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1. Look at three profiles in Half the Sky. Focus on 1 case and show how it supports or proves the authors' premise stated on page xxi.

2. SPHE Essay 2

3. Homework--type the templates for essay 2. We will do peer reviews on Wednesday, March 3, and print copies of the essay in class. Keep reading Half the Sky. up to page 185 (microcredit). Reference the Muhammad Yunus New Hero segment (I might show you today).

Demel Bullock
Ms. Sabir
English 201b 10-11:50am
01 March 2010

In the first chapter I believe the message was delivered with great clarity of how important what is going on is and how the time for change is a few miles past over due. For instance, the young women escaping and turning to tell the Authorities, or shall I say, “law enforcement” that she was in a great deal of trouble and feared for her well being and they did nothing to be helpful from the standing point of her situation. In fact they laughed and spoke down to her in her face with intent to make it seem as if she was wrong for leaving the brothel where she had been force to work, raped and beaten. To protect and serve, huh?
The work and thought of people from every city in every state of every country is need to help with this madness, and uplift the women of the world.
Sandy Saeteun
Professor Sabir
English 201 B 10-11:50
01 March 2010

In Half The Sky, Usha, an Indian woman from a lower caste family stood up for her women in her village from gang member Akku. Akku was feared by many in the village, he was known for raping a lot of woman and torturing woman by horrific violence. Usha filed a police report against Akku for raiding this woman’s house and Akku found out and was not too happy about it. Akku went and confronted Usha by trying to break into her home and threaten her with rape. She wouldn’t give in, so she told him that if he were to break in to her home, she would burn them all up. So Akku did not try to break in. Many of the villagers heard all the commotion, so they seen that it was Akku and many villagers started throwing rocks at him and his gang members. Many women around the village started stabbing him and they even cut off his penis. So what women that he abused and hurt all seem to got some revenge on him and he got what he well deserved. This shows that women are treated badly and that in rural countries like this women do not get the respect that they deserve. Usha is a well educated Indian girl from a lower caste family, which was pretty rare. With education, women can fight inequality and injustice. Usha is a great example of how educated women can speak up for themselves and fight against men like Akku.
Abtisam kaaid
English 1A
March 1st, 2010

3 profiles in Half the Sky.

The three particular abuses the book talks about is sex-trafficking, gender-based violence, including honor killings and mass rape. The authors lay out solutions such as girls education and microfinance.

One case that help proves the authors thesis on gender-base violence is in Chapter eleven, Microcredit: The Financial Revolution. A women named Saima Muhammed would cry everyday. She was been consistently abused by her husband. He was unemployed and took his frustration out on Saima. They were so poor that Saima had to send her oldest daughter to live with her aunt, because they we just to many mouths to feed. Her husband was thinking of getting married which made no since because they didn’t have enough money for food but he wanted to bring another mouth to feed. Depressed a dazed Saima joined a women’s solidarity group afflicted with Pakistani microfinance organization called Kashf Foundation. Once she started to make money her husband no longer wanted another wife, he showed her respect, and never beat her again.

I think its great that Saima and her husband worked out their problems and are happy now. Personally, I think it’s a shame that her husband was abusing her and making her feel worthless because she is a women; but as soon as she start making money he loves her and all their problems went away.
Khan Ly
Professor Sabir
English 201B- 1:00-2:50p.m.
1 March 2010

