Monday, March 15, 2010

Posted below are all the assignments for the rest of the semester. This does not include freewrites. The remaining three paper assignments are posted here along with a preliminary portfolio checklist.

I will give you paper copies of everything this week; please hang onto the assignments and note the due dates. Stewart Pidd assignments will be handled concurrently.

Tickets for Mirrors in Every Corner are $12 each. The Artistic Director of Intersection told me that cast members will be available after the show on Sunday, March 2, 7 PM, to speak to us about the play. I reserved 13 seats. I counted 11 reservations from the sign-ins last week. I need the money by Wednesday/Thursday for the play. We can meet on Sunday and ride BART over together. It's really easy. We thought about having dinner in the Mission beforehand.

Re: Speak Out Now with Ise Lyfe Friday, March 19, 8 PM. I only received $10.00 which means I need $90 more dollars for the group rate, otherwise 17 and under are $10 and 18 and up are $20.

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