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Post your response to a chapter in Felicia Pride's book, The Message, here. The response should be three paragraphs. Each paragraph (about 5 sentences) should include one citation: free paraphrases and direct quote(s). Include a works cited page. See the previous cyber-freewrite for an example of the MLA for a chapter in a book and a song.

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Shyann Kinzer
Professor Sabir
English 201B
24 February 2010
Let’s talk about Sex
I think this song “Lets talk about sex”, by Salt-N-Pepa tells a lot of truth when it comes to our society. One can have sex with someone but have nothing else besides that physical connection. All types of people go on dates but they all end the same way, with sex. People avoid the topic of sex like it does not happen like it does, yet that’s all the media focuses on. For example, “Now we talk about sex on the radio and video shows/ Many will know anything goes”. Sex is such a natural thing and it is so common in society that the media uses it as a form of entertainment.

In my opinion I think it is sad that so many people treat sex like it is nothing, but a game. More and more often sex is used to physically connect with someone although they don’t mentally connect. Sex is supposed to be a special thing that one shares with someone they love. In today’s society the mentality of thinking is not the same. They rather have a fling with someone knowing they don’t have to be committed to them. The song expresses this in the chorus, “No love, just sex, followed next with a check and a note/ That last night was dope”. This is a tragedy that generations are raised with this way of thinking.

During the beginning of the song when the singers are arguing over whether or not the song was appropriate, and would be successful because of the topic, “Yo, I don't think we should talk about this/ Come on, why not?/ People might misunderstand what we're tryin' to say, you know?/ No, but that's a part of life”. I think this is good, sense people should be more cacious of what they talk about and present to society. This song is very good, because it expresses a flaw in our society that not many people focus on.
I choose the song Let`s talk about sex by salt n Pepa because I like it and also because remind me to my teenage years. It is so interesting to read about how unconscious the teenagers are in general about sex. I think that so many teenagers are very irresponsible because they don`t use any birth control or protection. For that reason, so many teenagers get pregnant and they also get sexual diseases. Also, so many girls are getting abortions with very dangerous consequences.
Salt n Pepa was a very influent duo of women who just to sing in the early nineties about sex, in songs like ‘’Push it real good’’, and ‘’what a men what a woman’’. Maybe they were trying to educate people because at that time the education about sex was very limited. Also, it very amazing that one night stand without protection can ruin your life forever and that is happening in so many countries. It is very good to have pleasure, but also you have to be smart.
The song ‘’let’s talk about sex’’ was a huge hit in the early nineties in my country Chile. In my opinion, the lyrics are very cool but not very romantic or deep. I think that is a good song if you feel like dancing or if you love R N B music. Also, this song doesn`t talk about hurting feelings because talks about having fun and how important is a physical attraction and connection between two people.
Bernardita Rappaport
English 201B
Mondays and Wednesdays
10:00 TO 11:50 AM.
Latisha Davis

Professor Sabir

English 201A/B M/f 10-11:50

24 Feburary 2010


Just a Friend

In felicia’s pride Messanger she breaks dowm songs an talking about them. In her reflection of “Just a Friend”, by Biz Markie she talks about how people should keep it real about there relationships. If the person has a girlfriend/boyfriend say it if its just a friend with benefits let it be known, were all grown and shoul be able to tell the truth about it. She talks about when she just wants to be friends she means it an guys most of the time have no clue what she’s talking about. She also lets the readers in on her relationshipn with a guy that had a whole nother girlfriend and she not know it. She breaks down the meaning of friends, “The traditional definition of a friend doesn’t include hot sex on a plater.” (Pride 162).

In Biz Markies song “Just a Friend”, he talks about meating a girl at a concert who he’s really into an wants to get to know better. He askes her if she has a boyfriend and she says that he’s just a friend. They get closer and closer she goes back to school and things change. He surprises her at school one day an found her kissing the guy who’s pose to be “Just a Friend”. Then he’s heart broken an says don’t trust a person who has just a friend. “so please listen to this message that I say Don’t ever talk to a girl who say’s shes just a friend” (Markie lyrics).

