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Cyber-post, due by February 1, 2010

Paraphrase five(5) new sentences from the text you chose. Compose both a literal and free paraphrase.

Post here and label with a heading: 1. Original text, literal paraphrase, free paraphrase; 2. Original text, literal paraphrase, free paraphrase and so on.

Before you post the paraphrases please respond to the following query: Talk about act of paraphrasing, both its literal and free forms. Discuss both forms difficulty and benefits, presently and over time. Post all on the blog here.

Continue working through the paraphrase package or section in SPHE. We want to complete this by Wednesday of next week. If when you complete the section in the textbook and want more practice, let me know. I can give you additional work.

Kim Hardy
Eng.201A 10-11:50 MW

Literal & Free Paraphrasing

Both these styles of writing are typically used when a student is writing a book report or research paper. It is imperative that the student pay close attention to which form he/she is using to avoid plagiarism.

The proper time to use a paraphrase to give your readers an explanation of your ideas taken from another source.

The benefits of Literal Paraphrasing are you can use them in the first draft of your paper, then edited them by using synonyms and changing the sentence structure with is called Free paraphrasing.

Latisha Davis
English 201A 10-11:50am mwf

Literal and Paraphasing

there really used to summerize a paper or what your writing, putting it in your own words so that it wont be considered as plagiarsim.

u use it when your using another persons ideas.

benfits of using these is when your writing you wont be in trouble for plagiarising. the difficulties is been able to put it in your own words.
Tracey Lee
Eng 201B MW 1-2.50pm
Paraphrase is using my own words to present the writer’s key ideas.
Literal paraphrasing is changing the original sentences with auxiliary verbs, prepositions, synonyms, and keeping the intent of the writer in a brief summary.
Free paraphrasing is changing the sentence structure with rephrasing and synonyms.

The difficulty of paraphrase is the tendency to borrow the writer’s words instead of using my own. The benefit of paraphrase is it forces to read, understand, pause, and reflect on the passage.

Original source: In 1982, before Michael Jordan was Michael Jordan, he was a student at the University of North Carolina.
Literal paraphrase : Michael Jordan was a regular student at the University of North Carolina in 1982 before he was well-known.
Free paraphrase : Prior to being a professional basketball player, Michael Jordan was as a regular student in University of North Carolina in 1982.

Original source: He played good basketball, but as a 19-year old freshman, he was constantly overshadowed by upperclassmen.
Literal paraphrase : Although he was a 19-year old talented junior basketball player, he was outshined by his seniors.
Free paraphrase : At 19-years old, he was a talented basketball player, but was outshined by senior players.

Original source: But what separates world-class performers from the rest of us is the ability to put negative experiences behind them.
Literal paraphrase : Outstanding performers are difference from ordinary folks because of the ability to put adverse experiences aside .
Free paraphrase : Champions empower themselves to overcome failure.

Original source: The best performances are good at forgiving themselves, dropping failure from their mental bandwidth quickly so that they can focus on the positive.
Literal paraphrase : Champions are more accepting of their inadequacies, putting aside the negative thoughts, in order to concentrate on affirmatives.
Free paraphrase : Successful people exude confidence, because they are aligned on affirmative thoughts.

Original source: True confidence comes from the gradual accumulation of self-efficacy over a long period of successes. But a dramatic first triumph can inspire and motivate you and transform your self-conception from “I’m a loser” to “I’m the kind of person who hits grand slams.”
Literal paraphrase : Real self-belief comes from a buildup of self-competency over time. However, a powerful successful experience has the primacy to incite one’s mindset from a loser to a winner.
Free paraphrase : Self-assurance is a buildup from a series of personal achievement. Notably, a striking success has the ability to turnaround one’s mindset to a positive empowering experience.
Sandy Saeteun 201B MW 10
Paraphrasing has to with taking someone else’s idea and rewording it and changing the sentence structure, so that it will be like your own. Literal phrasing is when you only reword it and it is basically the same as the original writer’s work. Paraphrasing is benefits us in the long term because it helps us when do a research paper or something, you won’t plagiarize and get in trouble for it.

Police and school officials in the East Bay have a frightening mystery to solve and they want answers fast.

Officers and school staff in the East Bay have a scary question to answer and they want the solution right away.

In the East Bay school staff and investigators need answers to a scary question right away.

Five Logan High students may have eaten a bad batch of brownies laced within heroin, but that may also just be a rumor.

Five Logan High students probably ate some horrible batch of brownies with drug, but that maybe untrue.

Students at might have ingested crack brownies, however that could be false.

So far, authorities know that one girl and four boys thought they were eating marijuana brownies when they became violently ill.

All officials know so far is that one female and four males were fooled by ingesting weed brownies, soon after the students felt badly sick at school last week.

Last week, one female and four males were tricked by digesting weed brownies, soon after, they were really sick at school and that is all officials know.

Something was definitely in the brownies and both police and students believe that it could have been a drug of some sort.

There was an unknown substance in the brownies and both police and students think that it might have been some kind of drug.

The brownies for sure had an unidentified drug in it that is all officers and students think.

Investigators were at the school Tuesday, questioning all the students involved in the incident.

Investigators were at Logan High School Tuesday talking to all the kids involved.
Students that were involved in the mystery brownies were talking to investigators at Logan High School on Tuesday.
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Denice Satchell
Eng 201A 1-2:50 P.M.

1. The true-life story of an imposing black boy taken in by a white family I n Memphis had all my attention.
Literal: The Factual story of a Majestic African-American male living with a Caucasian family in Memphis caught my eye.
Free: What caught my eye was the factual story of a majestic African-American male living with a Caucasian family in Memphis.
2. What I liked about “The Blind Side” is that it causes us look beyond the surface of a family performing a good deed.

Literal: What I admired about “The Blind Side” it that it makes us look outside of the boundaries of a family doing a good act.

Free: “The Blind Side” makes us look outside of the boundaries of a family doing a good act, which is what the author admires about this movie.

3. An uncomfortable does of reality proved a shocker to Oher when the Tuohy’s motives were questioned by the NCAA.

Literal: An un-easy level of the truth proved to stun Oher when his family’s motives needed answers by the NCAA.

