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We watched the video: Revision Strategies (The Write Course). Please reflect on the video in a narrative that considers your revision strategies. How has Stewart Pidd Hates English affected your revision process?

Why is the opportunity to revise a welcome one for advanced writers? Why do some writers dread such assignments?

Use examples from the film. How is revision defined and what steps are offered? How is re-writing a step in the writing process? What did the scholar, Sandra Pearl, mean about editing prematurely?

What myths did Dr. Linda Flowers say about the "perfect draft syndrome"? Are you so afflicted? What is writer based prose vs. reader based prose? What is inspiration?

What did you learn about the writing process that you didn't know before, or if you knew it, you were not about to articulate it before now?

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Sandy Saeteun
English 201 B
Professor Sabir
03 May 2010
MW 10

Revisions Strategy
In the film it talks a lot about the revision process and how you should keep revising. Steward Pidd has made me think a lot about the errors that we make in our essays. Advance writers like to revise because they don’t revise while writing their first essay. Inexperience writers tend to revise while writing their first essay without knowing. Re-writing is a step in the writing process because no one writes perfectly the first time. When writing you have to think about the audience, reader, and what you are trying to say. Many writers think that their essay will be perfect the first time. What I learn about the writing process is that you have to revise a lot and it takes time to write and revise an essay.
Neil Chu

Professor Sabrir

English 201A MW 10 – 12

3 may 2010


To we watched a film on essay revision. It talked about the importance of essay revision. It tells us that revising and rewriting an essay are part of the essay’s important thing to do while revising an essay is to put yourself in the audience. From this you may see many mistakes and will force you to revise. Rewriting is part of the revising process. When first revising an essay one should look at the overall paper’s structure. Next you should examine the paragraphs. After that check the organization of the paper. From there you should focus on the sentences and words to make sure those are the ones you want. Another important structure to follow is first ask your self, “who is the audience”? Next figure out your objective. And lastly tell the audience what important things you have to say from the essay.
When the professor talked about perfect draft syndrome, it affects many people. People don’t want to revise the essay so they try to make it perfect the first time. Steward Pidd essays are good examples of how we should be revising our own essays. We go over them and basically rewrite what he had to say correctly.
Sareth Chhoth
Professor Sabir
English 201A MW 10-12
3 May 2010

Revision Strategies

Today in class we watched a video about revision. In that video they explained the importance of rewriting your essay. All good writers rewrite, and they rewrite until it sounds perfect to them. The difference between a skilled writer and an unskilled writer is that the unskilled writer edits their paper too quickly thinking that it should be perfect the first time, while the skilled writer knows that writing the first time is not perfect but you can always rewrite it later.

Some of the strategies to rewriting are looking at the overall paper, looking at the organization of the paper; examine each paragraph, and see if the words make any sense. It is always best to write towards the audience. When you write, think about them and see if it relates to them.

These advices will help me out when I write my next paper. I knew that rewriting was important but I did not know that it was that important in writing.
Gilbert Canlas
Professor Sabir
English 201A MW 10-11:50am
3 May 2010

Revision Notes

In the short movie we watched, they discussed how to make a good essay. The main character that needed help on his paper was recommended to revise his paper. The helpers showed and told him how to write a good paper. First thing, a paper does not have to be perfect at first, and it is not actually good when you edit while you write the first draft. Writers tend to do that because they think that it is ok, but it is not. Writing needs a lot of revision to be acceptable. Editing a draft is not always good as opposed to revising. Revising a paper makes the writer to go through his or her essay, while in editing; the writer only edits a particular word or sentence. The movie also told us that the paper has to connect with the readers. Readers wanted to hear wants wrong, not what you think is wrong. So, writing in reader’s mind will help a writer solve this problem. Another good advice is that, use familiar words on the paper, familiar words make the paper interesting to read.
Sonry Chhoth
Professor Sabir
English 201A 10-1150 MW
4 May 2010