With me a year ago I use to only have friends because I didn’t like relationships. I never wanted to be tired down I was too young.
i used jhust a friend aloy itwas thrown around loosly didnt havefriends with benifits tha was to far . i started changing when i meet my boyfriend i claimed him right off the back it was good still is. to me saying he's just a friend gets you in alot of trouble u get caugt up.
Gilbert Canlas
Professor Sabir
English 201A
24 February 2010
They Reminisce Over You
In Pete Rock & CI Smooth’s song “They Reminisce Over You”, the song told us how both Pete Rock & Cl Smooth reminisce about their pasts with their relatives. The relatives were not just simple people, these people were important to them and in the song they showed that they cherished every single moment they had with their beloved relatives. In the part “My grandmom pam holds the family together, my uncle doc’s the greatest better yet the latest, if we’re talking about a car, uncle sterling got the latest.” Simply tells us the importance of these relatives to them. It was during the 90’s when this song was made, and they showed how fun the 90’s was, especially the time they were with their love ones.
Felicia Pride’s reflection to the song was not as fun as the song’s meaning is. Pride started with the way she does not care when a family member dies, she simply forgets them. But later on she talked about her uncle Ishmael. “And I’m being haunted by the spirit of my Uncle Ishmael.” In this particular part, she meant that her uncle was haunting her in her thoughts, and that made her think about him and eventually reminisce. Her uncle had a disease in his kidneys, and took his life in his 20s. The last time Pride remembers her uncle’s goodbye was back in her youth, and she was not sure if she did say goodbye too or not. Her father had a disease also, but was cured and she is considering this a second chance to the mistakes she made. It made her realizes that she should love the people that are important to her, and not waste their love to her for nothing.
I had a relative back in the Philippines who died, and I did not know what the cause was. She was my Grandmother’s sister, and she really loved me even though I live far from her back in the Philippines. I remember giving her a toy car and every time I visit her, she used to show the toy car to me, saying that she still keeps it and she values it. At first I really did think that it was crazy because it was just a toy car. But for her it was everything. Then here in the United States, I got a call that she died, I was shock and I did not know what to do. I want to visit her funeral, but I can’t. So next time I visit the Philippines, I will look for that toy car, this time not as my toy but her memento to me. And that simple way I could say to myself that. “I feel honored to keep his(her) legacy alive.” with that toy car.

Work Cited
Rock, Pete & Smooth CI. They Reminisce Over You. Mecca and the Soul Brother (1992).
Pride, Felicia, “They Reminisce Over You.” The Message, Philadelphia : Thunder’s Mouth Press, 2007.
Neil Chu

Professor Sabrir

English 201a Monday Wednesday 10am – 12pm

In “looking at the front door” by main source there is a message that many couples face. That problem is disagreement, which can lead to even more problems. In the songs lyrics the man is facing problems in the relationship. Nothing he does works. This causes him to be “looking at the front door”. Each time they are alone their problems resurfaces and he is again “looking at the front door”

Felecia’s take on this is the song was relatively simple but the artist’s dilemma is so clear. I agree with her when she mentions “but it was truly the rhythm that captivated me”. The song was so simple made from simple beats, but the rhythm and simplicity was all it needed. Its sad to think that one partner is doing so much but it stays in a dead end relationship. The artist is at a dead end with this woman yet he cant leave her. He is always just “looking at the door”.

This song can relate to so many people. I really agree and find it funny when she mentions “wouldn’t it be great if there were a pocket sized device that at a precise moment would automatically shut down bad relationships, friendships, and work debates”. Yes that would be great and I am sure that everyone would have one.
Kalani Clyburn
Professor Sabir
English 201B
24 February 2010
I aint mad at cha
when i hear the song "I ain't mad at cha" I think about how things change as life goes on. The reason I say that is because no matter how close you and your friedas were, in the long run they will still do what they want to do. Also no matter the way you look at things, and the things you did when you were young, something in the furture may make you look back at the past and make you think, like why did i used to do that. For example when one of tupac friends when he was younger he used to toting guns and smoking sherm to becoming a righteous Muslim. that right their tells that he regrets his pasts.
In my opinion I think everyone has things that they regret in life, not just Tupac friends. I also believe that as time goes on and people gets older, people do change. You not alway be that same little boy you were in highschool, or that same little boy that used to be posted on the block. I'm not saying that everybody change, but most do. I also think that as time goes on some friends tend to leave the friend that was once close behind.
Tracey Lee
201B 23075
MW 1-2.50pm

In response to Felicia Pride’s “The Message” on tainted I concur that the approach on love these days on materialism and superficiality. The emphasis on love these days is superficial: jumping into relationship in response to unfulfilled needs hoping that the other someone will fill the void, getting someone who is financially superior as a jumpstart to better lifestyle.

