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Half the Sky-Cyber Assignment

Today we read the Introduction to Half the Sky aloud. Students are to compose a three paragraph summary using three free paraphrases.

Post these compostitions here. Answer the following questions:

How do the authors structure the introduction?
What is the purpose of the book?
Why did the authors write it?
Who are they?
Talk about the evidence the authors site? How do the profiles, statistics and other data help them prove their claim that their is a problem?
Where is the treatment of women a problem? Is it a global issue?

Again in the first paragraph introduce the source or book, its authors and what you are responding to: The Introduction.

Keep reading log for the book and a vocabulary log; both will be due when you turn in your essay that takes its topic from Half the Sky.

This summary is due by Wednesday, Feb. 10, 8 AM (10-12 class).

If you are slow reader continue reading the book. We will establish literature circles at the next meeting, Wednesday, Feb. 17. (Monday, Feb.15 is a holiday.)

Other Homework and a reminder
In SPHE complete the templates for Essay 1 in the book. You can type them and bring to class. We will work on the essays Wednesday, Feb. 10. Remember, we meet in A232 on Wednesdays. Next week, Feb. 17, we meet in the library for the first hour at the reference desk.

Chapter one disscuses the brutal treatment and issues yong girls in Cambotia face. It talks about how yong woman were treated offal and that boys were put on a pedistal because their favored more then woman. The girls were abused all the time from rape,health wise,and econimicly.

One insadent of aduse was disscust when a yong girl was sick and needed medician, but her dad would'nt get any for her because she was a girl. It went on to discribe alot of other simular insadents like that. They favor men so much that when a woman would find out what the sex of her baby was that they would want her to get it aborded if it was a girl.

Towards the end of the chapter it talked about how some woman overcame somne of these issues by forming their own program that suppports, education,economic investment,and health care for woman.

Alicia Candies
English 201
1/3pm mw
Neil Chu
English 201
Professor Sabir
Monday Wednesday 10am – 12pm

Today we read the introduction in Half The Sky. In the introduction it discussed the unfair treatment of women. It focused mainly on a girl named Rath who was forced into being a sex slave by traffickers. The introduction gives us an understanding on how women in different countries are being treated.
The authors of this book structured this book first with a glimpse of the life of a typical woman and the pain she has to go through. Then it gives us details in other places where women are considered inferior. I think the purpose of this book is for us readers to see the unfairness in other places, and hopefully we will be inspired to do something about it.
The authors wrote this book because they used to be journalists. They witnessed unfair treatment that was not being brought to the public, so they wrote a book on it.
The unfairness of women begins before birth, parents who choose males over females can now abort the fetus. In some cultures this may lead to gender imbalance, where there will be many more males than females. In places in Asia women have no power over men. They have to obey and does what the man tells them. Gender discrimination is everywhere from something as little as unequal pay, to public beatings.
Rosecary Aguinaldo
Professor Sabir
8 February 2010
English 201A MW/10-11:50am

In class, we read the introduction in "Half the Sky" by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. The introduction discussed about how a teen aged girl named Srey Rath was being treated unfairly. It also talks about the abuse and brutal treatment that the women had to face.

The authors structured the book by giving the readers a quick brief of how the life of an ordinary woman and her agonies that she has to go through. For instance, how they were being abused, drugged, and raped. The purpose of this book is to influence people to take action and do something about it that can prevent trafficking and such things.

The reason why the authors wrote this book is to show the people that this is a serious problem that should be address with great concern. It's a story of change that can enlighten people who are willing to have an open mind.
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Sareth Chhoth
Eng 201A
10-12 MW

In class we read the introduction of the book Half the Sky. The introduction tells us some stories about a couple of women. These women suffered from abuse and inequality. For example, a young Cambodian girl named Rath went through a lot. She wanted to make money for her family but ended up in a brothel. After the second time being sold to a brothel, she persevered and escaped. Soon after, she helped out her family and herself by selling merchandise.
This book is meant to educate the readers about the hardships that many women have to face. It also tells the readers that if you keep strong, you can get through it and make something of yourself.
The structure of the introduction is by starting with a story. After the story, the author analyzes the story. Introducing other characters in the intro and tells about their story is next. After that the authors introduces themselves. The authors make this book to show that the women’s problems are a global thing, not just in the other countries.
Melvin Peter Herring
English 201
Professor Sabir
Monday Wednesday 10am – 12pm 2/9/2010

In the introduction of half the sky by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn , it starts off telling about a young woman name Srey Rath. She was 15 and her family was having money trouble so she decided to take a job as a dishwasher in a Thai restaurant. The only reason her parents was okay with it was because it was arranged for her to travel with four other friends who was going to work at the same restaurant. So she went with the job agent and he handed the girls to some “gangsters” who took them to a brothel and forced them to work and always be happy, if they refused to they got beaten and raped. At one point she finally breaks out by using a board to get to the next building 12 feet away from there’s.