In Half the Sky, there is a case about a women name Usha who stand up against Akku Yadav. Akku Yadav is the leader of a gangster group which commits a lot of crime like raping, robbing, and killing. Since the police did not do anything about Akku Yadav act, the villagers was afraid of him. But Usha is different from others; she is educated since she was young so she has the courage to stand up against Akku Yadav to help the villagers. Usha go to the police station and demand the police to take action against Akku Yadav’s crimes. Because Usha was educate, the police cannot ignore her request, they have no choice but to put Akku Yadav in jail and take him to court. After Usha stand up against Akku Yadav, the villagers started to follow her. This proves the author thesis when they states that Half the Sky main point is to focus on sex trafficking and force prostitute; gender-based violence, and maternal mortality.
Richard Myers
Professor Sabir
English 201B – 1 – 2:50pm
1 March 2010
Profiles of Half the Sky
In “Half the Sky,” the authors give numerous examples which support a general feeling of outside influence or help within countries that need it. These needs range from examples of forced prostitution as well as maternal morality just to name a few. It’s interesting to note how many lives can be saved from simple family planning support.
Jane Roberts was a retired French teacher from Redlands, California. Not having done much activism work in the past, she was outraged at something the incoming Bush administration did. They completely cut funding for the UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund.) This organization assists in newborn survival, family planning and basic maternal health worldwide, and often in the poorest of countries. So, she started with a letter to the local newspaper to create awareness of the problem. Then came the letter writing and the phone calls and before she knew it Obama had come into office. By this time she had raised over four million dollars. Obama did in fact reverse the spending cut, but Jane is still going, and going, and going.
Obada Natouf
Professor Sabir
English 201b
1 march 2010
MW 1-2:50
The Oppressed Opportunity to Be a Human
It is true that the world we all live in is simply not fair. This the main message that I got from reading chapters 1 up to chapter 9. The three girls that I used their profiles are Edna, Thabang and Prudence. Those three ladies contributed a lot to the theme above. For example, Edna tried to make a hospital so she funded for it and she was almost done but no one supported her project so she turned down to make it a clinic. Thabang was a lady, she was the only one from her family without AIDS so her family hates her and her mom thinks that she is a prostitute. So this is one way of not showing fairness. Another way would be the heartless part of our world. This heartless starts with the story of prudence and never ends. Prudence is a girl from Cameroon had an infected stomach from pregnancy. The doctor didn’t help her and the family because the procedure costed money and no one had enough money in her family. So prudence stayed in the hospital for 3 days then the doctor did her surgery. He had to cut off 28 cm of her small intestant but the infection was too big to stop so she died. This is too depressing for a person to handle. A doctor is suppose to be saving lives. A doctor isn’t a job, it is a morality issue. What the doctor did was fully unpleasant and not amicable to all humans. The doctor killed a life that could have been saved. He was really such a misogynist for doing such a thing. At the end, our world plays a misogyny that effect people terribly and not appreciated in such a way. But it is the world and the way it operates by the use of misogyny.
Neil Chu
Professor Sabrir
English 201A 10-11:50
01 March 2010

Today we were to review some profiles of women in half the sky. One story caught my attention. It was about a woman in India, her name was Usha. All the women in this book were abused in some way, mostly involving prostitution, assault on females, and rape.

Usha’s story begins when she stands up for herself from the local gang member Akku. Akku broke in her house, after finding out Usha reported this to authorities. Akku angrily went back to confront Usha, she again stood up for herself and caught the attentions of the other villagers. This act of courage inspired the villagers and gave them the edge over Akku. They threw rocks at him and drove him out of the village.

This is a perfect example of what education can do for these women Usha was from a lower class family but was educated enough to know what to do when unexpected things happen. She at the same time inspired other people around her to take action. With education women in poor places can fight inequality and injustice.
Luis Arechiga

Mrs. Sabir

English 201 B 1-2:50pm

02 March 2010

3 profiles in Half the Sky.

The profile that really caught my attention, and related to microfinace was the story of an Indian woman by the name of Usha.
Usha was from a poor village, and among the villagers were a ruthless gang lead by Akku.

Akku's gang stole, broke into houses, raped, and murdered on a daily basis. The gang would do this on a daily basis in front of the whole village to put fear whithin everyone.

Usha was the only well educated girl that went to a university from her village. A conflict rose between the gang and Usha. Usha went agaisnt Akku, and this infuriated him. Usha stood up for herself because she knew the corrupted cops would not do anything to defend her.

When the whole village saw that a single woman stood up to Gang, they jumped in to defend her, clubbing away and throwing rocks. Akku was takend into custody for protection, and trialed. Usha came up with the plan of murdering Akku for the good of the village. Every rape victim that came under Akku was in the court, taking turns stabbing him one by one. Doing so, no one would be charged due to the fact that the whole village took part of it.

All of this courage, and intelligence was cause of the Education one Villager has recieved. Imagine how a whole country would change.
Rosecary Aguinaldo
Professor Sabir
English 201A M/W 10-11:50am
2 March 2010

In class we reviewed three profiles of women in the novel Half the Sky. One particular woman caught my attention. A woman named, Mukhtar Mai. She grew up in a peasant family in the village of Meerwala in southern Punjab. Mukhtar never attented school because there are no school for girls. Her brother was raped and Mukhtar went to the police to report the incident demanding prosecution. But rather than helping her the police made fun of her and sentenced her to gang rape.

Even though she was gang raped, it never stopped her from fulfilling her goals. Even the President of their country heard about the case and sent her $8,300 in compensation. But rather than spending the money for herself. Mukhtar invested the money to build schools for her village because she believes in education and that education is the most important thing we can gain. Soon enough she started her own organization. It's a free legal clinic, a public library, and a shelter for victims of violence. Through this she became famous, traveling from places to places to seek help and talk to women who have gone through same thing.

