Peabody
Sabir posse

The poem staring night is a very nice poem. It talks about how you can go through life with being something great, having a gifted talent and because of the society you live in, you never get the credit you deserve. It also talked about how people have gifts and they are capable of doing something great. The poem said people give gifts and then when they leave they take away.
In my opinion that was very strong because tupac is my idol and when he was alive, his music was a gift to me. Now that he is dead the gift has some what been taken away. This is similar to tupacs life because he was very talented. But in the society he lived in he didn’t get the credit he deserved. He was limited to his success. Tupac was a star. The poem is titled Staring Night. In my opinion I think it is saying that stars are made at night.
Tupac was very affected by is society. He was in a bad neighborhood his whole life. He was shot and even went to jail a few times. His mother was in and out of jail. Everything just was set up right in his life. So his full potential never showed.
Mai Bee Lor
Professor Sabir
English 201A 8-8:50am

Starry Night (25)

Tupac’s poem, Starry Night was a dedicated to the painter, Vincent Van Gogh. Tupac and Van Gogh can relate to each other. Van Gogh gave a beautiful paintings to the world. Tupac gave art through his music to the world. From Tupac’s poem, “Starry Night” he wrote, “A creative heart obsessed with satisfying this dormant and uncaring society…” (Rose 25) to describe Van Gogh. Tupac like Van Gogh was obsessed with satisfying the society. He poured his heart out in his music and people misjudged him. He was obsessed about addressing racial oppression.

Tupac also wrote, “So on that starry night, you gave to us and took away from us the one thing we could never acknowledged, your life” (Rose 25) about Van Gogh. Tupac probably knew exactly how that feels. Very much like himself, fans praised Tupac for his work, but failed to really acknowledge his life until his death. Only after their demise did the society try to understand their art work.

Van Gogh and Tupac were both interested in the ugliness and beauty of the earth. Tupac was curious in everything. He tried drugs or asked his mother about them. He indulged himself in all types of food and even learned how to cook. He didn’t limit himself to one type of music. He listened from classical music to rap. He read anything he could get his hands on. He was interested in the thug life and the Black Panther Party. He boldly rap about racism and other issues. He was somewhat obsessed with God. He had low self-esteem. Teens considered him to be a preacher or a prophet. Van Gogh like him, liked to create a positive atmosphere. He too lacked self-esteem. He was also a preacher for a period of time.
Arely Razo
Professor Sabir
English 201B
10 Nov. 2009
Freewrite Starry Night by Tupac Shakur
Tupac and Van Gogh have many things in common when it comes to art. They are both very good at expressing art in a way that is easy for people to understand. Both were great artist and their work is known by many people. Many people can relate to their artwork. They both talk about the night having stars but it being dark. Tupac talks about how not many people understood it the way that it should be. Van Gogh and Tupac are both artist that are known by many people. Tupac expresses himself through music and poetry, while Van Gogh expresses himself through his paintings. I think that they both talk about both the good and bad of the world. I like both of their work.
Arely Razo
Professor Sabir
English 201B
11. Nov. 2009

Three Paragraph Reflection

Tupac relate to Van Gogh in that they are both using different types of art to express how they feel and it is shown to the world. Many people only paid attention to their art and not their lives. It was only what caught there attention that they cared about. Many people did care about Tupac, but not many people got to know the real him and that is why he felt so alone. These were people that had hardships in their lives. I think that the painting is a metaphor for Tupac’s life because of everything that he has been through and it is how the world has been for him.
This also reflects Tupac’s good taste in art. It shows how he felt that the world was. I think that Tupac felt that he could relate to this painting of van Gogh and that is why he write a song, as well as a poem about it. In the painting one cans see the stars, the night, the city being so dark and the moon. All beautiful things of mother nature. Tupac was interesting in learning different things about art and that is why he tried experiencing different music and other art forms.
Tupac grew up in a world where there was drugs, gangs, people in poverty and racism. In his life he struggled a lot because of his mother being part of the Black Panthers. To survive he had to sell drugs and become dependant at a young age. At times he did not have a home to stay at. Life was hard for him.
The way life is can change the way a person is, as it did to Tupac. Tupac wanted to do great in life and be something, but it was hard for him where he was living at. He was the type of person that wanted to learn about the world. He wrote poetry, plays, music, listened to different types of music and read many books. Tupac even stopped going to school. He didn’t really have money and at first he was made fun of because of the way he would dress.
Tupac felt that he did not have many friends and some that he has was because of what he had in life. Some people would just use him. Tupac had to change so that people would not bother him and so that he could make some money in the world. He was tired of being in the life he was and was going to try and change before he was killed.
Both Tupac and van Gogh both showed the beauty and ugliness of society. Tupac would talk about how harsh the outside world was in his poems and music. He would talk about drugs, death, teenage pregnancy, rape and more. Tupac would talk about what the world has given him and other positive things in the world. He talked about how people should have hope, how women should keep there heads up and how we can each help each other. He talked about how concerned people are of just their lives. Van Gogh shows black and blue in his paintings. He shows the beautiful things that we have in life as well as the ugly things that we have in life. Van Gogh shows it through the colors that he uses in his paintings. He shows people in poverty with there clothing being all worn out. Van Gogh shows their sad faces in the painting.
Tupac and Van Gogh were two great artist in there own way. I really like Van Gogh’s paintings. I like how Tuapc doesn’t hide things and tells things the way that they are. His poetry is nice, I like a few, and I can relate to some.
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Cynthia Phan
Professor Sabir
English 201A 8-9Am
10 Nov 2009

Starr Night (25)

How does Tupac relate to the artist Vincent van Gogh?

I think that Tupac really relates to the artist Vincent van Gogh because from the poem Starry Night dedicated to Memory of Vincent van Gogh he talks about how the artist and his self have accomplish or complete something really well in life like a masterpieces, but then at the same time no one really care or praise them for it until they are gone. After they had left Earth then people starts to realize that they have lost someone who is artistic and good to have in the community because a lot of people can really learn from both Tupac and Vincent van Gogh. Both of them are creative, smart, and artistic. They both were in poverty environment where they just want to help their self and others who are always going through hardship as well. Tupac had done many things in his life that a lot of people were touch by just like the Starry Night painting.

Both of them was really never been known by others in the society until they pass away leaving behind well painted painting, poems, books, and other stuff. Tupac as well as Vincent van Gogh put their feeling out on the line to share with everyone about how they feel they expresses their feeling from the heart so that in their work it will show how they feel when they were at the process of doing the work. In the society they both allow many people to learn from their masterpieces so that they people in the society could change the path they are in like being in poverty.

Tupac was a type of person who uses words in his writing to express his feeling and wanting to help many people change their path of life. He was really not appreciate when he was alive for all of his work until he was gone just like the artist Vincent van Gogh. Vincent van Gogh had only sold one of his painting where he had express how he feel and thought through the colors and design on his painting. Both of them had life wanting to help their society and the people in their society, but it seem as if they was not recognize or praise for their masterpieces until they pass away. It was a good poem that Tupac wrote and dictated to Vincent van Gogh because Tupac his self can see that he has similar experience has the artist and knows how it feel with no appreciation from the public.
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