Four of the girls decided to escape that night, they knocked on the tenant’s door then he let them inside and out of the front door. They ran to the police and at first the police wanted them to get away but then took them to jail using anti-immigrant laws. After one year in prison she thought that she got a break she though a Malaysian policemen was escorting her home when he drove her to the Thai border but really he was selling her to a trafficker, who sent her to another brothel in Thailand. This brothel did not beat her and the security was poor, the guards were not guarding her all the time so within two months she escaped and went back to Cambodia with her family. Srey Rath finally got what she been looking for on her way back. She met a social worker who help woman that been though what she has in these past years. She set her up with a cart and help her start a career as a street peddler who. People liked her and that help her sales go up so she was able to take care of her family.

This book stated off with a glimpse of the unfair treatment that woman go though in this world. This book just show how there is gender inequality going on day after day and no one is doing anything to change anything which would help out the situation and began to make things equal for both genders. But I guess you can say this book can be seen as the first step into the right path because this book draws attention to the problems around the world that many has not seen or chose not to believe. This book will be aiming at abuses, sex trafficking, and forced prostitution. The reason why the authors wrote this book is wake people up and have them notice whats going on everyday in the world.
Mo Dabashi
Professor Sabir
English 201A 10-11:50
The story in the introduction was taking about a young girl named Rath who’s like many other young girls or women in the world that are treated badly or unfairly and forced to be slaves. Its talking about how the young Rath was forced to work to support her family and then was sold to some people that her or forced her to be a slave.
The purpose of the book is to show how women in some countries are treated unfairly and how they go through a lot of pain when they’re slaves.
The authors wrote the story because the witness some of those horrible things happening to women in those countries or around the world.
Khan Ly
English 201B MW 1:00-2:50pm
Professor Sabir
8 February 2010

In the introduction of Half the Sky by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, we were introduced to the story of a Cambodian girls name Srey Rath. She was a teenager who was trick and was force to become a prostitute with her four other friend in Thailand. As she was force to work to pay of her debt, she tried to resist but was raped by the boss and other men. They even beat her up for refuse to entertain the customers. Until one day, Srey run away from the brothel to police station in the hope of finding help from them. But it turn out she was put into the prison for illegal immigration crime. When she got out of the jail, the police sell her to another brothel. Since she did not get beat up like the first brothel, Srey managed to escape easily and return to Cambodia. Finally, Srey can start a new life with the help of the social worker.

The authors structured this book by briefly giving the audiences the profiles of some women lives. They also show illustration of the women that had been abused and violate by the society. Finally, both the authors giving the statistics numbers of women and girls who died in the world. By showing the audience those structures, the authors have successfully made other to believed and felt sympathy to those women story.

After this book was public, many organizations hand people had take action to help those helpless women from being abused by the society. To help the female from being abuse, some organizations had giving them education and funding. By giving them education and funding those women can started a new life which can help them support their live and family. the organizations also tried to rescue those women that was being trick and sell to the brothel. They also tried to recruit some new members to join them and help the women from the abuse and discrimination in the world because of their gender.
Nseke Ngilbus
Eng 201b 8:00- 8:50
Feb 4, 2010

‘Half the sky’ is a horrifying book that doctrines the atrocities that women have to endure in less develop countries; this book bears resemblance to the work that Kailish Satyarthi does. The book introduction tell anecdotes of people who manage to escape bondage, this gives a vivid experience to the reader so they could relate. The introduction also uses statistic and facts to compound the anecdotes which make the book particular strong. The purpose of the book is to shed like on the injustice women face and try to solve it. The authors are writing this in order to again support from people who read this, and eventually put an end to the suffering that women endure in less develop nations. These authors are Nobel peace prize winners and are journalist; in turn, they are the best people to expose the third world nations and their treatment of women. The combination of profiles and statistics make for a powerful book because it displays an emotional and factual argument. Women mistreatment is a global issue because if a group of women is not free, then all women are not free
William Le
201b MW 10-11:50