Mukhtar Mai's story is inspiring because she showed courage. She stood up to the people who are being feared. Mukhtar showed that life is not over for women who are raped and that they can start over. With her positive attitude it gives light to other women who has experienced terrible things in life.
Sareth Chhoth
Professor Sabir
English 201A MW 10-12
1 March 2010

Mukhtar Mai is a woman who lives in Meerwala in Southern Punjab. This story supports the thesis of the Half the Sky. Her story includes attempted honor killing. In her story, she was gang raped for punishment and the only way to redeem herself would be to commit suicide. After being raped, Mukhtar decided to take her own life but her family stopped her. After that she wanted to get some education, so she created a school for the village girls and herself. The story about her and the honor killing shows that in some society stell treat women unequally. Although she was treated unequally, she overcame the odds and proved that she can make a difference through education.
Sonry Chhoth
Professor Sabir
English 201A MW 10-1150
2 March, 2010

I was really interested in chapter three. The message I got from Usha Narayame was that education is power. Although she was born into a lower caste family in India, she was educated. Her parents believed that everyone should be educated. There was a man, Akku Yadav, who terrorized the uneducated lower class citizens, the Dalits. He would rape, beat, and even murder the women. He ruled through fear and it worked. The Dalits were too afraid of Akku to oppose him. Usha stood up to the tyrant and Akku wouldn't lay a finger on her initially, for fear of her being able to complain effectively. However, he eventually went after Usha but she still stood her ground. The Dalits were empowered by her courage and revolted. Akku was placed under arrest, for protection, and had a court hearing. Akku was murdered by several women and they were not prosecuted. It goes to show that being educated can protect you from criminals.
Shyann Kinzer
Ms. Sabir
English 201B 10-1150am
02 March 2010

The profile of Meena was the best. she had been threw so much, being in the sex trafficking world. Besides that she was isolated from her family. The author did a good job on expressing the emotions of the situation threw the text. What mainly hit me was about the children be taken and raised in the fashion to be in sex trafficking also. Having ten customers a day 7 days a week hit me as well, it became upsetting because it seemed as if her self image was lost by her living situation. Going against traditions and beliefs, while society degrades one for this though it is not a wanted life style hurts Meena in a sense.

Her profile supports the authors goal by showing the sex trafficking world to a whole other extent. The author goes in detail about Meena's life style to express why it is so horrible. it was touching and made a strong impact in my eyes. The author shows behind the scene stories that typically we would not hear about.
Sodchimeg Ulziiutas
Professor Wanda Sabir
English 201A, M,W 10:00-11:50
1 March 2010
Rescuing Girls is the Easy Part
I choose this article, because it seemed to me so close to authors’ thesis to try to lay out on agenda for the women focusing on sex trafficking, forced prostitution, gender-based violence, solutions such as girls education and microfinance.
The authors bought two slave girls for cash Neth-$150 and for Momm-$203. They tried to help them to be free from sex trafficking and get home back. The member of American Assistance for Cambodia, Bernie Krisher helping them start new life, to open small shop for own business. Neth went to study hairdressing at one of the local beauty shops. She also studies English.
But Momm could not start new life, could not stand for her. She was addicted to methamphetamines in brothel. So, she went back to the brothel. Barnie Krisher set her up in town two times, but each single time she ran away.
The article shows it is difficult to change the lifestyle of these rescuing girls. Not everyone gets real freedom and reaches their goal. It requires reform of society, cooperation from local government and community, which is still difficult to find in this situation.
Darrius Sutton
Professor Sabir
English 201A 1-3pm
3 March 2010
I believe the author wants to shed great light on the prostitution going on in the rest of the world. She is going into greater detail about the prostitution. She has given well documented stories about women who have been forced or sold into that life style. Many Americans see prostitution as a bad thing women shouldn’t be doing. But it is a completely different when your own parents would sell you, knowing the hardships you will soon face. But some parents actually do care for their children. One woman in fact spent a lot of her time yelling at the people who had her kids. The author wins over her audience when she speaks of the grieving mother, who’s only wish is to get her children back.
Darrius Sutton
Professor Sabir
English 201A 1-3pm
3 March 2010
I believe the author wants to shed great light on the prostitution going on in the rest of the world. She is going into greater detail about the prostitution. She has given well documented stories about women who have been forced or sold into that life style. Many Americans see prostitution as a bad thing women shouldn’t be doing. But it is a completely different when your own parents would sell you, knowing the hardships you will soon face. But some parents actually do care for their children. One woman in fact spent a lot of her time yelling at the people who had her kids. The author wins over her audience when she speaks of the grieving mother, who’s only wish is to get her children back.
Darrius Sutton
Professor Sabir
English 201 A 1pm
24 February 2010
All That I Got is you
In Felicia Prides message “All that I got is you” she explains the importance of the black mother in the community. The Black mother has such a devastating role in the hip hop community because of all the absent fathers. The children of these mothers often want to take care of their mothers as they had done to them. In the story Felicia says, “…and my first response will also be a retirement pad for the woman who raised me.”(pg. 143). This is a very noble act. Those mothers deserve it because they have sacrificed so much for their children; the least that they could do is make sure that you’re taken care of when you get old.
A point that Ghostface Killer made is that he lived in a community that was living far below the poverty line. The basic and natural things that we take for granted, he struggled with on the daily. Ghostface says, “Check it, fifteen of us in a three bedroom apartment Roaches everywhere, cousins and aunts was there.” He was living in a house where no one had any personal space. Though he went through these things, he really respects and loves his mom for all that she has provided in such harsh conditions. He doesn’t blame his mom for the problems that they faced; he gives her much respect for getting them through it.
I personally grew up with out a father. It makes it hard being a boy because a woman cannot teach a boy how to be a man. After a while you realize that your mother is the only parent that you have that even cares about you. You do the best as a young to grow into a man. You look up to those who you feel you see you’re self in. These may be positive male role models or they may not be. It depends on the individual. Young men without positive male role models in their life will be doomed to follow misguided older males. Ghostface Kliler mentioned, “Sadly, daddy left me at the age of six”. Usually fathers leave their sons at a young age and that is the worst time to do it.