Free: The NCAA needed answers behind Oher’s family’s motives. This left Oher with an un-easy feeling.

4. And better yet, Oher’s story saved draft day for me.

Literal: And what’s best, Oher’s history salvaged the draft day for the author.

Free: What salvaged draft day for me was Oher’s history.

5. It proved a distraction for me when A Davis made his ridiculous pick.

Literal: It was a hindrance when Al Davis made his outrageous decision.

Free: When Al Davis made his outrageous decision it was a hindrance.
William Le
Eng.201B 10-11:50 MW

Literal & Free Paraphrasing

This form of writing is used when needed to follow up on someone else idea and making it into yours without the act of plagiarism. It is important that when using this form of writing you make sure that you are using their idea as a stepping stone for your own input instead of copying what they have written down first.
Literal paraphrasing is still an act of plagiarism but it is not exactly copying the text by text but in other words, rearranging the sentence structure. Free paraphrasing is rearranging the sentence and replacing the words with your own phrase and synonyms.

The difficulty of literal and free paraphrasing is finding the correct words to replace the original text. Literal paraphrasing is a lot easier then free paraphrasing in my opinion because you can switch the words around however you like but just remember not to use their words. Free paraphrasing is a tad bit harder because you have to rearrange the sentence structure and replace certain words with your synonyms which at time is kind of difficult to come up with.
The benefit of literal and free paraphrasing is that it will quickly help give you ideas to write about and also will give you a first step onto what you will be writing about.

1. Original Source: The body of a 37-year-old Berkeley woman was found south of a pier
*Free Paraphrase: The middle aged woman drowned and was discovered south of a pier.
*Literal Paraphrase: The corpse of a middle aged lady was discovered down near the docks

2. Original Source: The doctor advises worried family members to simply be present for their loved ones.
*Free Paraphrasing: Concern relatives should be available for their family suggested doctors
*Literal Paraphrase: The doctor suggested concerned relatives to be available for their family members.

3. Original Source: A spokesman for Torn did not immediately return phone calls Saturday
*Free Paraphrasing: Torn was not able to be reached said a reporter
*Literal Paraphrase: A reporter for Torn was not available to reach back Saturday.

4. Original Source: It can be useful for those that want to just grow tomatoes or any other vegetable in their backyard
*Free Paraphrase: Growing vegetables in your backyard will be more convenient.
*Literal Paraphrase: It will be more convenient to plant vegetables in your garden.

5. Original Source: We love what the Chinese are doing as a country, in terms of growth
*Free Paraphrasing: The way the Chinese are expanding, we admire their way of tactic.
*Literal Paraphrasing: We like what the Chinese are doing in their land, in the way of expanding.
Luis Arechiga
Eng. 201B 1pm-2:50pm MW

Literal and Free paraphrasing

When one paraphrases using both Literal and free style, they are changing the sentences around from its original informative text in order to avoid plagiarism and to show the reader their own thoughts of the sentence itself.

Literal paraphrasing is when a sentence structure is not changed; however, the subject and verb are changed into synonyms in order to make it look as though the sentence was written by the student himself and take all the credit. Literal paraphrasing is acceptable and useful when using it for rough drafts, and gathering up ideas. It's highly risky to do this as a final draft for it is unacceptable and serious consequences will follow.

Free paraphrasing is rewording the writer's work, and changeing his sentence structures' to make it acceptable in the academy, and avoid plagiarism. This style of paraphrasing is the hardest one of the both, it takes practice but it will pay off.

In the long run we will be using English through out our whole lifes. We will use it in our jobs, when we pay bills, when writing letters, and applying for wherever it may be. Proper English shows proper skills.

In the short run being at the moment, English will help us build our knowledge in order to shape the foundations of our future success, and current progress.

1.Saving a German Shepherd stuck in the rising Los Angeles River was the right thing to do.

Literal. Saving a canine trapped in the rising Los Angeles River was the right thing to do.

Free. A courageous deed was accomplished when a trapped canine was rescued from the rising Los Angeles River, notes Manning.

2. The helicopter and swift water rescue crew members that saved that dog on Friday have been hailed as heroes.

Literal. The helicopter and swift rescue squad team that hoisted that dog on Friday have been hailed as heroes.

Free. On Friday, deemed as heroes for saving the dog, the rescue team happily accepted the title, notes Manning.

3. The dog, nicknamed Vernon after the city where he was rescued, remained in quarantine at the Southeast Area Animal Control Autority shelter in Downey.

Literal. The canine, renamed Vernon after the city where he was rescued, remained in quarantine at the Southeast Area Animal Control Authority shelter in Downey.

Free. Southeast Area Animal Control Authority shelter in Downey, where the newly renamed canine, Vernon (city where he was rescued), now remains in quarantine, notes Manning.

4. Joe St. Georges, 50, the 25-year veteran who hoisted Vernon to safety, lost a fingernail and fractured a thumb when the dog bit him during the rescue.

Literal. The hoister, 50, the 25- year veteran who lifted Vernon to safety, lost a fingernail and fractured a thumb when the dog bit him during the rescue.

Free. Losing a fingernail and fracturing a thumb was the only incident that crossed between Vernon and the 25- year veteran hoister, at age 50, during the rescue, notes Manning.

5. If no owner shows up, "we do have a mile-long list of people who want him," Reyes said.

Literal. If no one shows up, "we do have a mile-long list of people who wants him," Reyes said.

Free. Reyes, states "We do have a mile-long list of people who wants him," notes Manning.
Sonry Chhoth
Eng. 201A, 10-1150 MW

Literal & Free Paraphrasing

Literal and free paraphrasing are important when you have to turn in a paper. Instead of crediting the author you could make the sentence your own.

The benefits of literal paraphrasing is keeping the sentence structure, you do not have to think to much about how you should rearrange the sentence. All you have to do is replace words with synonyms. A difficulty of literal paraphrasing is that it is considered plagiarism. The sentence is not exactly your own, words are only replaced.