In the introduction of "Half the Sky" by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, the author discusses the unjust treatment of girls and woman in foreign countries. The intro mainly focused on this girl name Srey Rath who was an ordinary girl trying to live an ordinary life when she thought she was going to be able to help work and help out her parents, she ended up being sold to the brothel. When she was able to escape, the police officers caught her and put her into jail. After all that was over, she was then sold back to the brothel again by the officers. When she was finally able to escape all this misery, she open up her own shop selling merchandise and ended up making a living and helping out her family.
This book focuses on letting the world know the hardship woman's back then and even now go through just to make a living. I feel that the author is a very talented person and has made their point across just in the intro and they even introduce themselves in the introduction so that the reader will be able to have a reference as to who is this person and why should we read their book.
Latisha Davis
Eng 201 10-11:50
Feb 9, 2010

In the introduction of half the sky it talks about the unfair treatment of trafficking girls. The main girl was Rath who was forced to be a sex slave when she said no was beaten half to death until she complied. they feed them little and paid them nothing. she soon escaped with four other girls then was throen into jail for not been a citizen.

the book then transfers to women been exploided and inferior to men. been beat or talked about. showing how they abort babies that are girls, and girls dont get as much medical care a man would get medicine for his son over his daughter because his daughter is a girl even though she is more sick.

the authors wrote this book to show the unjust treatment women face around the world and that people should open there eyes to see whats going on so that something can be done. they are making the world un balanced by making more boys then girls.
Adilene Velazquez
Professor Sabir
English 201A MW10-12
9 Feb 2010
Half the Sky Summary
The novel, Half the Sky, by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn is about real life stories of women around the world. For a long time women have been oppressed and discriminated because of their gender, but many of the women have found hope and turned everything negative in to positive. After reading the introduction, the authors were able to grab my attention because they started off with a story of a young girl named Srey Rath. She had to go through a lot of difficulties and dangerous situations, but was able to succeed and even started to run her own business thanks to an organization that helped her.

The way that the introduction is structured is very creative because it doesn’t board you like other books do. It begins with Srey’s story, then the story is analyzed, followed by an introduction to other characters, and an introduction to themselves, and finally they state the purpose of the book. They also talk about different organizations that help empower women. The authors decided to write this book because they wanted to awaken people and let everyone know what some women have to go through. The authors are a married couple of journalists for The New York Times. After they married, they moved to China where they began to notice the harsh reality of the way that women were treated.

The authors use a lot of evidence to support their writing. I can tell that they did a lot of research before writing this book because they mention names of different organizations and they use statistics to talk about numbers. I think that all the information helps because it makes their claim more believable. It really opened my eyes to notice that there really is a problem. At the same time it made me want to keep reading the book because it is very interesting, and educational.
Shyann Kinzer
English 201B 10-1150am
9 February, 2010

In the introduction of "Half the Sky" by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl Wudunn, the authors explain the treatment to woman in various areas of the world. Focusing on Srey Rath, and the abuse that she goes through as a sex slave in a sex trafficking environment. Kristof and Wudunn give examples of other countries besides Cambodia as well, such as, Pakistan and Ethiopia.
The authors structure the introduction starting with one country and then move to a different on. They do this so one can compare the conditions and treatments that the woman go through. This structure impacts the reader, because by being allowed to easily compare and contrast. Making thankful for what they have, or see what needs to be changed in their society by the obvious flaws.
The main point of writing the book is to capture the attention of the woman. To make them believe that they are more than they are treated like. Along with that, so the authors could release to public what things they may not know, or the exact details that the media "forgets" to put in which is valid for everyone to know. Sexism occurs all around and can not be avoided, its a societal flaw that has been around sense mankind has started, the text shows that this needs to change. Overall the text is meant to show that things need to change and empower woman to keep their heads up.
Prof. Wanda Sabir
English 201A M,W 10:00-11:50
Half the Sky
Introduction Summary
The Introduction of this book is structured as story of real teenager girls and women’s life in developing countries of South-Eastern Asia, research and result of statistic analyzes. The purpose of this book is to join people in the movement of to free women from restrain, from trading slaves and to involve them in life changing actions to become educated, healthy and strong part of the society.
Discrimination against women and girls is remaining as global problem in these days. Journalists write about big, interesting events of the day, but they skip everyday struggle that happening in women’s life. That is why the authors wanted to bring out this big problem for the World. The authors are journalist-couple for “The New York Times”.
The Introduction has true stories of Cambodian teenager girl, who was on sex-trade for many years, unfair medical care receiving boys and girls in China, India and Afghan and infant abortion if the fetuses find out female. All of these evidences help authors provide valuable information around the world and approve there are much more important problems facing to women and children.
At the end of the Introduction authors introducing us to some solutions to solve these problems: United Nations Organizations, World Bank, World Health Organization etc. These organizations do research on gender equality, infant and maternity health. They established Funds to help women and children to get education and satisfied health care.
Thea Hernandez
Professor Sabir
201A English- M& W 10.00 -11:50am.

