Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Catching up

Bring in your essays in an electronic format. Remember, no classes Thursday, March 25--Staff Development. The essays are due electronically by Friday, March 26. Email to the new address. Bring a copy of the essay to class on Monday, March 29, 2010.

If you have your essay electronically we can use Microsoft comment.

Quite a few students came by my office to write their midterm essay today. The rest of you made other arrangements (I hope). We are in Part 5, Essay 3, Parallel Structure. We will write this essay next week, perhaps in class as well.

We will set aside class time to check-in and discuss progress next week. I will return your midterm with verbal comments. Students will be able to revise the Synthetica or midterm in class next week. If you want to start early, this is okay as well.

Don't forget, the Half the Sky planning sheet, outline, student peer comments and reading log are all due with the essay.
I need the planning sheet and outline emailed to me. I can wait for the other notes until next week; students do not have to type them. You do need to type your outline and planning sheet. I will not read any paper without it.

Tomorrow students will spend a few moments reflecting on feedback and how this has affected their revision and/or rewriting.

What is the new email adress?
Berardita Rappaport
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