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Class notes and Cyber-Assignment

1. Literature Circles Assignments
Post the names and job titles of the members of the group here. Students were encouraged to name their groups. In the afternoon class, the groups ended up being fewer because only 5 students out of 21 present had read up to chapter 7. The morning class fared a bit better, but there were at least 10 students who didn't have the book, so they had yo do something else. A few had to leave and go to the library to work on SPHE.

Students were reminded to reflect on the authors' premise for the book as stated on page xxi.

2. Cyber-Freewrite: Reflect on the Lit Circle division of labor. How did it help the group engage in a focused and productive discussion? Be specific and use examples.

This reflection needs to be about a paragraph minimally.

3. SPHE --exercises up to Essay 2. If you have no questions start templates.

4. Love assignment
Presentations (What kind of love do you value the most?) will start Wednesday and continue Thursday. The essay is due later on.

The Love Assignment
is posted below. I gave students copies today.

5. In the morning class we did the MLA quiz. In the afternoon class we reviewed the exercises on pages 53-66. Homework is to keep running the exercises through page 86. We will go over Essay 2 together on Wednesday and review exercises if there are any questions.

6. Continue reading Half the Sky. If we have time, students can discuss the next chapter, 7 or 8. If not we'll spend another hour next week in discussion on Monday, March 1. Bring your book to class to share, the one by or about a woman (who is alive and living in Northern California) you plan to read and do a report on in April.

Office Hours
I encourage students to come to my office hours or schedule an appointment. I am extremely flexible: Mondays I am in D229 from 12-12:45 PM; Tuesdays, 10:30-11:50 AM in L-236 (my office), at 3 PM in A-213 on Mondays, L202E at 3-4 PM on Wednesdays, and at 10 AM to 11:30 AM on Thursdays in A-232.

Some students didn't make it to the library orientation last week. I have handouts I can share with you.

Other students came to class late and unprepared. Many students still don't have their books. We'll be completing Half the Sky in two weeks. Then students will write an essay (about 500-750 words).

Catch up and come see me in my office hours to get clarity on assignments, if you
need such.

Richard Myers

Professor Sabir

English 201B - 1 - 2:50pm

22 February 2010

Literature Circle Reflections

Today we discussed the first chapter of "Half the Sky," and although there were only three of us I think it was a

pretty good discussion. For the most part we were kind of jumping around to different chapters actually. The main theme

we seemed to keep coming back to though seemed to be that the culture or "old world ways" of certain societies

definately need to change. For example, when Meena Hasina's aunt was actually the one that sold her into sexual slavery.

Corruption definately plays a part here though. One thing that shocked me is the staggering number of prostitutes in India

though, approximately two to three million, of which about fifty percent were trafficked in. Surprising numbers to say the


On a separate note we did not assign jobs as there werent enough people. We had myself, Tracy, and Kahn.
Great details Rick. Thanks for posting.

Did the themes cause the three of you to follow the train of thought evoked? Was the direction you took based on mutual interest? Was anything left out of the discussion based on the way the conversation moved?

Your methodology seems like a great approach to this particular reading when one looks at how the authors build their case based on previous comments: one example supports and expands and extends the others.
Melvin Peter Herring
Professor Sabir
English 201b 10-11:50
22 February 2010

"literature Circle Reflection"

today we made a Literature circle, and we went over the first 7 chapters of the half the sky book. this group helped out alot, it was interesting to hear what other people had to say or thought about the book. we came to find out that almost everyone had the same views on the book and found this book to be very strong. The events that took place in this book was of things that i have never heard of. like when woineshet was kidnapped and raped by abrew jemma just so he could try to merry her. to me thats horrible and he needs to be in a jail.I found that we had a strong group and things went very smooth.

my group was me,sandy,thea,aldileen,rosecary,yessir, and demel
Abtisam Kaaid
Professor Sabir English 1A

Literature Circles Assignments

Members in my Group
Lucia Fallah- Discussion Director
Vick- Vocabulary Enricher
Sideeq- Literary Luminary
Kimtnuy- Connector
Abtisam “Sammie”- Summarizer

