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Today in class after presentations

Today in class students presented their thesis on love. Please reflect on the process, that of presenter and audience. How were your views challenged or swayed?

Homework is to continue in SPHE up to Essay 2, and Half the Sky up to page 179. Students who haven't gotten their essays (SPHE Essay 1) back printed copies for me. Look in the hallway outside, L-235 (in the box by the door in the envelop) for your graded essays.

If you have to revise it, you have 1 week to get it in. "Pass" is the grade you want. If you have questions ask before revising to avoid unnecessary time. Include a brief summary of what changed between drafts and attach the first graded draft with the revision.

i like them all about the same. they all had they differnt things they loved and why they loved them. everyoe can love somethings but have differnt ways why you love them.
Adrianna Sterling

201A/B 10- 11:50

David ; was very interesting he showed affection towards his new myTouch hopefully he wont damage this one and take better care of this one unlike the last one

Tasha ; adored heer iphone like me I love my phone it does everything and is very helpful

Thea ; Loved her grandbaby just like my mom loves my daughter (her grandbaby) I bet she spoils her rotten kids are a blessing
engilsh 201 10:00-11:50 Torre Major
I thought that the persenters did a good job with there presentations. They were not too nervous and orginazed. some persenters amitted that they were materialistic, and liked things when they first saw them. Other presenters had stories about there familys, and children. In the end it was a good presentation.
The presentations by David, Tasha, Sareth, Sodo, Malvin, Demel, Thea, and Sonrey were really touching. It was interesting to note how three students spoke of material attachments: I-phones as a way to stay in touch with family and as a place to stay connected to other symbols of love, romantic music. Some students spoke of how the gifts from people they loved, like mothers, symbolized love as well.

Quite a few students shared photos of family members like grandchildren.

Sonrey spoke about his girlfriend and shard a song which represented lyrically how he felt about her, "Love You for Life" by Jodeci.

Sareth's "Dear Mama" was a love most students could relate to. I think all present love their mamas. Demel spoke about how his mother, who died when he was 6 was like the glue in his family, his dad the man who represented unconditional love in his life.
Sandy Saeteun
Professor Sabir
English 201B 10-1150
24 February 2010

I thought the presentations were really interesting to see and I enjoy each person’s things on love. Tasha talked about her Iphone and how she fell in love with it the first time she seen it and after a couple of months the love of it went away. David also talked about his phone and how his mom got him a new one because that was her way of showing that she loved him. Sodo told a story and a picture of her family and how she loved them and that was her life. Melvin says he how he loves material stuff and that he loves music. Plus he rapped during his presentation. Demel talked about losing his mother and about his and his father relationship. Everyone though that it was really touching. Sareth talked about his love for his mother with Tupac’s song Dear Momma. Everyone could basically relate to that. Thea talked about her love for her grand-daughter and she brought a really cute picture of her. Lastly Sonry talked about his love for his girlfriend and how he wanted to marry her and he used one of Jodeci’s song to his love for his girlfriend. I like them all and I thought it was really interesting people showing what they love and how they feel about it.
Neil Chu


Professor Sabir

English 201a 10am – 12pm

Today some of us presented what is love. They all had different kinds of love. Sareth’s presentation of Dear Mama by Tupac had my attention. I chose his presentation because in most of the classmates other presentation someone is either a mother or a mother is involved. His song ties all the other presentations together. This song has lyrics that we can all in some way relate to. Personally I love this song because this is one of those few songs that everyone can relate to. This love for our mothers is the first love we ever experience, and will always be with us.
David Brown
Prof W. Sabir
English 201b 10-1150 m,w
24 February 2010

I really enjoyed all of the presenters.
Tasha showed us how we could lust over a material item such as her iphone.
Mr.Sareth really loves his mother,and he sh owed us by rapping “dear momma”,by tupac shakur.
I loved Sodo’s family picture and her insite about the love she has for them.
Melvin’s freestyle was funny. I didn’t know he rapped so when he brought out the ipod it got me excited.
Demel touched me with is story about his mothers death and how he an his brother connected with their step father.
Ms. Thea’s grand-daughter is BEAUTIFUL . I see why she shared her love for her.
Sonry seems like a good guy seeing as he shared the Jodeci song “love you for life”. He also said he’s going to marry her.(laughing out loud, I hope you keep that state of mind)
melvin Herring
professor Sabir
English 201b 10-11:50
Feburary 24 2010

today some of us made presentions on their thesis on was nice to see what other people views were.