The benefits of free paraphrasing is the fact that it is not plagiarizing. Rearranging the sentence structure and finding new words to replace the old ones are the only difficulties that I can think of.

1. Original text:
LeBron James hit two free-throws after a frightening tumble with 4.1 seconds left for the winning points, Dwayne Wade missed a jumper at the buzzer as the Eastern-leading Cavaliers beat the Heat 92-91 on Monday night in Miami.

Literal Paraphrase:
LeBron James made two free-throws after a scary fall with 4.1 seconds remaining for the winning points, Dwayne Wade did not make a shot at the end of the game as the Eastern-leading Cavaliers outscored the Heat 92-91 on Monday evening in Miami.

Free Paraphrase:
The Eastern Conference leader, the Cavaliers, won against the Heat by one point Monday night when LeBron James scored two free-throws after a horrific drop with seconds to go on the clock, and Dwayne Wade did not make the game winning shot.

2. Original Text:
Wade finished with 32 points for Miami, all but two of them in what was an epic first-half matchup between superstars.

Literal Paraphrase:
Wade ended with 32 points for Miami, all except two of them in what was an amazing first-half man-to-man against two elites.

Free Paraphrasing:
Wade scored 2 of his 32 points in an outstanding first-half contest with James.

3. Original Text:
Wade missed two free-throw tries with 41.2 seconds left, part of a 1-for-6 showing from the line by the Heat in the fourth quarter - and it cost Miami dearly.

Literal Paraphrasing:
Wade could not make two free-throw attempts with 41.2 seconds remaining, in a 1-for-6 performance from the free-throw line by the Heat in the fourth quarter - and it made Miami suffer.

Free Paraphrasing:
Miami lost when Wade made 1 of 6 free-throws and missed two with 41.2 seconds left in the final quarter.

4. Original Text:
Wade blocked James' shot with 28 seconds left, giving Miami the ball and a one-point lead.

Literal Paraphrasing:
Wade denied James' shot with 28 seconds remaining, granting Miami with the ball and a one-point lead.

Free Paraphrasing:
Miami had a one-point lead when Wade stopped James' shot with 28 seconds left.

5. Original Text:
But on the ensuing possession, James - defending Wade this time - came up with a steal, drove in from the halfcourt and caused what became a frightening scene from both teams.

Literal Paraphrasing:
But on the same possession, James - guarding Wade this time - got a steal, ran halfcourt and created what happened to be a scary scene from both teams.

Free Paraphrasing:
A terrifying scene for both teams occurred after James stole the ball from Wade during the possession.
Khan Ly
Eng 201B MW 1:00-2:50pm

Paraphrasing can be use in researched or summarized a paper. It can help you transfer other ideas in to your own word without plagiarism. There are two way of paraphrasing. Those are literal and free paraphrase. Literal paraphrasing is consisted plagiarism but it the first step that help to write a free paraphrase which completely transfer other ideas into your own words without plagiarism.

1. How do you read Imus’s comments in light of our charged racial history?

Literal: How do you think of Imus’s remarks in light of our history?

Free: what do publics think of Imus’s remarks about black women?

2. We’ve got to heed the phrase Don Imus used in his defense after the public outcry over his horrible comments: context matters.

Literal: We’ve got to notice the passage Don Imus used in his defense after the public uproar over his horrible remarks: “context matters”.

Free: “Context matters” is what Don Imus used as an excuse to defend against himself after his shocking remark.

3. Imus was referring to how he is a comedic entertainer whose words should be viewed in a humorous vein.

Literal: Imus believes that as a comedian, his words should be seem as a joke.

Free: “Humors sense” is what comedian Imus believes his words should be recognizing in the public.

4. The context that is important for interpreting the Imus controversy is twofold.

Literal: The context classifies Imus argument into two ways.

Free: There are two ways to explain Imus dispute.

5. First, this isn’t the first time that Imus, or colleagues on his show, have overstepped the boundaries of ethical sensitivity in speaking crudely of black folk.

Literal: First, this is not the first time that Imus and his friends have made vulgar comments against the black people.

Free: Saying crude words to African American people is not the first time for Imus and his friends.
Sareth Chhoth
eng 201A
10-11:50 MW

Right now in class we are practicing how to paraphrase. The reason why we are practicing how to paraphrase is to avoid the mistake of plagiarism. Many people have no idea that they are plagiarizing because they do it unintentionally. By paraphrasing, it helps us out a great deal to try to avoid plagiarizing. There are 2 types of paraphrases, Literal and Free paraphrase.
Literal paraphrase is fairly easy to do. The way to do this is by changing one word with another synonym. The good thing about literal paraphrase is that it helps by finding the synonyms of a word. The bad thing about this is that it is still a form of plagiarism. The best way to not plagiarize is free paraphrase.
Although free paraphrase is a little difficult to do, it is a good way to avoid plagiarizing. The hard thing about it is that you must rearrange the sentence structure and reword some of the words. In the end, doing free paraphrasing can really benefit you. This will not make you plagiarize.

1. Original: He then pulled out a machete with an 18-inch blade from a sheath and advanced on the officers, refusing to comply with their orders to freeze and drop the large knife, police said.
Literal: Smith then took out a big knife with an 18-inch blade from the sheath and went to the officers, disagreeing to follow with their instructions to stop and release the weapon, officers said.
Free: Officers said the man did not listen with the orders to stop and let go of the weapon and step towards the police with the machete.

2. Original: The officers backed out of the home.
Literal: The police stepped out of the house.
Free: Law enforcers were forced outside.

3. Original: One of them fired 3 rounds from a distance of about 5 feet, killing Smith just outside his front door, police officials said.
Literal: One cop shot 3 bullets from 5 feet further slaying Smith right outside his front door, officers said.
Free: Police officers said that Smith died in front of his house when a officer shot 3 bullets from 5 feet away

4. Original: They have not released the name of either officer.
Literal: They did not let out the name of the police.
Free: The name of the law enforcer was not out in public.

