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Parallel Structure

Today we completed the in-class essay, Parallel Structure. We completed the quiz first. Students are in the next section, Subject Verb Agreement. If you are behind you have until Nov. 23 to catch up. I will not accept any essay after this date, no exceptions.

Final Essay
Our research questions is: How much of who Tupac becomes a result of his parents (nature/DNA) and how much is a result of his environment (nurture)? Was he destined to be the person he became or did he have a choice?

1. Did Tupac have a choice regarding his life or is the person he became predestined? Some philosophies speak of predestination, that your life is already written, so a person doesn't have a choice in the outcome.

2. Argue the point in either direction regarding Tupac Amaru Shakur: choice/destiny?
Use the book Evolution of a Revolutionary to decide and as evidence. How does knowing more about Afeni Shakur help us know Tupac?

3. The initial planning sheet (handout—if you need another, let me know) and essay plan will be due Nov. 18 (MW) or Nov. 20 (M-Th).

4. Bring in an outline for a 6-8 paragraph essay (500-750 words plus a works cited page). Use as a source: Dyson's Holler If You Hear Me and Jasmine Guy's Evolution of a Revolutionary, plus one scholarly source using an article on Nature vs. Nurture.

5. Conclusion (you can use another illustration to take the discourse to another place. Perhaps in your research you find that Tupac was a combination of both. Look at the films: Precious, Antoine Fisher, Forest Gump, Cider House Rules. In each film the protagonist or main character is born into circumstances which are daunting and life-threatening, yet for each, they make it out despite the odds. How is this? Is it a choice or was it in their genes all along? What would have happened if along the way each of these characters hadn’t like Tupac met someone who saw their potential and helped them? Are they the exception: Precious, Antoine Fisher, Forest Gump, Cider House Rules.)

6. The final draft is due: Nov. 23. Between Nov. 19-20 and Nov. 23, go to the Writing Center and have a teacher or writing tutor listen to your paper as you read it aloud and give you feedback on questions you have developed in advance about your paper. Students should be able to identify and correct grammar errors, so your questions should be more substantive, that is, look at the big questions like: thesis, non-debatable evidence, coherence in the essay, unity in the paragraphs, transitions, functions of the conclusion and introduction, diction, etc.


Introduction (5 sentences minimally). I'd suggest beginning the essay with a story about Tupac in the first paragraph and then analyzing the example in the second, concluding the analysis with a thesis statement.

1st major point

2nd major point

3rd major point

4th major point

5th major point

(5 sentences minimally. Do not use the summary conclusion format.)

Amin Ahmed
Professor Wanda Sabir
English 201B 8-9 AM

Tupac did not have a choice regarding his fate.

According to the nature of the life, we have all come from somewhere that people figured it scientifically, but rare who might have some knowledge about how comes we are existed in life. Therefore, I believe that Tupac Amaru Shakur did not had a choice
of to be born in such circumstances or to skip his fate whether it was a negative or a positive.
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