Like Pride I am a “Hopeless romantic” who wants someone to love me with flaws and all. In reality, my romantic notion is a fallacy because looks does matter. A physically endowed female has a better chance of finding a mate.

I am from the old school of thought that ”real love exists and can exist in our lives How can you put a price tag on that?” Perhaps one day I will discover it.
Luis Arechiga

professor Sabir

English 201B

24 February 2010

In LL cool J’s song, I need Love, really caught my eye. I remember hearing this song a couple times before over the internet, and it really has some strong lyrics in it. For example, “Love is for suckers,” I can relate to this saying because I know that there’s been a handful of people, including myself, who have experienced a tremendous downfall within a relationship. One tends to blame love for a loss, and wants an escape goat to run away from the pain.

Love has many shapes, forms, sizes, and we all have our very own definition of love as well. However, love can be a very dangerous. Love has the power to influence one in to doing the most outrageous actions. This next quote is very meaningful, “It’s not worth losing ourselves to hold on to someone else.” The quote speaks for itself. I’ve seen many people in love, steal for the other, and change their own identity, personality, practically their whole life for just one person. Copying another identity is suicide to one’s very own.

Love is the most powerful emotion that humanity has been blessed with. Everyone who has experienced this knows that love, is not perfect. But, it’s that thrive that keeps pushing us on wanting to feel the warmth of another; It’s the thrive that keeps us at bay under the rarest circumstances.” Real love. There’s nothing soft about it.” Love is a beautiful thing.This truly will live on for many generations to come.

Works cited

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Richard Myers
Professor Sabir
English 201B – 1 – 2:50pm
24 February 2010
Thoughts on Passing Me By
Its funny how we learn and grow as children, then to young adults and then one day it happens, actual maturity. Felicia’s, passage as well as the lyrics to a song by the Pharcyde mimic each other while exploring the power of attraction or Eros as the Greeks would call it. A young crush on a teacher is illustrated in the line, “I would raise my hand to make her stagger to my desk and help me with my problem, it was never much, just a trick to smell her scent and try to sneak a touch.” Felicia relates to this with her discussion of “Sam.”
Felicia writes, “In a culture where guys don’t freely admit that every chick doesn’t come with her legs spread, “Passing Me By: is a breath of real air, minus the smog of BS.” I love this line, it’s a testament to the reality that most of us have been fed by the media including all forms and genres of music, with which we all know that when it comes down to it, is false. They both discuss the many “almost relationships” that have happened in their lives. I think it’s quite apropos that they’re both saying the same thing just in a different way. Nobody really wants to be alone.
For the most part we all have to go through the inexperience of youth, the heartbreak of rejection, and hopefully if were lucky the happiness of a union that works. There is a line in Felicia’s passage that I think pretty much sums it up, “Age coupled with experience is a beautiful thing. You learn about how factors like timing, persons own issues and insecurities, and chemistry play hater roles in your romantic destiny.” This is a universal truth no matter where you are at; culture however sometimes gets in the way.
The Pharcyde. “Passing Me By.” Bizarre Ride II, Delicious Vinyl Records, 1993
Pride, Felicia. “Passing Me By” The Message.Philadelphia: Thunder's Mouth Press, 2007.
Kelaisha Birdlong
Professor Sabir
English 201A
24 February 2010
All that I got is You
In Ghostface Killah song ‘All I Got is You’ Featuring Mary J. Blige and Popa Wu, he talks about his struggles growing up poor and not having a father around to help mend the house only having his mother and grandmother around to hold everything down. I totally understand where he coming from and I see we aren’t so different from each other. I stay in a 4 bedroom house with 11 people including myself. It’s my 2 uncles and my little baby cousin, my 6 brothers and sisters and my moms. My mom is on welfare and section 8.
Only one of my uncles is working and the other doesn’t do a damn thing but sit on his butt all day. My six siblings are sharing a room and we have a cat and a dog. So I understand how it feels to be in a household with so many folks. My mother is the only one trying to keep all the bills paid and food in the house. That’s why it’s important to strive for the best and try to make it. I give my mother props because if she wasn’t trying to care for our family we would be just scattered. I’ve been to foster care and that isn’t a place for anybody.
That’s why I go to school and I try to become something better than what I’m living now. So to go back to what he was saying. I was never one to really listen to hip hop because most artists only talk about sex, hoes, cars, and houses. He didn’t do that. Reading his lyrics made me look at him different and realize that he isn’t all about the glamour and fame. He is just like us who live in the poor areas of the world.