5. Original: Smith told the doctor, whose name was not released, that “this is not my house anymore.”
Literal: Smith told his physician, whose name was not known, that “this is not my home no more.”
Free: “This is not my house no more,” Smith said to his physician, whose identity is not let out.
Literal & Free Paraphrasing

Both these styles of writing are typically used when a student is writing a book report or research paper. It is imperative that the student pay close attention to which form he/she is using to avoid plagiarism.

The proper time to use a paraphrase to give your readers an explanation of your ideas taken from another source.

The benefits of Literal Paraphrasing are you can use them in the first draft of your paper, then edited them by using synonyms and changing the sentence structure with is called Free paraphrasing.

Original Source: We're often wished good fortune as a new year begins. But as scary stats on joblessness and foreclosures persist, do we really have the power to create abundance in 2010? Yes! it's actually possible to proper during these precarious times. Forced to asses our careers, budgets and priorities, we plan more carefully for our future. Ziba Kasheef, Essence Magazine

Literal Paraphrase-At the turn of the year, people wish each other good luck. With the frightening unemployment rate and loss of homes, do women have what it takes to prosper in 2010? Sure! nothing is impossible, success is obtainable during these rough times.

Free Paraphrase-In this day and age financial survival is at an all time low. The economy has taken many jobs and homes for hostage, with the ransom at an intangible amount. Many people wonder if they will see good luck and prosperity in 2010 and the answer is simply, YES! Better times are here and here to stay! -Kim Hardy
Adilene Velazquez
English 201A MW 10-11:50
Paraphrasing is taking something that another person said and putting it in your own words. It is important to paraphrase because that way you won’t steal someone else’s ideas and it won’t be considered plagiarizing. There are two types of paraphrasing. One of them is literal paraphrasing and that is when you take a sentence and keep the same structure but replace some words with others. Literal paraphrasing is still considered plagiarizing because instead of restructuring the whole sentence, only some words are being changed. The other is free paraphrasing and that is when you take a phrase or a sentence and make it completely your own, changing the whole structure of the original sentence and replacing the words with others. Free paraphrasing is harder than literal paraphrasing because you have to change the whole phrase around instead of just replacing some words.

1.U.S. troops pulled a man alive from the rubble of a building in Haiti’s destroyed capital on Tuesday, two weeks after the massive earthquake rattled the country.
A group of soldiers took out a man alive from the ruins of a building in Port-Au-Prince on Tuesday; a couple of weeks after the huge earthquake shook the country.
A couple of weeks after a huge earthquake shook the country of Haiti, a group of soldiers found a man that was still alive from the ruins of a building in Port-Au-Prince this Tuesday.

2.It was not immediately clear if he became trapped in the initial Jan. 12 quake or during or during one the many aftershocks since then.
It wasn’t instantly assured if he got stuck during the first Jan. 12 earthquake or when one of the various aftershocks took place.
Since many aftershocks took place, it was not instantly assured if the man got stuck during the Jan. 12 earthquake.

3.The man, identified by Reuters as Rico Dibrivell, was covered in dust and dressed only in underpants when he was carried out from the ruins of a building in downtown Port-Au-Prince.
The citizen, recognized by others as Rico Dibrivell, was full of dust and wore only his boxers when he was taken out from the rubble of a building in Port-Au-Prince.
When he was taken out from the rubble of a building in Port-Au-prince, Rico Dibrivell was wearing only his boxers.

4.The victim had a broken leg and severe dehydration.
The man had a serious leg injury and was found very dehydrated.
The man had lack of fluids and had a serious leg injury.

5.The magnitude-7.0 earthquake that struck two weeks ago killed as many as 200,000 people.
The massive 7.0 earthquake that took place a couple of weeks ago took the lives of 2000,000 humans.
200,000 humans died from the massive 7.0 earthquake that took place a couple of weeks ago.
Demel Bullock
Eng 201b 10-10:50am
Jan 27, 2010

If im in search of idea, paraphrasing gives way to avoid plagarism when referencing textual evidence. Not only this, when taking notes on something that is being said by another person, paraphrasing creates an opportunity to get all of the information in a fast and compact format.

#1 Original:
Public outcry over the rising number of disconnection spurred PG&E and Californians other utilities to change some of their procedures.


The community protest with concern of the increase of shut-offs urge utilities to rework some of their dealings.


Utilities were pressed to rework their measures because of the protest from the community about the increase in cut-offs.

#2 Original:
More Pacific Gas and Electric Co. customers who fall behind on their bills will have their power shut-off once the utility installs Smart meter throughout its territory, the company predict In a recent government filing.


PG&E clients that miss payments on their tab will have their lights cut off when PG&E puts in new power measuring devices though the region, the corporation expects in updated administration stats.


Once the new power measuring devices are installed though out the region PG&E foresees there being more cut offs effecting clients who miss payment on there tab.

With older gas and electric meters, utilities had to send a technician to each customer’s house in order to switch service on and off. The time and expense involved gave utilities a strong incentive to negotiate payment plans with delinquent customers, rather than disconnecting service, Toney said.


Before the production of Smartmeters, PG&E had to have a representative go to each residence for activation and termination of their utilities. According to PG&E representative, the cost of this left services great opportunity to discuss money methods alongside late patrons instead of terminating utilities.


In the past, customers of PG&E had representatives terminate and activate their services at their physical address, which cost a great deal of money. A representative from PG&E recently stated that their has been dialogue between the company and consumer to become current on the bill if late instead of PG&E terminating their service.

# 4 Original
PG&E customers with overdue bills now get two more calls warning that they could lose service. The company has suspended until next year the practice of demanding a deposit before reconnecting customers.


Non current utility patrons receive a few notices describing possibility of termination of account. PGE now stopped requiring down payment prior to reactivation accounts awaiting 2011.


Account holders who are late making payments for services will receive notification prior to termination. Until further notice, the act of requiring money down ahead of activation has stopped.

# 5 Original
The number of Californians loosing electricity and gas service has jumped as the recession ravages household budgets. At the same time, PG&E’s smart meters have come under fire from some customers who say their utility bills soared after the new meters were installed.


The amount of residents disconnected utilities is souring high with economic collapse cutting family expenses. While now, utility service reader has raised arguments upon patrons, stating monthly payments increased following installation of recent measurement tools.