Revision Strategy

I have always thought of the reader but I have never revised my essay to be easy for my audience to read. I would always make it easy for me to read. Advanced writers would welcome revisions because they want to make their essay better while amateur writers would dread the process because they want to be right the first time. In the film they said that a writer should start off with writer based prose and then revise with reader based prose. Re-writing is done after the initial writing and is considered apart of the writing process. What Sandra Pearl means when she says, “editing prematurly” is that some writers would edit their paper as soon as they are finished writing a sentence or paragraph. It does not give them any time to think of the overall paper. The myth Dr. Linda Flower mentioned, the “perfect draft syndrome,” is when writers try to write a perfect essay on their first draft. I have to be honest, I have “perfect draft syndrome,” I always try to write a perfect draft the first time so that I don’t have to revise it. Writer based prose is when writers write to make sense for the writer, reader based prose is when the writer writes so that the reader can easily understand what the writer is trying to say. Like the video said, “Inspiration is pants being attached to a chair” or something like that. I’m guessing that what they mean is inspiration is like a crutch, you need it for support and you can’t do things on your own. I learned about writer and reader based prose, I will try to fix my paper to make it better for my audience.
Adilene Velazquez
Professor Sabir
English 201A M-W10-12
3 May 2010

Revision Strategies

The book, Stuart Pidd Hates English has made me a better essay reviser. It helped me notice errors that I didn’t notice before. I also feel more comfortable writing essays because I know what the rules for MLA format are and understand the whole structure of an essay. In the film, Revision Strategies, I learned that when it come to writing, rewriting something that has already been written makes the writer sound smarter and that it is almost as important as the writing itself. Revision is the process of going back to something that has already been written, reading it over, and making the corrections needed. Sandra Pearl said that it is best to edit prematurely which means to re-read something when you are done. It is best to do so because sometimes when the writer is writing something fast, mistakes are made and it is important to correct them. From watching this film, I learned the three steps for writing a paper. The first step is to think about the audience and what interests them. The second step is to think of the objective of the paper. The third step is to identify the major point, and make sure the reader can identify it as well.
Thea Hernandez
Professor Sabir
M&W 10:00 to 11:50am

The Write Course

Why is the opportunity to revise a welcome one for advanced writers? Why do some writers dread such assignments? I believe that its fear, the fear of not thinking that we can do a great job. Not knowing exactly how to say what we want to say on paper.

Use examples from the film. How is revision defined and what steps are offered? How is re-writing a step in the writing process? What did the scholar, Sandra Pearl, mean about editing prematurely? Learning to write is a part of rewriting. Every good writer is a rewriter, writing is a process. Editing prematurely, unskilled writers edit prematurely and skilled writers know they can rewrite it over.

What did you learn about the writing process that you didn't know before, or if you knew it, you were not about to articulate it before now? I learned that a good paper might have about seven drafts to it, I never thought of it like this. I think, I try and get it right within the first 2nd or 3rd time. Not thinking that I can redo & redo my paper because it takes me sooo long the 2nd & 3rd time. I also need to keep in mind, who am I writing for, who is my audience, what point am I really trying to get across. How does my paper speak? This movie gave me a better awareness.
Shyann Kinzer
Ms. Sabir
English 210B 10-1150
3 May 2010

In the video today it talked about how it is always good to continue the revision process. Stewart Pidd gives off this same idea, by showing how Pidd’s essay can always use help by fixing the various errors. The movie described how different writers in different levels of writing use revision. For example, beginning writers typically revise as they are writing were as an experienced writers revise their writing after. It shows that it is necessary to revise no matter how good one is because no piece of writing is perfect. Writers also have to be aware of the reader’s perspective, and how they want to appeal to their readers. Along with that if they want to appeal to certain crowd. Revision makes each piece of writing better.
Demel Bullock
Ms. Sabir
English 201 10-11:50 am
03 May 2010

