Monday, February 08, 2010

The afternoon class didn't get to see the film. We spent a lot of time discussing the Introduction to Half the Sky after reading it aloud. Our freewrite was a reflection on the Chinese Proverb: "Women hold up half the sky."

After our discussion students worked in groups on SPHE, chapters 1-2. Many students hadn't completed all the exercises in Chapter 2, so it didn't make sense to review the answers. Homework is to complete the exercises and start the templates for Essay 1: Sentence Punctuation.

We meet in A232 on 2/10. There is no school Monday, Feb. 15. Wednesday, Feb. 17, the first hour is in the library, the second hour is in L-202E (1-3 PM)and A232 (10-12).

We will watch the New Heroes video on Wednesday in the afternoon class. It can inform our freewrite. Post your 3-paragraph summaries below where indicated. Include one paraphrase per paragraph. Put the page number in parentheses following the citation.

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