David-his my touch showed love because he got it from his mom. i know what he means, that was very loving og her.
Tasha-she was up there for a quick time,dont really recall seeing her
sareth-did his on the 2pac song dear mama, which is about how 2pac loves his mama and he shows a deep love. its a great song
sodo-sodo presention was very heart warming to hear how she has love for her family, and her picture looked like a big happy family
melvin-that was me i think i killed it, it was great. i love my ipod.
damel-showedus a picture of his dad, and how he has love for his father it was very touching.
thea-showed us her grandchild, she looked like a very happy little girl with her dora bag.
sonry-did his on the song by juddci and said how he wants to marry his girlfriend perfect sign of love i think.
so i think everyone did a good job
Demel Bullock
Ms. Sabir
English 201b 10-11:50
24 February 2010

I think it was brave for the David to go first and set the standard and examples for other students. I was going to get the same phone and didnt but its cool to see the caring love one can have for their phone.

I gave my presentation today as well and after all the public speaking I've done with non-profits I still get nervous and stumble over my words as if I were reading a unfamiliar paper. Its funny, I was thinking of alot of points I wanted to share, but once I stood up there my focus shifted to getting back to my seat.
Rosecary Aguinaldo
Professor Sabir
English 201A M/W 10-11:50am
24 February 2010
Love Presentation

Today in class we did the love presentation. Some students voluntered to discuss about what love means to them. In one of the presentation David talked about his love for his mytouch and how he dropped it in the muddle of water and how he's mother gave up her own phone just to give it to him. While other students like Demel, Thea, and Sodo brought a photograph of their families to represent what the meaning of love is to them. On the other hand Melvin and Tasha brought in their favorite things which are their ipod and phone. While other students like Sareth and Sonry brought in lyrics that talks about feelings for their special someone. It was really interesting to hear what the other students had say about their own definition of love because the word love has many different meaning to everyone.
Adilene Velazquez
Professor Sabir
English 201A
24 February 2010

I thought that the presentations were really good overall. It gave me an opportunity to get to know the students in the class a lot better. David talked about the phone that his mom gave him. Tasha also talked about her phone; she said it was love at first sight. Sareth talked about how much he loves and appreciates his mother. He brought a song that was really nice; I can relate a lot to his presentation because I love my mother very much. Sodo talked about an Oprah article that talked about agape love. She brought a picture of her family. Melvin loves his music and did a little freestyle poem that was really good because I love music as well. Demel talked about his dad, he described the three types of love and related it to his personal life. Healso brought a picture of his dad, his little brother and him. Thea talked about her granddaughter and brought a picture of her. She is really cute by the way. Sonry loves his girlfriend and wants to marry her. He sang a part of the song, and it was really romantic. I feel that I can connect to most of the presenters and I enjoyed seeing them.
David- Davids presentation was cool. I think he expressed a general form of love that most people expirence. The main down fall to his presenation i thought was that he did not have a lot of detail in why he found that as love.


Sareth- I thought that the song was very touching, and that many people could relate to it. I also felt as if he was really sincere about what he said.

Sodo-She had a good presentation. I think because of the fact that she is a mother she seemed to talk with a strong love for her children which was really touching. The picture was truely beautiful.

Melvin-Was honest. He talk a bout being materialistic and loves the song between the sheets isley brothers. It was short and to the point.

Demel- I think his was the strongest out of all the presentations. He talked with a strength that not many people had and his form of love was obviously from the heart. The picture was very nice as well.

Thea-I liked how she seemed happy talking about her grandaughter. the picture made her presentation stronger. Her face brightened up when talking about the things she loved :)

Samry- He was more touching when he was saying what the song represented, and how he loved his girlfriend so much that he wanted to marry her.
Tasha Louza
Professor Sabirs
English 10-11:50 MW
24 February 2010

At first I wasn’t going to present because I didn’t want to come across at a materialist person but maybe that a good thing. I really like one presenter sonry, Love you for life (jodici) because he explain he love his girlfriend so much he wanted marry her. I also like the three presenters with the photography of their family they were sodo, jamel, and thea. One song I always love to here was dear mama by tupac, because that song he dedicated to his mom. Melvin, he did a free style I guess to explain, the love have for his music even, eplain what kind of music he have on his iPod. I really like them because some of them is very touching, and some was very entertaining.
the comment above is shyann kinzer from english 201B 10-1150
Sequoia Billings
Profressor Sabir
English 201A
M&W 10:00-11:50am

I really like Demel's presentation; it was really touching about his family.

Another presentation I really enjoyed was Sonry's about his girlfriend that was really cute.

Thea's presentation about her granddaughter was also cute.