Free: Due to lack of income in many households suffering from the incline of job loss and cuts has increased the amount of families in loss of services offered by PG&E. The change made to install the new system of meter reading has dramatically increased the amount customers pay to PG&E for their monthly services.
Abtisam Kaaid
English 1a
Dear President Barak Hussein Obama,
Congratulations, on becoming president of The United States of America. I am pleased to inform you that you are doing a good job. Given all the circumstances, with a family and a nation on your shoulders. I know it will be difficult after the Bush Administration had corrupted our nation for the past eight years. It will take more then one year to clean it all up. I know you have planned a lot for this nation; change will not be easy but you cannot do it alone. I believe that in time we will become more powerful and our nation will work side by side to help concur it all.
“These are some struggles our great nation have faced, struggles are the reason I ran for president ”._Obama
As you said, 2009 was one of the most difficult year in our history. One out of ten Americans were not able to find work. Thanks to your stimulus plan and 95% of taxes cut, now 18 million Americans have employment, and 8 million Americans are attending college. President Obama, the reason why people appreciate you so much is because you are one of the people. Everyone hated The Bank Bailout even you. I know you will do what is necessary for our nation.
“Number one focus in 2010 will be more jobs”. _Obama
You are providing 30 billion dollars to small business owners, so that they can have a chance to support their communities. Millions of American will be able to support each other without the fear of taxes. You are defending our nation and renewing our focuses. We do not want to relive the past. You are promising to end the war and hopefully all troops will be out of Afghanistan, by July 2011. You’ve gave us your word and hopefully you will hold your self accountable.
“Spirit lives in the people of our nation”. _Obama
You have great confidence and I believe that you will succeed. Keep your focus on the big issues and give the people what is necessary.
God bless America Thank you..
Kelly Bohler

Paraphrasing means to reword or rewrite the sentence in your own words but keep the meaning.Literal Paraphrasing is some what alike but different its about changing a word and using its synonym and free paraphrasing is when you completely change the format and the meaning of the sentence.

1) Original:Now they have prohibited the soda's sale in six states across the country and may recommend a nation-wide ban.
Literal:They already prevented the soda's demand in six states throughout the country and possibly bannish nation-wide.
Free:Six Sates in this country has been constrained on soda's sales and many be nation-wide.

2)Original: Red Bull has always been upfront about the recipe for its new cola.
Literal: Red Bull has always been straightforward about the ingredients for its current cola.
Free: Red Bull has never lied about the process of making its newest cola.

3)Original:But the problem is when it comes to coca and cocaine, it's not just a health concern, but a legal one.
Literal: The situation is when it originates to coca and cocaine,it's not just a health matter, but a legal one.
Free: The complication of coca and cocaine are not only being a health problem but a legal one as well.

4)Original:There is no scientific basis for this ban on Red Bull Cola because the levels of cocaine found are so small.
Literal:There is no experimental evidence for this ban on Red Bull Cola because the levels of cocaine discovered are so tiny.
Free:The levels of cocaine that appeared are so inadequate, that there is no real reason to but a ban on Red Bull Cola.

5)Original:And it's not even cocaine itself. According to the tests we carried out, it's a nonactive degradation product with no effect on the body.
Literal:Its not cocaine itself.According to the studies we carried out,it's a inactive degradation creation with no effect of the body.
Free: Recent tests have shown that the nonactive degradation blend has no harm to the body.
Adam Smith
Eng 201B MW 10-1150
Literal & Free Paraphrasing

Both styles of these are used often when a student is typically writing a book report or project that needs helping putting out ideas that, they themselves could use to influence their own work or project. With out noticing, one could create plagiarism with out willingness, without knowing the difference between literal and free paraphrasing. Its best to use free paraphrasing is when to explain the structure of words that are more understanding to comprehend your self, because then you have the ability to change the sentence structure and rephrasing.

1. Original txt. “The semester is abruptly coming to an end, and if you’re anything like me, you have things other then school causes you to slack off a little with school priorities”. L.P- The term is suddenly over and if you act like Tatiana (Laney College Student) other distractions out side of school can make one lose track of educational goals.
2.Original txt. “I have had so many struggles but have tried to keep my head in my class work”. L.P- I’ve endured countless problems, though I continue to study.
3.Original txt. “I’m pretty sure students are experiencing the same thing, which is if they have not already given up”. L.P- I’m aware multiple peers have been affected by the same way, which is if some hadn’t lost sight.
4.Original Txt. “The advise I could give that has truly helped, is to take everything one day at a time. Pace yourself”. L.P- the best information that has stuck with me the best is to take your time and not to be rushed.
Shyann Kinzer
English 201B


1) Original: "Lesnar, who has battled through a painful intestinal infection called diverticulitis for the last few months, related his story during a Wednesday conference call."

Literal: In a conference call on Wednesday Lesnar related his story about his painful intestinal infection called diverticulitis.

Free: On Wednesday Lesnar told what had happen with the infection in his intestines, diverticulitis.

2) Original: "Lesnar said the last thing he wanted to do was give a 'bad performance' or 'risk losing my title', so he withdrew from a Nov. 21 contest against Carwin at UFC 106."

Literal: Lesnar withdrew from the Nov. 21 contest against Carwin at UFC 106, because the the last thing he wanted to do was 'risk losing my title' or 'give a bad performance'.

Free: In fear of risking his title and performing badly Lesnar backed out from his fight with Carwin in November.

3) Original: "Lesnar said physicians gave a couple of potential diagnoses, including mononucleosis and the H1N1 virus."

Literal: The H1N1 virus and mononucleosis were a couple of the potential diagnoses that the physicians gave, stated Lesnar.

Free: Lesnar was informed that his infection could have been a few things, potentially the swine flu or mononucleosis.

4) Original: "Lesnar acknowledged that he refused to get a CT scan, which might have allowed doctors to diagnose him properly at the time."

Literal: Lesnar acknowledged that the doctors might have been able to diagnose him properly at the time if he would have not refused the CT scan.

