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Tupac Shakur: Nature or Nurture?

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Arely Razo
Professor Sabir
English 201B
12 Nov. 2009
Freewrite: Nature vs. Nurture
I think that it was destiny for Tupac to end up the way that he did. His mother had been part of the Black Panthers and so was his father. It ran in his veins to do something like that with his life. He was always around people that were a part of the Black Panthers. Tupac liked what they were doing and even tried to form his own group a few years after. His life was very complicated and he suffered a lot because of the attention that was not given to him by his mother. His mother couldn’t even afford the rent and a lot of the time they were homeless.
Where Tupac grew up I think also had a big part in his life. He grew up in a place where there were drugs, gang violence, poverty and more. Tupac wasn’t always able to get what he needed or what he wanted. When he was younger people would make fun of him because of the way that he dressed. He got tired of being made fun of, so he felt that he had to change in order to fit in. it was how he had to be in order to survive. He started acting like a thug and like all the people that were around him. Since Tupac did not have a father figure, he looked up to the men that he had around. These men weren’t always good role models.
I think that Tupac did have a choice in life. He was able to become famous with his music and poetry. Tupac was even good at writing plays, where he would use his family member as actors. He had many talents and he could have used them to become a different person. Tupac was not like any other thug. He was honest, truthful and was into many things that people would have never guessed he was into. If he would have not gotten so caught up in the music industry and would have gotten out like he wanted to, his life would have been different. In some ways he followed his mother’s footsteps.
I think that everything that we go through is what makes us who we are. It is part our parents, but it is also our surrounding. In the end we are the ones that chose what we want to be in life and whether that is following our parent’s footsteps.
Mai Bee Lor
Professor Sabir
English 201A 8-8:50am

Freewrite: Tupac- Nature vs. Nurture

My personal opinion is that individuals have the power to choose their own destiny. I don’t believe in pre-destined fate. In the case of superstar, rapper Tupac Shakur, I think it was how he was brought up that shaped him to be the person he was. He was surrounded by many Panthers and therefore later was influenced in restarting the party. His mother was a crack addict. Tupac became curious about drugs, but at the same time saw from his mother that crack and drug could destroy a person. They were living in the ghetto with all bad influences of thugs and drugs around them. It may seem that it was destined for Tupac to become part of that, but I believe he could have chosen to not be. I feel that it was Afeni’s responsibility to nurture him and teach him right from wrong and protect him. Instead he learned from his thug brothers. The choices he made when he became an adult led to his path. The demise of Tupac Shakur was caused by the choices he made.
Cynthia Phan
Professor Sabir
English 201A 8-9Am
12 Nov 2009
Nature Vs. Nurture

I think that Tupac life was the way it was due to both nature and nurture. He had a hard and sad life where he had went through a lot of hardship alone with no parents around or any support system to guide him through life. Nature took it course by letting him living a tough life without any one to help him. For example, his mother was always in and out of his life when he was at a young boy where it was difficult for him. His mother was a part of the Black Panther Party and was addict to drugs so he was either in prison doing times for crime that was committed or in rehab trying to turn her life around.

Abbott, Charlotte
Gold, Sarah F.
Rotella, Mark
Reiss, Janna
Zaleski, Jeff

Publishers Weekly; 11/5/2001, Vol. 248 Issue 45, p52, 1/3p

Document Type:
Book Review

Subject Terms:
DEPENDENT Gene, The (Book)
BOOKS -- Reviews
MOORE, David

Reviews the book 'The Dependent Gene: The Fallacy of Nature vs.
Nurture,' by David S. Moore.


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MAS Ultra - School Edition

Section: forecasts


Nonfiction The Fallacy of Nature vs. Nurture

David S. Moore. Holt, $27.50 (320p) ISBN 0-7167-4024-9

Western assessment of humankind has long involved genetics and Darwinian theory: "good" genes yield beauty and charm; "bad" genes are blamed for depression and violence. Drawing on recent work by many developmentalists, Moore, a professor of psychology at Pitzer College and Claremont Graduate University, proposes the Developmental Systems Perspective, a comprehensive theory maintaining that genes alone cannot determine our traits. Instead, our traits are highly influenced by a
hierarchical series of interactions involving information from sperm, egg, cytoplasm, mother's health and the world at large. External environmental factors such as habits, nutrition, access to healthcare, parents' income can affect birth weight and countless other factors.

Traits, says Moore, are determined by the interaction of genetic and
nongenetic factors, none of which is "more important than any other;
instead, they are all merely collaborators." Moore ably demonstrates the danger of genetically based judgments, citing such ill-fated examples of
genetic determinism as George Bush Sr.'s Alcohol and Drug Initiative in the early 1990s to target and treat potentially violent criminals and, of course, the Nazis' gruesome projects.

Historically, simplistic
evolutionary models have been used to discriminate against groups from
African-Americans to epileptics. Substantial discussion of eugenics and genetic typing brings into focus the ethical considerations of such models. Moore's developmental bent duly considers Darwinian development
and other factors.

Scientists and social service providers will be intrigued by this well-written, insightful and far more optimistic view
of human development and evolution than most that have come before.
(Jan. 16)

Forecast: Renowned Darwinist Ernst Mayr's What Evolution Is, also due in January, will provide an interesting counterpoint to this one. Expect better than ordinary sales for both based on their conflicting perspectives.


By Charlotte Abbott; Sarah F. Gold; Mark Rotella; Janna Reiss, EDITOR and Jeff Zaleski, FORECAST EDITOR


© 2001 Publishers Weekly, Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Copyright of Publishers Weekly is the property of Reed Business Information and its content may not be
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Mattthew Young
English 201A 8-850
12 Nov. 2009

Freewrite: Nature vs. Nature

Growing up as a child, Tupac's mother was a Black Panther along with his father. Growing up in tough neighborhoods made Tupac the man that he was. Having a mother who provided discipline in his life to show that she cared and wanted him to have visions in this world made him a better person with great instincts in life. He seen life a whole diffrent and smarter level. In terms of race, religion and other things, he spoke his mind and spoke what he felt was the truth as a artist and outside of music, and he claims he gets it from his mother. He used to get in trouble when he was a kid growing up in a tough neighborhood, but he overcame it with the will of himself along with his mother. And I think Nature vs. Nurture really explains what people go through till this day, and if Tupac overcame his situations then he would agree with me that anyone else can, and it was just destiny for him to overcome and overtake the odds.
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Kevan peabody
Sabir posse
November 16, 2009
Tupac was born June 16, 1971. He was a great rapper and also an actor. Most of tupacs songs are about growing up in a lot of violence and hardship in ghettos, racism, problems in the society and conflicts with other rappers. Tupacs life was very challenging and he faced many obstacles. How much of what tupac becomes a result of his parent’s nature/DNA and how much is a result of his environment? In my opinion Tupac influence was found in his environment. Nature vs. nurture is debates concern the relative importance of individual’s innate qualities. tupac was affected by nurture but it is not so affective regarding the way his life would turn out. Tupac inherited genes from his mother but even though you inherited genes your actions can still be controlled. Tupac had a choice on how his life would turn out. His life was not destiny
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