Revision Strategy
During the film in class I had a few light bulbs come on in my head. All the talk of the re-reading and re-writing your work started making more and more sense. Yes, of course I have always been told to proof-read before submitting a piece of writing, but the reasons why and the importance of doing this never really sank in until recently. One of the points made in the film was “taking a rough draft and turning it into something your reader can understand”. Someone could simply write a book about that alone. There has been many times I have written something, felt good about it and turned it in only to find my self having to redo or revise the work. The person facilitating in the film stated that many people look at revising their work a punishment, in which I always felt it was as well. Now I understand that writing is to be looked upon as a process that indeed requires revision. When a person sits down to writes on a specific topic they may direct there focus to the topic alone as if once the words are on the page they will never come off. I have realized time and time again that I don’t look up and think of who is going to be reading my writing. Once a person decides who his or her reader will be determining word choice and using a familiar language the reader will understand will follow.
Sodchimeg Ulziiutas
Professor Wanda Sabir
English 201A M,W 10:00-11:50
3 May 2010

Today we watched video “The Write Course”.
The story talks about the “Half Way House” project. Main point of this project is how to write good writing for readers, how to entertain them. It gives some important guidelines for students and beginning writers.
After this movie I made for myself clear that Stewart Pidd Hates English helping me to learn about revising too. Revising gives to writers write completed good writing. It is not easy to start from first sentence and finish to end at one time. Because writing requires revising: thinking, inspiring and re-writing. Put it away, go back with new fresh ideas. Give your paper to your friend or someone to read.
The "perfect draft syndrome" is when someone tries to write a paper all the way through in one sitting. Some people believe they can write perfect sentences and paragraphs all at once. This cannot be achieved because writing is a multi-step process which includes: purpose and interest in the subject, focus on introduction and thesis, organization of information, size of each paragraph and further development of ideas.
I learned that revising will help to write good writing.

When Sinclair Lewis, the writer says that "Inspiration is attaching the seat of one's pants to the chair," what he means is that writing is writing. To write one needs to pick up the pen and write. Sit down and write.

Waiting to feel like writing or waiting for lofty ideas to come is not inspiration, often it's procrastination. This is what he means by inspration.

Remember he is the writer who has minimally seven drafts sometimes. I don't expect students to have to revise seven times. I hope in the next essay that more students write passing essays the first time.
Luis Arechiga

Professor Sabir

English 201B 1-2:50pm

04 May 2010

Revision Strategies

Revision is another word for reread or rewrite. Revision is a very important part in the writing process of an essay. Revision makes the sentences and paragraphs flow more freely and smooth--more understandable to the reader.

Revision is important because it gives the essays a good polishing and cleanup. Revisions usually follow through after the freewrite in a draft.

Revisions are overlooked and seen as a form of punishment by begginer writers. Many begginers think that their draft is perfect when it is frist written--which is a common frequent mistake by all.

Revisions can happen one,two,three or even passed four rewrites. All of this is in order to perfect the final essay. When revising, sometimes you see things you never noticed before the first time.
Tracey Lee
201B 23075
MW 1-2.50pm
4 May 2010

The revision process is to see again in the light of the audience’s shoes, what they are interested in. Revision is not punishment because writing is not perfect in the first instance. Writer prose is talking to myself as a writer. Reader prose is giving answers to solutions. Revision is to look at the overall paper, coherency of the points, supporting evidence in the paragraphs and grammatical errors.
Adrianna Sterling

I was absent SINCE last Monday til Monday 5/3/10

MW 10:00 - 11:50P

Obada Natouf
English 201B
MW 1-2:50

Revisio stratagies:
I wasn't in class that day, but from reading the homework and researching revisions, I noticed that revisions is not only a writing process it is a way of life. for example, When a person tries to set on a chair. first a person has to move the chair then sit down then move the chair back. the first time the person moved the chair is the first draft. when sitting down was the action of rereading the dradt. moving the chair back is fixing the mistakes in the first draft and finalizing the writing.
Melvin Herring
Professor Sabir
English 201A

I was absent on this day, but class seemed like everyone enjoyed the freewrite
English 201 B
Professor Sabir
03 May 2010
M-W 10


In the video we viwed today it explained about how it is always good to continue the revision process. This is a trade that is mastered by all good writes, and something that needs not to be overlooked.It tells us that revising and rewriting an essay are part of the essay’s important thing to do while revising an essay is to put yourself in the audience We had did revisions in a booklet called Stewart Pidd hates English. This book has greatly impacted my ability to notcied the mistaks the first time.
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