Free: The fighter admitted that he had declined to receive a CT scan, which could have granted the doctors the opportunity to determine his infection correctly at the time.

5) Original: "In Canada, Lesnar said he woke up one night in 'shock' and in a cold sweat."

Literal: Lesner said he woke up in a cold sweat and in 'shock', in Canada.

Free: Lesnar explained the side affects to his infection, when in Canada as cold sweats and being in shock.

Paraphrasing is used when trying to use information from a text. Literal paraphrasing being one form. This is when one keeps the same structure of the sentences but switches the words and phrases to get the same point across. The problem with this is that it is a form of plagiarism. A good part of literal paraphrasing is that it keeps the same meaning from the text and helps one rephrase. Free paraphrasing being the second form of paraphrasing, where one uses synonyms to substitute for phrases in the text and changing the overall structure of the sentence. The positive part to this is one is not plagiarizing when doing free paraphrasing.
English 201a, home work#2
10:00 am-11:50 am M,W
Literal and Free paraphrasing
1. Imagine living your life without fear of expressing your dreams.
Dream your life with no worries revealing your ideas and hopes.
2. You know what you want and when you want.
You release your needs and the time you need them.
3. You know what you don’t want.
You recognize things not important to you.
4. You are not afraid to ask for what you need, or to say yes or no to anyone or anything.
Fearfully put questions about something required, or express agreement or disagreement to others.
5. Imagine living your life without the fear of being judged by others.
Create your existence in this world free of people’s opinion.
Regina Cannon 201B 1:00-2:50

A literal paraphrase helps you to understand the idea. by rewriting the sentence.

A free paraphrase you can put into your own words by using present tense or past tense and using synonyms.

I found the free paraphrase helpfully because you find new word that will hopefully build vocabulary.

You are never going to know who it is.

(F) You are noway trying to guess who it might be.

(L)Who it is, you are never going to know.

2. I read everything I can get my hands on.

(L) I can read everything I get my hand on.

(F)I read all the book s I come in contact with.

3. You could have a conversation with him about everything.

(L)About everything you could have a conversation with him.

(F) You could have a dialogue with him regarding any topic.

4. He divulged his incredible musical interests.

(L) His incredible musical interests he divulged (F) Tupac expose his unbelieveable musical passion.

5. Tupac's high School career was ultimatlely short-circurted by homeless, his mother'addiction, fierce parental spats, and a fatherless adolescence.

(L) His mother's addiction, fierce parental spat, fatherless adolescence and homelessness ultimately short-circuited Tupac's high school career.

(F) His formal school days were eventually shortened by no home his mom's drug problems, hostile mom and daddy fights and no father being in the house while growing up.
Alicia Candies
English 201a 1:00-3:00 mw

Literal-replacing words and phrases but keeping the identicle sentence structure.

Free-rewording the writer's phrases,and rearanging the structure of the sentence.

Paraphrasing can be difficult because you have to be carful you don't plagerize someone els'se work.

Ways you can benifit from paraphrasing is when your reviewing articles and need to put them in your own words.

Acts Worldwide is working with local leadership in Kenya,Africa, as well as,partnering with other organizations to build economic and spiritual growth.

Free-Acts Worldwide is donating funds toward Kenya,Africa,while also getting help from other resorses to increase the money and spirituality in the communities.

God has given us a vision to see whole communities transformed by being His arms extended to the needy and helpless.

Literal-The poor can be helped because God has given us the sight to those in need, who can be saved by the grace of God.

We partner with many people of all walks of life with a common goal;

Free-We work with alot of different people with one mission;

Everyone contributes to the team from their experience and nowledge so that nothing is lacking in the task at hand.

Literal-Everybody lends a hand to the group with their strangths,so that everything is in order when it comes down to helping the people.

Those who are being mentored can learn by both seeing and doing it themselves under the supervision of those who are more experienced.

Free-People who are being trained learn by observing and porforming the the douty themselves,while also being guided by those more edvanced.
shakira makanjuola
Eng.201B 1pm-2:50 MW

Literal and Free Paraphrasing

1.Original: Mr. Chairman and ladies and gentlemen, I need not pause to say how very delighted I am to be here tonight, and how very delighted I am to see you expressing you concern about the issues that will be discussed tonight by turning out in such large numbers.

Literal: Greeting, I am very happy to be here tonight and it’s great to see you helping your country on the opinion that we will be argue tonight.

Free paraphrasing: Mr. Committee, man and woman , I desirable not to stop to express how wonderful I am to be here today, and how wonderful I am to see you serving your state about the disagree that will be talk over this night rotate out in such big numbers.

2. Original: I come to this magnificent house of worship tonight because my conscience leaves me no other choice.

Literal: I’m here to this wonderful house of God though my taught leave me no more choice.

Free paraphrasing: I arrived to this outstanding house of the ceremonies this night since my moral leave me no choice.

3. Original: Now there is little left to build on, save bitterness.

Literal: At this present time there is small gone to make on, prevent tonic.

Free paraphrasing: This moment there is below the average in size to make on. Protect influence.

4. Original: They must see Americans as strange liberators.

Literal: We will see the real American as leader.
Free paraphrasing: People have to view United State as ordinary foreign control.

5. Original: I come to this platform tonight to make a passionate plea to my beloved nation.

Literal: I am here to this party policy tonight to start a influence to ask my great State.

Free Paraphrasing: I arrived to the policy tonight to being a powerful earnest request to my dearly tribe.
Melvin Peter Herring
Eng 10-11:50 mw
Literal and Free paraphrasing. Part 1

Doris Payne, 79, whose life of crime is the subject of an upcoming Halle Berry film, is suspected of stealing a $1,300 Burberry trench coat at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Literal: An79 year old elderly woman’s life can be compared to a movie that will be coming out soon in which it stars Halle berry. The woman is accused of the thief of a named brand trench coat from a store called Saks Fifth avenue.

Free: Halle Berry is starring in a new film about a kleptomaniac named Doris Payne (79) who was recently arrested for stealing an expensive coat from a high end department store.

In the decades she spent honing her craft; Doris Payne employed classic elegance, refined taste, Southern charm and a sleight of hand that could earn the envy of a talented magician.