I think David's presentation was funny. I've had some similar incidents with phones myself that's why his story was funny to me.
Adam Smith
Professor Sabir MW 10-1150
English 201B
24, February 2010

The Presentations that where presented in class today was a very good beginning stage of the projects to become gives the rest of the class was incentive to do their work on time. I liked the presentations because they all had something to symbolize that meant a lot to them. Some brought in pictures to remember their families past or families not even seen anymore. It was good that memories grown from love can represented on objects we use today, to be able to configure all the memories into something visual to have the passion one has for them. The people that presented where David, Tasha, Sareth, Sodo, Melvin, Dermel, and all they did good because it showed that they really took what they needed to represent, was represented well..
Kalani Clyburn
Professor Sabir
English 201B 1-2:50
24 February 2010
In today presentation people talked about love. I think everyone did a good job and explain love in more then just one kind of way. Everyone has their different intakes on what love is.
I think Darrius, and Luis did a good job on explaining love, because not only did they talk about love, but they put their experience on love into the presentation.
Regina also did a good job on talking about love because she took it to a whole different level. Outside of sex and took to the bible and talked about godly love.
Rick explained all the loves and said that not only do love applies to humans, but to all living things, and i think that is a true statemnt although we may not think so.
Nataile Hopkins
201a 1:00pm-2:50pm
Today some of my classmates presented I liked regina's presentation because she read a script fom the bible and she brought in a baby doll she has kept sinc she was seven which represented the love between her and her aunt
Khan Ly
Professor Sabir
English 201B 1:00-2:50p.m.
24 February 2010

In today presentation,everyone did a really good job. What they talk about is really interesting about they point of view. and the love being discuss about is the love of eros and agape. Regina presentation really give me a strong impression because of the doll she bring with her and the love of agape that she has present to the class. Even if some of presenters talk about the same kind of love but that love have different kind of meaning to them.
kelaisha Birdlong
English 201A
Mon and Wed 1-2:50pm

Being able to see how our class interepreted there views and beliefs on love were interesting. I kind of gave up on love and I dont really believe in it anymore. So it was interesting especially one of the students who brought her doll and read from the bible what love means and the fact that she has had that since she was 7 and now she's in her late 40. That just really amazed me..
Luis Arechiga

1:00pm - 2:50pm

English 201 B

Everyone had different types, and perspectives of love. Yet, all of them were very interesting. I learned some history of Valentines day. I didn't even know there was a St. Valentine. Very fun group presentations.
Richard Myers
Professor Sabir
English 201B – 1 – 2:50pm
24 February 2010
Presentation Reflections
I thought all the presentations were pretty good. Darius described the different emotions of Eros. Regina described something that as a child was near and dear to her heart, with a tie-in to some great scripture. Luis detailed a longing for a connection that he has not yet experienced. I did mine. Natalie’s was short and sweet. Tracy’s was quite informative, a little history there. Obada’s was based on a Shakespearean sonnet, which focused on Agape or the love of all mankind. Not only that, but he discussed some charities which do fundraising around the world. Denise chose Agape and discussed how she thought it was the most divine and combined it with a Mariah Carey song to contrast how friends and family influence our thoughts, emotions and actions.
Obada natouf
English 201B
MW 1-2:50 PM
the presentations were really cool. interesting ideas and thoughts about the kind of love is important.
Darrius- deep thought about the importance of Eros in our lives.
Regina- I liked the way she expressed love as having joy in life.
Luis- was really honest, he explained what it means to be in love and deeply mentioned that we all need love.
Rick- was really a scientific comment. nice connection betwean biology and our souls.
Natalie- it was really nice, i like how you represented agape as the most imporant kind of love.
Tracy-was really catching I like the survey that You made.
Denise- I like the song and the illustrations while the song was playing.
Khan- I liked the way you explained eros, and the way you evaluated love to be.
I enjoyed all of the presentations today but of all of the presentation I enjoyed Rick the most one because he talked about Black Eye Peas which is my favorite group and we seem to have the same outlook on love.

-Denice Satchell
Regina Cannon
201B 1:00-2:50

I was very surprise about the comments on love. They were very good. The speakers really spoke very well. Love is a very important aspect of our lives. We really can't do without any of these loves.
Tracey Lee
201B 23075
MW 1-2.50pm

It was an interesting presentation on the depths of love eros, philia and agape and that each of us had experienced it one time or another in our life. Love is fluid, evolving from friendship to lust. I have taken nature for granted far too long that I failed to notice the beauty of flower and that it can be a everyday expression of love instead of just valentine day.
Abtisam kaaid
English 1A

I think everyone did a great job with their presentations. I really loved James singing. Personally I was really nervous to get in front of the class, but in the end it was o.k... Everybody listened and showed respected for everyone. It's interesting to see how different types of love all mean the same thing, but also can be shown in different perspectives. Today many people showed us a piece of their lives. Overall I think I have gotten to know some of my class mates a little better.
Thea Hernandez
Professor Sabir
English 201B
M&W 10-11:50AM

David, Tasha, Sarem, Sodo, Melvin, Demel, Me & Sonry.

