Friday, March 05, 2010


Half the Sky

I'd been looking forward to this film since Lucia told us about it and the experience was worth the anticipation. I had a great time. I think the part I enjoyed the most were the stories about the women, the film about Woineshet, whom we'd read about in the book, and the opportunity to hear a discussion from a panel of experts: Maria Bello, Dr. Helene Gayle; Nicholas Kristof; Rachel Mayanja; Sarah, Duchess of York; moderated by Sheryl WuDunn.

Hearing India Arie perform, along with Angélique Kidjo (from Benin), the other artist(name?), were of course highlights, but the true stars were the women profiled, the women who truly hold up half the sky. Earlier this afternoon Dominique and I went to San Francisco to the CARE office to get tickets for students who hadn't purchased theirs yet. The turn out was pretty impressive this evening. I think we were one of the larger groups. I didn't see anyone else posing for photos in the lobby.

A percentage of ticket sales will support CARE's work in more than 70 countries.

"CARE is proud to once again celebrate International Women's Day with a rousing one-night-only event in theatres across the country," says Dr. Helene Gayle, president and CEO of CARE. "HALF THE SKY is more than just a night at the movies – it's a rallying cry to stand up and join a growing worldwide movement to empower women and girls to fight global poverty" (

For those students who were fired up this evening, please post your responses here for extra credit and send me a copy as well so I can send you a grade (smile). Send to the new email address:

Thea Hernandez
Professor Sabir
English 201A
W&M 10:00-11:50am
07 March 2010

I have a very good time; I enjoyed meeting other students and taking & sharing about the class & the book “Half the Sky”. Although I can’t remember her name right name, she was the lady in the 2nd English class that brought in her doll & her picture is posted on the blog. I’m glad I was able to meet her; and discuss the story of her doll. I thought the picture was hilarious!

It was quite an experience to see the movie & the people that were outside with flyers of information regarding human trafficking. The movie was very education, it bought on great awareness for me. Especially to here & see the panels speak. It was interesting listening to the author’s of the book Nicholas Kristof & his wife Sheryl WuDunn talk & ask questions to the panel members. The CARE
program was mentioned many times.

Woinshet’s story was very touching and I’m glad that the movie didn’t exactly show the rape but you could tell it was happen to her, it was very alive with sound! After her story was told, it was great to see Woinshet as an older young woman go back into the village as a speaker of violence and educate the people of this wrong behavior. I was very touched when one of the husband’s apologize for his “wrong doings” to his 3rd wife and kissed her feet in front of many people there in the village. The greatest high light for me was to see Woinshet live & speaking, I was not expecting that at all. She is a very brave woman!
Thea, the other student's name is Regina.

Why did chris go he done even come to Class
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