In my group Lucia is the discussion director. Her job is to develop a list of questions that our group might want to discuss about the book. Lucia started us off by giving us several questions, and asking everyone’s opinion on them. Vick is our vocabulary enricher. His job is to be on the lookout for a few especially important words in everyday readings. Vick received several of our vocabulary words so he will look up the definition and will give us a better understanding of the word. Kimtnuy is our Connector. Her job is to find connections between the book our group is reading and the outside world. Kimtnuy would connect what women are going through in “Half the Sky”, to what women are going through in the U.S.. Sideeq is our literary luminary. His job is to highlight passages from the text which have gotten our attention for a stylistic reason.
I am the summarizer. My job is to prepare a brief summary of the book. Or in this case individual chapters. As a group we discussed many things. We all have many perspectives on the book and individual chapters. I am very happy to be in this group. This group is excellent to work with we all state our opinions and if we need clarification for anything any member of this group will be very helpful.
Khan Ly
Professor Sabir
English 201B - 1 - 2:50pm
22 February 2010

For today discussion, our group talked about how surprised we are at the fact that there are still slavery in the 21st century. In the discussion, our group kind of jumping around the chapters. Even so, all we talked about is how the men and the world treated women so badly. We also talked about how corrupt the government at those area were. Overall, our discussion was really interesting and i also learn something new in the discussion.
Khan Ly
Professor Sabir
English 201B - 1 - 2:50pm
22 February 2010

Literature Circles






Today I read with my classmate, Soda, chapter 4 of "Half the Sky". After finishing chapter 4, we felt very sad for all the women who are victims of violence, rape, and exploitation.
We also had a very good discussion about how unfairly women are treated in so many countries. The punishments that some girls in Afghanistan had were brutal. Probably the worst thing we read, was that so many girls were forced to marry their rapist.
Bernardita Rappaport
English 201B
Mondays and Fridays
10:00 -11:50 am.
Rosecary Aguinaldo
Professor Sabir
English 201A M/W 10-11:50am
23 February 2010
Literature Circle Assignment

Group Members:

Discussion Director-Melvin
Literary Luminary-Sandy

In class we were assigned into literature circles and divided up into groups. Our group went over the first seven chapters of Half the Sky. We talked about what each chapter is about and what the theme is throughout the book. As a group we talked about each character and their hardships in life and obstacles. For instance, we discussed about a girl name Woinshet, who is an Ethiopian. She was accused of breaking the tradition for not honoring it, because she was raped with a man who has been eyeing her and wants to marry her, but refuses to marry him. It was interesting to hear what the others thought about the book. As a group we concluded that we all had the same perspective of what the book is all about. I believe that the group is very firm and strong and everyone has something to contribute.
Sandy Saeteun
Professor Sabir
English 201B
23 February 2010

Literature Circle Reflection
We discussed the book Half The Sky in class with our group. It was a very interesting book and I could not stop reading it when i started. What we talked about in our group was about the different women and their stories. We could not believe that things like that were going on today. The things that the women in the book went through was unheard of and unimaginable. We reflected towards chapter five and time ran out. People in our groups were just sharing their feelings about what the women went through and we tried to sort out the stories.
The people in my group were Thea Rosecary Melvin Aideleen Yessir and Demel
Adrianna Sterling

English 201A/B M-W 10-11:50

I was absent on Monday but I am On Chapter 8 Of the Book
Latisha Davis

Professor Sabir

English 201 A/B 10-11:50

24 Februray 2010

on the 22nd we did lit circle my group was me micheal and tasha we read out lod cause we all were be hind an we finished stewart pidd
Adilene Velazquez
Professor Sabir
English 201A MW 10-12
28 February 2010

Literature Circle Reflections

In class, we were assigned to get into groups to discuss “Half the Sky,” and each of us got different roles. Melvin is the discussion director, so he’s in charge of asking us questions about different parts of the book, and he did a good job. Rosecary is the summarizer. She is in charge of preparing a short summary for each chapter that we discuss. Demel is the connector. He has to find connections between the book and the outside world. Thea chose to be the travel tracer, and she has to know where the events are taking place and describe the setting in details. Sandy’s job is literary luminary. She has to highlight different parts of the book that get her attention and read some of them out loud. I am the vocabulary enricher, so I have to look for words that either stand out or are unfamiliar and write down the definitions to them. I think that we had a good time discussing the book because we all contributed to making the conversation interesting :)
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