I took an example of love from the song "I will always Love You", sung by Witney Huston. I think this song reflex love because its about her having strong filling for someone though she does'nt think it will work out. But she wishes him well and will always care for him. This song was sung very strong and passionately through every verse.

This reflex just love not just to me but for other as well. Its been used for movie soundtrack, was very succesful in album sales, and even more. Its a very well known song that I think everyone would like.

Witney Huston is one of my favorite singers. To me she contributed alot to the music industry, she was one of the first artist to come out with a powerful style of singing. I also nitice that alot of artist today say Witney Huston was an insperation to their careers as well as inspiring the average person. So for that reason her voice and songs are the best of our time.

Alicia candies 201 English m/w 1-3

Melvin Herring
Professor Sabir
English 201b 10-11:50
February 2010

"just a friend"
Just a friend by Biz markie is one of the funniest songs I have ever heard in my life. When u think of a love song what do u think? When I think of a love song, I think of a slow beat, slow lyrics and a soft voice. But Biz markie took it into a whole different level with his bad signing and loud voice. He made the song funny and it grabbed your attention and made u focus on what he had to say. biz Markie starts off saying “Have you ever met a girl that you tried to date But a year to make love she wanted you to wait”. This is something everybody been though. And Biz was just being himself he was being honest about his views.

"then when i asked "do you have a man" she said "no i dont i only have a friend" biz takes this as a lie. i understand why he would think that, she should have said no. but the fact that she "i only have a friend" shows that there is someone because what does a friend have to do with it. "'Cause I have friends and that's a fact Like Agnes, Agatha, Germaine, and Jacq" he threw that out there to make his point and a good point it was. the song begains to get more interesting because he starting to show more on how she has more then just a friend.

in the last part of the song he states that he stared to have something with this girl and they were going out. he tells about how she starts to go back to school and you just know something big will happen in this part. he tells about how he went to visit her and seen her cheating "So I came to her room and opened the door Oh, snap! Guess what I saw? A fella tongue-kissin' my girl in the mouth" so it seems he was right at first and he had a good reason to think that. so biz's point is when a girl says she has a friend dont fall for it and get hurt like he did.
Obada Natouf
Professor Sabir
English 201B
24 February 2010
MW 1-2:50PM
“I Ain’t Mad At Cha” Reflection
In the song “I ain’t Mad at cha”, there was a lot of descriptive background about the lives we live in. Tupac explained how a person changes overtime. This is not an extraordinary thing in our lives. Change is a really common thing in our lives. The change that Tupac was talking about was the change in your best friend, or in your life that happens to modify your life directly. Felicia Pride agrees with this by saying “ I’m in this weird period in my life when all my friends are growing up for real. Getting married. Securing mortgages. Having children. Settling down. It is kind of scary to think that my life and those of my friends are moving in opposite direction.” (Pride, Par 5).
More over, Tupac talked about change and how it happens over time. Tupac says “We used to be like distant cousins, fightin, playin dozens -Whole neighborhood buzzin, knowin, that we wasn't -Used to catch us on the roof or behind the stairsI'm gettin blitzed and I reminsce on all the times we shared- Besides bumpin n grindin wasn't nothin on our mind- In time we learned to live a life of crime” (verse 2). Tupac explains how change comes to every one. It is something that will happen overtime. I thought that it was really inspiring to think about those lyrics. Tupac wanted everyone to get ready for that day where everyone changes on you.
During the song, Tupac made sure that we shouldn’t get mad at the people who we admire and love. So Tupac says “I ain’mad at Cha- I ain’t, mad at cha- I ain’t, mad at cha” (Chorus). So we can’t get mad. People who change over time because you can’t set a whole life plan for them to be with you whenever you need them. In order to be a good friend, you must be able to let people grow into what they want to become and help them to achieve their goals.

