Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Field Trip Recap

Tickets for Mirrors in Every Corner are $12 each. The Artistic Director of Intersection told me that cast members will be available after the show on Sunday, March 21, 8 PM, to speak to us about the play. I reserved 13 seats. I counted 11 reservations from the sign-ins last week. Students can bring the money with them Sunday. If you plan on attending, just call me in advance to make sure there are tickets left. Right now there are plenty.

We can meet on Sunday and ride BART (West Oakland Station) over together. We exit 16th Street Station. It's really easy. We thought about having dinner in the Mission beforehand.

Re: Speak Out Now with Ise Lyfe Friday, March 19, 8 PM. I only received $10.00 which means I need $90 more dollars for the group rate, otherwise 17 and under are $10 and 18 and up are $20. We are not going as a group, but if you plan to attend let me know and perhaps we can meet and sit together. Call me.

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