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So Many Tears Cyber-Assignment

We listened to Tupac's So Many Tears, Me Against the World. Post your response to this song or to a poem from The Rose That Grew from Concrete.

Casey Henneman
English 1A
8:00 to 8:50

"So Many Tears" by Tupac is a very strong yet sad song. To summarize it up quickly is that its himself speaking about how he is forseeing his death in the near future and trying to ask god for forgiveness before he goes. He also speaks of how his homies are dying and dying and times don't ever get better. They just get worse. And most of all he speaks of all the tears that he has cried because of all the sorrow that has happened in his life.
Elizabeth Garcia
English 201A 8-9
November 4, 2009

Freewrite: “So Many Tears,” 2pac
In this song talks about how growing up in a poor environment lead to doing many things. It says that he was suffering but the only choice he had was the “thug life.” He knew it wasn’t the correct path but it was the only choice he had. He asks if there is heaven for a ‘G’ because he thinks he doest deserve to live in hell for eternity. This song admits that all the bad things didn’t lead to no good and now he has lost many things that makes him angry because he couldn’t do better. He just wants to know if there is a chance that he can leave forgiven for the things he had to do.
Matthew Young
English 201A

Tupac explains in this song that he been through alot of pain and struggle in his life, and he's basicly having a conversation with nobody but God. He mentions since he was born that hes been cursed throughout for him and his friends who are now dead, well most of them. He also says how he struggles night in and night out to see the next morning sun because of the fact people want to see him buried. He talks about also having kids so that he can see an reflection of him, but only a better side of him becuase he trusts his lady that he planned to have kids with.
Mai Bee Lor
Professor Sabir
English 201A 8-8:50am

“So Many Tears,” Me Against the World (1995)

I think the theme of the song is living a hard life. Tupac talks about why he shed so many tears and how he suffered. In the song he begins with his childhood onto a thug life then into the music industry and an early death. He wanted more and to change, but didn’t have the chance to. He felt like he was stuck in the style life of thugs. It was as if everything he did wasn’t in his favor and it was his destiny to be bound in hell for the many sins he had committed. When I listened to this song, I felt sadness for Tupac. It would make me feel insufficient in knowing that I tried so hard but yet it’s not enough.
Arely Razo
Professor Sabir
English 201B 8-9
4 Nov. 2009
Freewrite “Shed So Many Tears” by Tupac
In “Shed So Many Tears,” Tupac talks about everything that he has been through. How he wants to have a better life but he is stuck in the game. He thinks that having children would do his some good but thinks that his girl has slept with all his friends. It talks about all the deaths that he has seen and how many friends he has lost because of gangs. He felt bad when he saw all these things happen.
I think that this is a good song that people should listen to. This is what a person in gangs goes through and those are the people that should listen to what he has to say. This is a person that has struggled a lot in life. He feels that dying would be the only way that he would be able to take a break. Tupac makes me see how hard being a gang member can be. He doesn’t know if he is going to be accepted in heaven and feels that he belongs in hell. Tupac must have done many bad things if he is thinking like that. The good thing is that he has helped many children and has been a good role model.
Cynthia Phan
Professor Sabir
English 201A 8-9AM
4 Nov 2009
Free write- Tupac’s song “So Many Tear”
In the song, “shed So Many Tears” by Tupac was about how he was experiencing so many hardship such as seeing people dying and people being murder. As mention in his lyric it seem like he is expressing or talking to God/ Lord asking them if they can feel or see his pain that he is suffering from. Basically he is asking them for forgiveness before he dies. He went through losing someone close to him and cried a lot to a point where he is no longer want to shed anymore tears. In the song he mentioned that he is a thug where he has a tattoo on his chest and he is wondering will he ever be treated with respect, will there be a place in haven for a thug, and will he ever be remember since he is a thug. So many of his fellow friends have lost their life due to violence and not many of them have been remembered.
"The Rose That Grew from Concrete"
What that poem means to me is that he maybe talking about himslef how he can grow up strong. In the poem he may called himself the crack and how he grew up to be concrete. The poem Tupac wrote ment talking about his life and that one day he will come up strong and be as strong as concrete.
Mary Perez
English 201
In this song, tupac speaks out on how he feels about certain things. crying for once, is a good way to let out so much pain and sorrow out. for some people crying does not come easy, for the fact that people want to be strong and not let others see them down. He sings about so many things going that now a days they look and come so naturally it s ridiculous to think people just run up to someone in the streets and shoot them for no apparent reason.
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Kathleen Adams
Professor Sabir
English 201 A/B
November 4, 2009

So Many Tears
Tupac was on his quest for inner peace of his mind and spirit: while numbing his body and soul with alcohol and marijuana trying to escape. Tupac short-lived life, expressed so many underlined truths. He believed that his life was pre destined. At an early age, he spoke of his anguish. He felt the denunciation was already set in place from birth, and he resided to walk through the doors of death. With “thug life” tattooed on his chest, only then does he have stillness.

Did he not only witnessed many dear friends and love ones murdered, but babies as well. He often talked about being stuck in the game, with no way out. His remorse was present, yet lacks sincerity by the written words.
He says…” I know my destiny is hell, where did I fail?” “My life is in denial and I die baptized in eternal fire, I’ll shed so many tears.” The pain and agony no one knew, until his poetry was published who had a clue.
Kevan peabody
Sabir posse
so many tears, by Tupac.The song so many tears by tupac talked about how tupac was living a hard life. He had to live a thug life. Everything in his life has been negative. Tupac wants thing to get better in his life, but it just gets worse. The song also talked about all the pain tupac has. Tupac is hurting and he has cried many tears. Tupac cries to try and relieve some of his pain, but it doesn’t work. In his song Tupac asked god for forgiveness for all the bad thing he did. He wants to forget about the past and move on to the future.
Adetokunbo Fajemirokun
English 201b

The song "So Many Tears" is a very sad song that describes the mentality that many gangbangers have. You cant summarize this song quickly because it is to deep. Tupac talks about all his friends that have died one of the most chilling lines in the song is when he says "Back in elementry i thrived on misery left me alone i grew up amongs a dying breed" This line sums up how sad this song is. Unlike in many of Tupacs songs when he talks about how bad things are then gives hope and a way out of the cycle Tupac just goes on about bad things and doesent express that theres a way to change it. Matter of fact he says the only way to change it would be to die
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