Work Cited:
Pride, Felicia. “I Ain’t Mad At Cha” The Message, Philadelphia: Thunder’s Mouth Press, 2007
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Professor Sabir
English 201B
24 February 2010
Love is blind by eve

This is a very sad song because talk about the story that so many women go through and don’t speak out about it because are blind. it says that love is blind but what the girl is feeling is not love and that she has to go for it to find really love. Also, it mentions that the girl lives in a very abusive relationship where the man treat her very bad and hit her but she still with him because she thinks that he loves her and that she loves him. the guy raped her and she didn’t do anything like leaving him or demand him to the authorities, and she continue with him and them he beat her to death that she stopped at the hospital where she later died. I think that she should had left him after he raped her and she could have avoid her death and all her suffering that she had and also the suffering of the people who where living around her because this is something that people around her feel too, because those people have truly love for her. but sometimes there so me things that are late. So if someone is passing through something like that stop it and go to find someone who really love and don’t confuse love.
Obada Natouf
201b MW 1-2:50
I thought Shyann's reflection was really deep. I went and listened to the song, I though the same thing that love is a natural thing between humankind. people should see Sex more like a deep connection betwean two people. not only physically but also entally.
Sonry Chhoth
Professor Sabir
English 201A MW 10-1150
24 February, 2010

I chose 2Pac’s song “I Ain’t Mad At Cha” because change is inevitable. Felicia Pride explains that people can change no matter the circumstance. They may change for the better or for the worst. A person can be a drug dealer when they were younger but they may become a person of the cloth. Change can happen for a number of reasons. They may be in danger or they earnestly want a better future. Change can occur unexpectedly at any time.

Felicia Pride writes, “I know I’m different from back in the day”. Everyone may or may not relate to this. I have changed dramatically from when I was younger. I used to be a troublemaker, getting into mischief with some friends or my cousins. I remember pulling pranks on students and teachers alike. I was in elementary at the time and did not know better. I eventually learned right from wrong and changed. I still pull pranks but they are not harmful and I only do it in my “inner circle”.

Tupac says, “Oh you a Muslim now, no more dope game”. Most people who sell drugs eventually get caught and are arrested. Few of them learn their lesson and continue to sell drugs. Those who learn their lesson sometimes confide in religion. They are “saved” and stop selling drugs. They become upstanding citizens obeying the law. They still have love for their friends but no longer partake in crimes.

Pride writes, “It’s always a trip to run into folks you grew up with and haven’t heard from in years”. I have experienced this and was surprised to find that my friends had changed. They were no longer immature and was either leading a good and pretty successful life or they changed for the worst. I was shocked to find out that one of my more timid friends had joined a gang and became a thug. I would have never thought that my friend would become a gangster. It goes to show that anyone can change. I can’t change how they are but I can pray that they are happy doing whatever it is they do.

Work Cited
Pride, Felicia, “I Ain’t Mad At Cha.” The Message. Philadelphia: Thunder’s Mouth Press, 2007.

Amaru Shakur, Tupac. I Ain’t Mad At Cha. All Eyez on Me (1996). Death Row.
Sonry Chhoth
Professor Sabir
English 201A MW 10-1150
25 February, 2010

I thought Latisha Davis' reflection was deep and personal. She shared her past and present experiences. I once met a person who said that her friend was "just a friend". I didn't believe her because I had heard from other friends and witnessed it with my own eyes. This was all before I met my girlfriend. Since then, I learned to not believe people when they say he or she is "just a friend".
Khan Ly
Professor Sabir
English 201B- 1:00-2:50p.m.
24 February 2010

In “Just a Friend” by Felicia Pride, she clearly states that the word “friend” do not exist between a man and a woman. To her all the male view the word friend opposite to it meaning. To pride all the men always say that they only see women as friend but in fact the word friend that they speak about is nothing but wanting to take advantage from the girls. As Pride has stated, “between the booty and the label “friends with benefits,” the traditional role of friend has been stretched, twisted, and remixed to the point that when I tell a guy that I want to be friends, he has no idea what I’m talking about” (Pride, page 161). This statement has show that in the men mind there is no true friendship between male and female. To the men, the word “friend” is a word they can use at an excuse to fool around with girls.

