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We skipped through the presentations in an hour and spent the rest of the class catching up on SPHE essays. Some students worked on section 7: Be-Verbs, while others typed the templates for the Possessives essay. It is an in-class essay. Students cannot write it at home, so prepare to write it on Monday, if you missed writing it today.

We're also behind on a few quizzes which we will get to next week: Be-Verbs and Possessives.

The presentations were interesting, students showed a clear grasp of the topics of the books as well as the author's motivation or reason for writing the books they shared. Tracey's presentation on Amy Tan's Joy Luck Club was the best I'd heard today and I sat through about seven or eight presentations on Tan: The Joy Luck Club and The Bonesetter's Daughter. Everyone did not bring their books, but most did.

Students followed the assignment and shared aspects of the work they enjoyed as well as how the work resonated with them, especially Tracey and Khan, who used their lives to validate the author's point. Overall the afternoon class's presentations met my expectations for excellence they continue to rise to.

In the early class, many students opted out, also some students turned in book report essays which did not follow the assignment: the subject and/or the author was not a woman nor lived in the SF Bay area. Don't forget to respond to student's presentations and reflect on your own: its strengths and areas you stand to improve for the final presentation for the Social Entrepreneur essay.

Look for emails from me with grades by Friday. If you email me assignments, be certain to send them to the correct address:

We are almost through Pidd, just three more essays: Parallel Structure, Verb Tense and student application of the Pidd-method to their own revision process in the final essay: The Social Entrepreneur Essay, if needed. Some students will not have to write the treatment paper (smile).

Start watching the Frontline World programs. We will watch one in class on Monday, April 26. See the assignment below for the specifics. Students can use the questions to develop their own SE essay. I think we are going to complete the semester early.

The San Francisco International Film Festival begins April 22, 2010 in a variety of locations: SF, Berkeley at UCB Pacific Film Archive, and in other locations. If you go to a film and write a reflection or review, you can get extra credit. There is a student rate.

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