Literal: It took her years to perfect her skill, the thief is known to have a classic grace charm, style and have hands that a magician would dream to have.

Free: The Kleptomaniac is known to show a sophisticated charm, which she used to prefect her craft.
Like the best illusionists, she had a knack for making things disappear.

Literal: She can be compared to a magician because she is great at making things go missing.

Free: Doris is great at stealing; she can steal without drawing to much attention.

Payne's life as an international jewel thief is the subject of an upcoming movie, "Who Is Doris Payne?" starring Halle Berry. But given the latest events in Orange County, the filmmakers may want to consider a new ending.

Literal: Her life as a jewelry stealer was turned into a movie called “Who Is Doris Payne?" which will be coming out soon. But considering what has taken place lately the writers and crew might want to change the ending of this story.

Free: Payne’s life is so Interesting Halle Berry was picked to do a movie on her, but the movie needs a new ending because the endings don’t match up.
The 79-year-old was arrested Friday on suspicion of grand theft after security guards at the Saks Fifth Avenue store at South Coast Plaza accused her of taking the tags off a Burberry trench coat valued at $1,300 and walking out without paying, said Costa Mesa Police Lt. Mark Manley.

Literal: Doris Payne was paced in handcuffs under thought that she took the labels off a $1,300 trench coat and walked outside the door with it, the guards who work at Saks stopped her before she got away with the crime said Lt. Mark Manley of the Costa Mesa police department.

Free: Doris finally got what was coming to her, after a life time of stealing she got arrested for stealing a coat

She remains in custody without bail because of a parole violation. Although she has had high-end tastes, the allegation that she took a coat is a departure of sorts for Payne.

Literal: She was kept in Custody without bail due to violating parole. With her sophisticated style the thought of stealing a coat is an argument for Doris.

Free: there was no way for her to get out; Doris had to do her time. Doris Denys’ ever stealing it, with going from jewelry to a coat to her that is a theft she will never forget.
Melvin Peter Herring
eng 201a 10-11:50
Part 2

In a 2008 article in The Times, Payne told a reporter that she stole her first diamond in her late 20s, hoping to raise money to help her mother leave an abusive husband. From there, she never looked back. Payne said she had no idea how many jewels she had stolen but that her career as a thief had spanned the globe from New York to London to Tokyo.

Literal: In 2008 Doris told a reporter that she stole her first diamond when she was in her 20’s so she could help out her mother who was in an abusive marriage. Ever since that day she practiced her new craft and it would be no turning back. She has no idea how many jewels she has stolen since then but stories about her went around the news from New York to Tokyo.

Free: Doris has been stealing diamonds since her early 20s, she seen it as a way to provide for her mother. But even after she no longer needed to help she kept at her craft stories about her been on the new all over the world.

Her formula was simple: She would pick a jewelry or high-end department store, try on several ornaments, and then distract the clerk as she slipped a ring or bracelet into deep pockets.

Literal: Her style was plain and simple she first picked her expensive item try on a lot of products then made the sales person look away as she put the ring in her pocket.

Free: She developed her own way at master thief, it was composed of 3 elements, the first was trying on several items, second was making the sales person look away, and third hiding the product she wanted.

Eventually, improvements in store security and surveillance caught up with Payne.

Literal: Ever since she started stores began to improve their protection and cameras got her on tape.

Free: after a lifetime of stealing she didn’t master one thing! She could cheat the sales person but she couldn’t cheat the cameras.

In 1999, she was convicted and sentenced to 12 years in prison after stealing a 5-carat diamond ring from a Neiman Marcus in Denver. While on parole in 2005, she stole an $8,500 ring in Nevada and a $31,500, three-stone diamond ring in Palo Alto.

Literal: In the year of 1999, she was sent to do a decade in prison because she stole a 5 carat diamond ring while she was in Denver. In 2005 she was on parole and she stole an 8,500 ring while in Nevada then another worth $31,500 in Palo Alto.

Free: Doris ended up doing hard time in the end, she told reporters about some of her greatest thefts.

She eventually was sentenced to two to five years for the crimes. In the spring of 2008, Payne completed her sentence in Colorado and returned to California, where she remained on parole until her arrest.

Literal Paraphrasing is good beacuse it helps you keep the main focus of the paper and just change it around a little. Free Paraphrasing is good to get your point across without plargarize.
Richard Myers
English 201B
1pm - 2:50pm
M, W, F

Literal and Free Paraphrase based on an article

"A Democrat at GOP governor's right hand"
Carla Marinucci
San Francisco Chronicle
January 24th, 2010

Literal Paraphrase below

Richard Myers
English 201B
Literal Paraphrase of an article

“A Democrat at GOP governor’s right hand”
Four years have passed since ‘s inception.
This was the beginning of a melee started when our capital’s politically aware learned that the small of stature and former assistant to the ousted governor Gray Davis was formally brought on board as the number one to governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Kennedy recalls the days easily. “I imagined to myself .. would this be possible when everybody in the governor’s office want me dead?”
She did. Also, they did not.
The comments from a right leaning blog proclaim, certain issues have evolved since the prior pro abortion agent, California democratic party team leader as well as public relations assistant to Sen. Dianne Feinstein joined up with Schwarzenegger at the end of 2005.
“Would a gay, smoking, aggressive blonde be the right wing hero in the capital?” right leaning talk-show host Eric Hogue penned last year.
We still don’t know if any left or right wing representative can pull California beaten by the most horrible fiscal sinkhole in the last ten years.
Kennedy, the 40 something ultra agent who is perched at the highest part of California’s kill or be killed political arena, says that she’ll never stop. She jokes about a vision in which she and Schwarzenegger rushed up “with they’re batman suits on” to become the hero’s of the number eight economy in the world.
They’re naysayers say it can’t happen: Kennedy and the Governator are usually getting attacked for what he does or doesn’t do it attempting to fix our state’s worst budget crisis since 2007. Similarly, the health care changes as well as school changes have been squashed by the deficit.