In the song “Just a Friend”, Biz Markie tells us the experiment he has with his girlfriend. When he just meets the girl, he asks her if she has a boyfriend. All she answers was that she only has a friend. Biz believes in what she says and asks her to a date. The girl agrees to his request to go on a date with him. Naturally, they started to date each other. On a school day, Biz goes to visit the girl in her college dormitory. He has to go through a lot of trouble to find her room. But when he gets to her room and opens the door, he sees the girl was kissing a guy who she says was just a “friend.” As Biz has sing, “….A fella tongue-kissin' my girl in the mouth,/ I was so in shock my heart went down south/ So please listen to the message that I say/ Don't ever talk to a girl who says she just has a friend.” (Biz Markie)

After reading Pride and Biz story, I realize that the word “friend” between a girl and a guy is complicate. I never thought so much about the word friend in such a complication way. To me friend is just a friend and nothing more. All the guy friends that I know treated me like I treated them. There are nothing so complicated as both of them have says. Maybe they are right, there are no normal friendship between a guy and a girl but I believe that in this world not every friendship between girl and guy are base on sex. Like Pride have says, “Crazily enough, I have maybe two homeboys who I know wouldn’t push the friend envelope into sexual territory if I had to spend the night at their house” (Pride, page 162).
Sareth Chhoth
Professor Sabir
English 201A MW 10-12
24 February 2010
I Ain’t Mad at Cha
In The Message by Felicia Pride, she talks about the song I Ain’t Mad at Cha by 2pac. She tells us that we cannot be mad at our old friends who become different from the way we knew them. We have to accept the fact that they changed even if we do not like the change. Although they change it make be for the best. We should not let our feelings interfere.
Pride writes, “You remember them as they were and have no idea of who they’ve become” (The Message 171). Even though you have known them when they were younger, you do not really know them. Sometimes you cannot even imagine that they became this way. All you can do now is remember how they were and think about the past. It is hard to believe that they this person that you see now.
Some people can change from good to bad or bad to good. Pride writes, “People change for the better and for the worse” (The Message 171). For example, in 2pac’s song he talks about his friend who was doing bad things in the past but now converted to a Muslim and try to do good. If you see someone change for the better, it is best to let him go through it. However, if they change to something bad, I think that you should confront them and tell that person.
In the song I Ain’t Mad at Cha by 2pac, he states, “I guess change is good for any of us” (I Ain’t Mad at Cha). He believes that change is good for many people. I agree with him, changing can do us all good or at least help us a little. I think that we all change in our own way even if it is not significant.
Work Cited
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Shakira Makanjuola
Professor Sabir’s
English 210B MW 1PM-2:50
Let’s Talk About Sex By SALT – N - PEPA

Let’s Talk About Sex

I choose let’s talk about sex by SALT-N-PEPA because it good to talk to your children about sex and make sure if they want to have sex they should used protection. Also this song talk abaout the truth of what going in the society. Explain to them what would happen if they don’t use condom. I like this song because I agree it her when she say “She use what she got to get whatever she don't got Fellas drool like fools, but then again they're only human.” Yea we all human but we should used protection to prevent HIV/ AID.

In Let’s Talk about Sex Felicia pride writes “An empty house is like foreplay to two horny teenagers. In the midst of heavy petting (a term my mother still uses) Sidney stop kid and asks if he has any protection in his wallet.” She is right, don’t leave a teenagers in a empty house because when you gone you don’t know what would happen. He or she might call his or her lover to come over and anything can happen. If you are going to leave a house with teenagers make sure you talk to them about sex. Don’t be scared to talk to them. Told them any time they want to have sex told them to used protection.

Felicia Pride writes “We live in a society where sixteen – year – old are getting tested for HIV and young people are acquiring the disease at alarming rates”. This is true and it good to get tested if you don’t use protection. Don’t be scared to get tested it batter to know now than to know later because it might be too late. We are in the world where most people are dying of disease.

Works Cited:
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In response to Tracey Lee, 201B 23075, MW 1-2.50pm I completely disagree. For one when people meet they judge off of looks, and what one wears is all material things. If some girls or guys are not wear name brands or good looking clothes one will not get in a relationship with them. of chores this is not always the case, but it is a majority of the time. How often do you see a guy or a girl up to a gender they are interested in when the person does not look their best? Not often.

