Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Stuttering VCR
We tried this morning to watch the end of Bastards of the Party. Tomorrow we will conclude the work by Cle "Bones" Sloan.

If you missed the film, it is probably in your local library or video store. The website is instructive and will help you answer the question posed below. The afternoon Eng. 201 class watched the end and responded to a post. I want this class, Eng. 201, 8-9 to post your responses there as well tomorrow or when we finish. Note my comments to the students yesterday and make sure you review your comment before posting to make sure it represents your best writing.

Think about the following while you watch:
What does Sloan want his audience to take from the film? Talk about his journey. Can you compare his journey to Tupac's lyrical and literal journey? What songs or poetry come to mind?

We worked on the templates for Parallel Structure. Several students were skipping steps. Even for the brilliant scholars among you, do not skip steps. Do all the exercises and complete all the steps in the templates and write them out each time. The act of writing helps you remember.

Don't forget to pick up your essays from last week outside L-235.

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