Free Paraphrase below

Richard Myers
English 201B
Free Paraphrase of an article

"A Democrat at GOP governor's right hand"

Four years have passed since was created.

When Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger hired the previous ex-Cabinet secretary from the former Gov. Gray Davis the capitals politically aware were in shock. The Melee had begun.

There was a time when Kennedy remembered. "I was thinking, Can I really do this ... when half of the people in the horse-shoe (slang for the governor's office) probably want to slit my throat?"

They of course didnt, and well she might have.

Since being the former press secretary to Sen. Dianne Feinstein Kennedy had signed on with Schwarzenegger in December 2005 the issues were the same but the landscape had changed, and most of the conservative blogs would agree. However, her position on abortion rights would stay the same.

"Will a lesbian, cigar-smoking, ballsy blonde be the Republican savior in Sacramento?" this came from Eric Hogue who is a right leaning talk-show host.

Most critics and proponents would say there still is no decision on whether California's economy can be helped by a democrat or republican.

Kennedy has shared a dream of hers where she and her current report go out "with our Superman capes on" to prop up one of the worlds top ten biggest economies. Although, regardless of dreams the 49 year old agent does in fact sit at the top of California's political structure.
Mo Dabashi
English 201B
Mon Wed 10-12

Free write: Talk about the act of free paraphrasing and literal paraphrasing. Discuss the difficulties and benefits of both short and long term.

Free paraphrase replacing the words and phrases with synonyms, and rearrange the structure of the sentence. The difficulties about paraphrasing that its hard to have a whole different sentence but having it mean the same as the original. The benefits from free paraphrasing is that its acceptable to do, also it would be your own sentence you come up with.
Literal paraphrase is when the writer switches the words with synonyms but keeps the same sentence structure. The difficulties is literal paraphrase is plagiarism, that’s basically taking someone else’s idea and saying its their own, which is not allowed. The benefits is its easy to just keep the same structure of the sentence and only changing a few words with synonyms.

Tasha louza
Eng.A 10-11:50 MW

Literal&free paraphrasing

The reason for paraphrase so you can write thing in your own words from a different text, if you can paraphrase something that really mean you can understand the text. There are to different type of paraphrase literal and free paraphrase. Literal paraphrasing is just rewording the sentence but have the same structure, and free paraphrase is altering the word and the sentence with another pattern. I feel but way are difficult, because both way you have to get the meaning of the sentence to even paraphrase in both ways. But I find that free paraphrase is better because you can use your own words make the sentence work.

News article
1. Original
The incident has occurred at least twice a week since classes resumed Jan 5 after the holiday break.
Literal paraphrase
The problem have happen at least twice during the week since school starting from Christmas break
Free paraphrase
This situation have been happen a couple of time since school started back jan 5

2. Original

Santa Cruz said Solano Middle School staff have been working to identify student in pictures taken by MIT Academy staff

Literal paraphrase
Santa Cruz said Solano Middle School helper have been trying to find the kids on the photo by MIT academy teachers

Free paraphrase
Santa Cruz said Solano Middle School campus supervise have taking time out to find the underage criminals, in the photo that MIT academy teacher
3. Original

The incidents involving MIT students and those in the neighborhood have parents and stuff concerned

Literal paraphrase
The occurrence parting MIT learners and those in the community have parental advisor and stuff influence of them

Free paraphrase
Parental advisor and school helper are influence by the convertation between MIL students

4. Original

MIT academy Director Rick Van Adelsberg said staff and parent are providing an increased adult presence after school.

Literal paraphrase
MIT school helper, Rick Van Adelsberg talk to the campus supervisor and parental advisor are helping a lot average people present after school

Free paraphrase
MIT school Rick Van Adelsberg ask help from adult to be around when student going home

5. Original

Rose a parent volunteer who asked that her last name not to be used watch with the director.

Literal paraphrase
Rose, student mother help told that her maiden name not to be endured stand over with the director

Free paraphrase
Rose, a student parent who not want her last name not on the paper, help watch over with the director
Darrius Sutton
February 3, 2010
English 201 A

1. This is disturbing on many levels.
-In many different ways this is horrific.
2. It was also Rosenburg who suggested that Serena and Venus Williams were better suited to appear in Nation Geographic’s than Playboy Magazine.
-Venus and Serena were more likely to be shown in national Geographic than Playboy magazine, suggested Rosenburg.
3. Of course the great irony of Imus’s attack is that hardly any of the black women on the Rutgers basketball team had braids, plaits, or natural hairstyles.
-Not to many of the African American females on the team had the natural hairstyle that black women would wear, this was the banter of Imus’s hurtful words.
4. Most of them straightened hair that reflects the ideal standard and taste of white beauty.
-The usual out look on Caucasian beauty is usually non curly hair which is what most of them had.
5. Black women experience intense anxiety in deciding to either straighten their hair, or to plait, braid, or lock it in dreads.
-When coming to a conclusion about having non straight hair or natural black hair styles, African American women go through an extreme angst.
1. Imus went as far as to say, “I may be a white man, but I know that…young black women all through society are demeaned and disparaged and disrespected…by their own black men and that they are called that name.
- Imus went on to say “though being a Caucasian male I still see young African-American females throughout society are being tarnished, by African-American males who refer to them as such.
2. Imus said that rappers “defame and demean black women” and call them “worse names than I ever did.”
- Imus said that black artists belittle African-American females and refer to them in more terrible words than the ones he had used
3. On the surface, that sounds reasonable and fair.
- That seems plausible and equal.
4. An offensive hip hop artist or rap song is not the cultural equivalent of a told show host.
- A television broadcaster is held with more responsibility than a hip-hop artist or rap song.
Christopher Jackson
Eng.201A 10-11:50 MW

Literal & Free Paraphrasing

used when a student is writing a book report or research paper. It is imperative that the student pay close attention to which form he/she is using.

The most appropiate time to use a paraphrase to give your readers an explanation of your ideas that were taken from another source.

Original source: When it comes to competing globally the united states needs to get more students in college.
Literal paraphrase : To compete globally the united states needs to get more students into college.
Free paraphrase : The united states needs to get more students into college in order to compete globally..

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