In others cases when a relationship does form the couple gets comfortable and things start to change because people feel like they can be themselves. when this happens the majority of the time the couple breaks up. why? materialism. what one expects is different. what they want changes to more and more standards.

materialism to me is not just clothes but the personality and thought process of a person with what standards they hold. and yes our relationships in this generation thrive off of materialism. As my thoughts are just example, along with an opinion that most would not agree with.
the comment above is from Shyann Kinzer English 201B MW 10-1150
Adilene Velazquez
Professor Sabir
English 201A
28 February 2010

I agree with Neil Chu's blog about the song 'Looking at the Front Door' by Main Source. I think that it would be great if we could get a device that would warn us about a bad relationship or friendship before getting our feelings hurt.
Adilene Velazquez
Professor Sabir
English 201A MW 10-12
24 February 2010

All that I Got Is You
It’s the first time that I hear the song “All that I Got Is You”, by Ghostface Killah. Felicia Pride reflects on this song. It is about everything that our mothers do for us. It made me remember when I was little and we didn’t have much but my mom still did everything she could to make sure we were happy. There’s a part of the song that says “I sit and think about all the times we did without, yeah I always said I wouldn’t cry when I saw tears in your eyes I understand that daddy’s not here now but someway or somehow I will always be around.” (Verse two) When I was eleven, my father left us, and I remember telling myself that I wouldn’t cry when I saw my mom crying because I waned to be strong. I used to tell her that I would always be there for her, and I have so far.

On her reflection, Pride quotes, “I can’t afford to buy my mother that mansion yet, and it may be some time before that’s even remotely possible. So in the meantime, I make sure she knows that she’s my life; without her I wouldn’t exist.” (par. 8) I completely understand where she’s coming from because I can’t afford to buy my mom any material things, I am constantly reminding her how much I love her. I thought it was funny when she said “I remember those weird teenage days when I used to be embarrassed to be seen with Moms” (par. 6) it’s sad how one can be embarrassed of the woman who brought us to this world. They are the reason why we are here today.

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Rosecary Aguinaldo
Professor Sabir
English 201A M/W 10-11:50am
24 February 2010

In Felicia Pride’s The Messenger she talks about her top favorite songs about love. One of the song I chose is the song “Just a Friend” by Biz Markie. In this song Biz Markie discusses about how he met a girl at his concert and that how he wants to hook up with her. In the lyrics he says “I whispered in her ear, “Come to the picture booth so I can ask you some questions too see if you are a hundred proof.” This shows that Biz Markie is really fond of the girl because he would do anything just to get to know her. But in the end Biz Markie was just being played by the girl because she claims that she only has a friend but a friend with more than benefit.

Felicia Pride claims that “There’s nothing wrong with being friends with benefit +, but we have to be honest with ourselves, with one another, and especially with those we are officially dating.” (Pride, 161) I believe that it is possible for a man and a woman to be friends but there is a limit that sets the boundaries. For instance, when a woman says ‘I only see you as just a friend’, it shouldn’t be pushed to anything more. Because in the end we all end up hurt if we just keep pushing it through when we all know it was doomed from the very beginning.

I firmly believe that it's okay for a man and a woman to be friends. But nowadays, when a man and a woman are said to be friends. People will automatically assume that they are more than friends and thus it makes the people believe that it's not possible for a man and woman to be simply friends because of the sexual desires that may arise when the relationship is deeply develop.

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Demel Bullock
Ms. Sabir
English 201 10-11:50am
24 februry 2010

Felicia Prides reflection from the song, "I aint made at cha”, by the late-great tupac read as if I had written it for the most parts. Today im dealing with some of the same thing in my life. I have a group of friends that I grew up with and of course, some have changed and some refuse to accept change. Even with Obama’s campaign for change. As the world turns everything changes, everyone changes. Very seldomly and sadly I've ran into people who haven't change since our high-school, run from the truency officer days.
Believe it or not I ran into a guy last night in the neighboor hood I grew up in at the corner store. We both kind of had a moment because it had been a good while since we had last bump shoulders. We exchanged a few words about how things were going with life as to date. Being we were able to breifly discuss the good of working and enjoying life, in comparision to way back then, when the two of use stand toe-to-toe on the curb doing what we thought no one knew or seen. It was definitly a good feeling. I walk over to the car he had gotten out of to acknoledge the presence of my boys and suprisingly a guy said ” damn snoop, you look hella successful, how you been?” I had to laugh my self, no one calls me snoop anymore and Im not close to my vision of where I plan to be with success. All in all it was good to hear.
Sandy Saeteun
Professor Sabir
English 201 B
24 February 2010