Pride, Felicia. "I Need Love." The Message.Philadelphia: Thunder's Mouth Press, 2007.
Damian Jackson
English 201
MW 10-1150

In Half the Sky, a young Indian women rises up against a gang member named Akku. She is a very educated young lady that stood up for her freedom and everything she believed in. He runs a gang that commits violent and Haines crimes such as the trafficking of women, murder, rape and robberies. He was a well-known threat throughout the village and put fear in the hearts of everyone. Usha was not intimidated by the rep of the gang member everyone so greatly feared. She finally had the courage to go to the police, which led to his capture and put him in jail. After this one act of bravery, other villagers began to stand up as well and followed her lead.
This is a prime example of what abundance of education and a little bit of bravery can accomplish. She made a difference in the whole village that was for sure a life changing event.
Adilene Velazquez
Professor Sabir
English 201A MW 10-12
1 March 2010

Half the Sky Free Write

Reading the book Half the Sky by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, has made me realize that gender-based discrimination is a huge problem that many women around the world are facing today. Usha Narayane is a great example for women who are in this situation, because she was able to speak up for herself. Usha is a university graduate from a slum in India who as her mother would say “she’s fearless” and “she doesn’t get frightened by anyone.” (p.48 par.4) She gained her bravery because of her education. For fifteen years a thug who had become king of the slum, Akku Yadav, terrorized all the people. He used rape as his main weapon to frighten everyone, except Usha. One day when Akku and his men came to her house, she resisted and didn’t open the door, although they threatened to throw acid on her face. Once everyone heard about the way Usha stood up to them, people began to realize that if they all got together, they would be able to take the terrorists down, and they did. Usha, who had a good education, was their inspiration
Mo Dabashi
English 201B
Mon/ Wed

3 profiles “Half The Sky”. Pick one.

In Chapter 3 pgs 49- 57, Kasturba Nagar a country been terrorized by a gang called Akku Yadar, they went around to houses and taking girls and raping them or killing people. So many families moved out of Kasturba Nagar because of the gang. People always hid from the gang because all they did is destroy there village. A young lady named Usha decided she will file a compliant to the cops, and so the police went to Akka Yagav and tell them about the complaint of what they’ve been doing. SO then Akka Yadav tracked Usha down at her house. They threatened to drop the complaint or they’ll kill or rape her, but she didn’t open the door and she threatened them back about lighting a match and blowing them all up including her, the gang insulted her and she insulted them back. Usha was a brave women that fight back. The neighborhood saw her doing that so they stood up to the gang and threw stones at them. SO they left they neghborhood conitiued on they went to the Akka Yadav house and burned it. Usha made a difference she showed women that they should stand up for their selves.
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