In the introduction of "Half the Sky" by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, this book opens up with a story of a Cambodia teenager Srey Rath. Srey & three of her friends were told that there was work in Thailand, so they left with the thought that there were going to go to work there & come back home. But instead they were sold to sex traffickers and became sex slaves. Srey Rath was beaten, raped and given drugs to make her work. Eventually Srey gets out of this horrible situation and returns home to work and have her own family. The main character in this story is Srey Rath. This book also talks about the unfairness of how women are treated and that young boys are looked upon higher of girls, they are more women in this world than men. Some countries even kill the women off.

The more highly effective area in the story is China, its heart breaking to read statics of thirty-nine that will die annually because parents don’t give them the same medical treatment as boys. To add that between 60 to 101 million women are missing and 2 million worldwide disappear because of gender discrimination, this is just insane.

Much research has gone into this book. The purpose is to inform the world of the global issues on sex trafficking, forced prostitution and gender based violence. Too also join in on helping emancipation of women and fight global poverty.
Tracey Lee
201B, MW 1pm

So this book is the outgrowth of our own journey of awakening ..........(xiii)
I read Introduction to Half the Sky written by Nicholas D Kristof, the husband and Sheryl WuDunn, the wife, were correspondents of The New York Times. The front-page news feature on Tiananmen Square pro-democracy story were reported by this pair. In uncovering stories of human rights, their conscience was evoked on the lack of media report on female infants mortality in China.

So let us be clear about this upfront..........(xxii)
The authors want to enlist readers' endorsement against women oppression and poverty.

Ebullient Nobel Prize-winning economist (xiv)
Economist at Brown University (xvii)
United Nations and World Bank research and report (xx)
The authors used credible sources to emphasize their message: Nobel Prize winning economist, Brown University Economist, United Nations and World Bank research findings, and photographs of victims.

Success stories in eradication of poverty (xix, xx)
Evidence to highlight on successes of anti-poverty were : The Self Employed Women's Association in India, microfinance loans by Grameen Bank and BRAC, statements and reports made by World Bank and UNICEF.
Abtisam Kaaid
Professor Sabir
English 1A

The introduction of Half the Sky discusses the unfair treatment of women. In the introduction the authors introduce us to a young girl named Rath, who was forced into sex trafficking, she tells us her story. Like Rath, many girls just want to find a job to help support their families and are kidnapped in forced into brothels. The purpose of this book, Is to open millions of people eyes and let them know what is going on in countries all over the world. Also to let women tell their own personal stories, hear their voices so it can put a stop to sex trafficking. The authors witnessed unfair treatment that was not being brought to the public, so they wrote this book to bring attention to what’s going on in the world today. The wanted to bring attention to the public so this book can put a stop to sex trafficking everywhere. This book brings awareness to many countries who treat women unfair. It shows us how many women overcome everything what they have gone through and move on and do better in the world. Education is the major topic in this book. If these women where educated it would make a huge difference in their lives. The global issue is to help these women. Many suffer from abuse and inequality. Bringing awareness to these issues can help.
Kim Hardy
Eng. 201A MW 10-11:50

The Girl Effect, was a thought provoking story. Never did I imagine that women around the world were suffering from such abuse. Reading Srey Rath's story is very empowering to any woman who has endured a struggle of any sort. Her tenacity and will to survive is a testement in itself.

As I type and think of her story, I wonder if there will ever been equal rights for woman. When with the expolitation ever stop? Is there an end or a new beginning.
I believe the author wants to shed great light on the prostitution going on in the rest of the world. She is going into greater detail about the prostitution. She has given well documented stories about women who have been forced or sold into that lifestyle. Many Americans see prostitution as a bad thing women shouldn’t be doing. But it is completely different when your own parents sell you, knowing the hardships you will soon face. But some parents actually do care for their children. one women in fact spent her time yelling at the people who took her kids away. The author wins over the audience when she speaks of the grieving mother, who’s only wish is to get her kids back safely in her arms.
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