In Felicia Pride’s “I Ain’t Mad at Cha” reflection on love, she talks about the friendship kind of love. In it she says that people change and that we as friend should let our friends change because if we are their friends we are suppose to let them grow into the people that they are meant to be. Prides says, “True friends allow the people they love to grow into the people that they are suppose to become.” By this she means that we shouldn’t stop our friends from becoming what they are and we should just support them. Also we as friends should not be the ones that hold our friends back when they are doing something positive in life.
Pride also talks about how people change and that is just apart of life. Pride says in her reflection, “Guys who had more girls than Hugh Hefner are now married and playing family man.” “The good girl discovered an affinity for stripper poles.” By these quotes she means that people can change for the better or the worse. So I think by this she means that you will never know what your friend will become and you shouldn’t judge them now but just love and support them. She talks about looking back and how friend has changed and regardless of how they change we should just love them at the end.
This reflection on love also talks about how if you love your friend you should respect their decisions no matter what. Its just that people are suppose to grow into what they are suppose to be and we just have to understand that. Also, this is what life is about changes and people growing. No matter how much people change, we should just learn to accept it and accept it. I think this is what the Pride’s reflection on love about Pac song is about.
David Brown

Eng201a 10-1150 m,w

3 March 2010

Sex is one of the most edgy topics in today’s society. In the reflection of the song “lets talk about sex’, by salt n pepa Felicia pride explained how in school they tried to scare you into not wanting to have sex by showing you bad things that could happen which didn’t have a effect on her because girls in her grade class were already pregnant. “vivid pictures of sores, ubfections, abd discolored body parts voupled with a religious like touting of abstinence in a school where we had already pregnant classmates didn’t turn me off from sex”. (pride 158).

Recently r&b sensation Lyfe Jennings created a song called, “S.E.X”. This song was very inspirational because he told all the young woman how they’re thinking and then he has a woman by the name of LaLa Brown tell them how a man thinks. “He’ll say anything just to get in your pants,” stood out the most to me in that song because its bluntly true. I think young women think too much about what the male is thinking. I think they should start focusing on ones feelings more instead of the inner feeling of sexual urges.
Kelly Bohler
Eng.201A 10-11:50
Prefessor Sabir

Free write
Love Is Blind by Eve

“Love is blind, and it will take over your mind, What you think is love, is truly not You need to elevate and find”

This is such a power and factual quote that anyone who’s ever been in love can relate to. From personal experiences I have gone blind from love and lost who I really was, everything I did revolve around my man. When you have been in a controlling relationship for so long you forget what it really feels to be loved in a normal relationship and you think that how this person is treating you is real love but its not. I really like the ending of the quote where eve sings “you need to elevate and find” it gives real women hope that are in controlling relationships, its very uplifting to hear someone tell you to rise up and start a new beginning.

“She had a baby by your ass and you ain't giving no help Uh-huh big time hustler, snake motherfucker One's born everyday and everyday she was your sucker How could you beat the mother of your kids? How could you tell her that you lover her?”
When I read these lyrics this completely reminds me of dead beat dads all over the world. I like the part where Eve sings “One's born everyday” because its very true. I'm not saying all dads are dead beat dads but alot of men are.
Damian Jackson
English 201B
MW 10-1150
Wanda Sabir

“I aint mad at Cha”

I choose this song because I like the rapper Tupac and he is a great speaker for the urban community. This song preformed by Tupac featuring Jodeci is a very real song because the lyrics are real and it is about the everyday struggles that go on in the urban life. A lot of the lyrics touch home because I from an urban area and everything that was said was felt so I could easily relate. When the He says,” I guess change is good for any of us, whatever it take for any of yall niggas to get out the hood,” is a real lyrics because when you are from the ghetto like I am we all don’t make it out successful or alive.

When the rapper talks about his friend coming home from jail in the second verse I felt as if anyone could relate to that cause we all have had friends or family members that have been in that situation. I recently met up with an old friend that served 6 years in a YA for a crime he committed. His coming home was like a celebration and we had nothing but good feedback as we welcomed home home. A lot times we get the misconception that people who have been in jail are bad people, but in this case it was him being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

When he raps about the big money scheme and how his friend isn’t down to ride or even kick it applies to my college situation. I had a plan of going to college and trying to better myself, but some of the people around me didn’t want to take the same path. Now that we are at two different stages in our lives we don’t see or speak as much as we used to or as we should.
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