We all spoke of what LOVE meant to us in class, three of us brought in pictures of our families. I was one of three, but Demel's story was especially touching to me when he spoke of himself, his brother & stepfather at his mother’s grave site. He spoke of the special relationship that they all have & how he bonded with his stepfather. I was getting choked up and teary eyed but also knowing that I had to hold myself together because I was next in line to talk. His story touched my heart!
The presentations were a great way to get to know the students in the class. Quite a few students are really quiet, so for some of us, the presentations were the first time we'd heard students speak (smile).

The presentations on love in the afternoon class ranged from treatises to game quizzes. Well prepared, most students had notes. I was suitably impressed. Busy taking photos I didn't take many notes.

I was partial to Regina's presentation. I hadn't a clue that she was carrying a doll because she'd had her since she was seven or so. I love black baby dolls. She also shared a scripture from the bible. So did Denise--the same verses.

Quite a few students chose songs that reflected what love meant to them, like Darrius and Denise. Luis shared a poem.

Rick synthesized the various aspects of love as one love...the different names just stages of development. Denise agreed with him and illustrated this evolution with a song.

Tracey's quiz was fun. I think one person got all the questions correct; most of us didn't do as well, but as I said, it was fun.

Obada spoke of various causes he has supported over the years --love in action and Khan's presentation was thoughtful as was Natalie's.

Whether the students were shy or confident, each presentation expanded and extended our overall understanding of what love is.
shakira makanjuola
201B 1pm - 2:50

I like all the presentation. I think they all did great and they all have difference opinion on love. They all have difference definition of love. I learn love can be defined in a difference ways.

I learn a lot on Valentine’s Day Trivia. I like her presentation if fun and you can also learn on what valentine’s about and how it start. I get most of the question correct. Everyone did a great job on their presentation.
Monique West
Professor Sabir
English 201B
M-W (1-2:50p)

Darrius talked about eros. He discussed the outcome of sex and how it changes how you feel about that person after you have sex with them. He spoke about how you can never be just friends with someone after having sex with them, without jealousy playing a large factor in the relationship. He also talked about how having sex used to be about pro-creating but now it's only about the feeling. His song: IMX - "My Very First Time"... I definitely agree!

Regina discussed agape. She used the 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 as her focus, discussing the love of God and showing us a black baby doll that she and her aunt searched for in stores for days when she was 7years old.

Luis talked about the importance of love and how we all need it, whether or not we realize it. He also brought a freshly picked flower that he had just plucked from a tree outside of the library, to share with the class. That was really funny!

Denise played a song by Mariah Carey that she felt protrayed every aspect of love. I can't remember what the song was called unfortunately, but it was nice!

Tracey passed out a survey that asked questions about Valentines Day. Very creative!

Overall, I enjoyed every presentation! They each showed different aspects of love. I love to hear other peoples views on love because its so many things that create love, so many sides to it. And I believe that a lot of those were shown today.
GIlbert Canlas
English 201A 10-11:50am

David, Tasha, Sarem, Sodo, Melvin, Demel, Me & Sonry.

they all shared the things they love and the people they love. some shared it with humor, some of them with love and was really touching.
Damian Jackson
English 201
Wanda Sabir
MW 10-1150

I enjoyed all the presentations because they all had a value of love that I share in one way or another. Although only a few students had the courage to go in front of the class and share their love I think they all did exceptionally well.
Sareth, who rapped the,”Dear Mama Song from rapper Tupac”, really stood out to me because it was very heartfelt and a subject we can all relate that shares a family love.
Demel story and photo was extremely touching when he shared about his brother and father going to see his mother at a grave site and I think it was brave of him to share because losing a parent should be one of the toughest things to go through.
Melvin, who is a good friend of mine, had a good presentation about the iPod and it was funny because he was just in front of the class “winging it”.
Thea showed a picture of her granddaughter and I know it’s genuine because it’s like having a child all over again.
David had his my touch phone and he seemed very passionate about it and I know it was because he had previously lost his phone.
Christopher Jackson
English 201A 10-11:50am

David, Tasha, Sarem, Sodo, Melvin, Demel, and Sonry.

They all shared the things they love and the people they love. Some shared it with funny comments, some of them took a more serious note,and i think thats what made it really interesting .
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