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Article Summaries

From Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bring in a published news article to practice paraphrasing and summarizing one or both of these topics for Monday, August 30, 2010. This will be our freewrite. You will also post this assignment.

We will do the same for Sept. 11, 2010.

Today in class, instead of using the article for a freewrite, we went around and students summarized their articles (one of them) aloud. This was met with resistance initially, especially when I stated that those who didn't share would have a zero on the assignment. We then worked on groups or pairs in SPHE--Paraphrasing and Plagiarizing (p. 339 ...). Keep doing the exercises. We will review them on Wednesday for the MW class.

Bring your article to class or email it to yourself for Wednesday-Thursday.

Post your summaries here. Remember, a summary is not your opinion, it is a brief restatement (in your own words) the key ideas of the article. To avoid accidental copying, after you read the article, put it away. Make sure you annotate the key ideas and include the author's name, the name of the publication and the date the article was published in your summary--the first sentence.

Katrina Summary
Five Years After: Hurricane Katrina Began as Unassuming Tropical Depression
By Joshua Rhett Miller
Published August 23, 2010
In the article, it stated that Hurricane Katrina started to form on August 23, 2005 over the Bahamas. It had scattered all over from Florida to New Orleans on August 30, 2005. New Orleans was where most of people’s lives were lost. Katrina had very strong winds once it changed from the waters to the land. About 2,000 people were dead and 250,00 were displaced along a path that went from Louisiana to Florida.
One August 24th, Katrina’s system had gotten stronger as it moved through the central Bahamas. A hurricane watch was issued for Florida on August 24h at 5pm then it turned into a hurricane warning around 11pm. Hurricane Katrina had wind speeds that reached up to 175mph and air pressure of 908 millibars by the morning of August 28th.
They compare Hurricane Katrina to 1969’s Hurricane Camille, which made its way through Mississippi with winds approaching to 190mph, yet they say that Katrina was a much bigger storm. Katrina was the third deadliest hurricane since 1900, topped out by Galveston hurricane of 1900 that killed 8,000 people and Lake Okeechobee of 1928, which killed more than 2,500 people. Hurricane Katrina killed more than 1,500 people in Louisiana and at least 238 in Mississippi.

Joanne Africano
English 201A M-Th 8am-8:50am
Hurricane Katrina Summary
Five Years Later: Bridging the Gulf
By Mark Halperin
Published Aug 30, 2010

Hurricane Katrina was a massive hurricane that killed many Americans, destroyed cities and lowered the economy's value. Now they're working on rebuilding buildings. A memorial/celebration was held on Sunday, August 29, 2010. The celebration reminded everyone that our country has unity, diversity and strength. Hurricane Katrina become a legacy of a time of action. It was a time when the country got together when times got tough.

Reyva Jugarap
Eng 201A 8-850am
By Adam Kealoha Causey
published august 29, 2010
Artist refects on fuve years since katrina: Su stella a former card dealer lost her roof and job. five years later the roof have been replace and so is her job. moving from one place to another and now finding Shreveport to be home. now instead of dealing card.she did a Katrina exhibit, at the Multicultural Center showing not the pretty side, but real side of the lost.

Samon Pen
English 201A M,W 1pm- 2:50pm
Martin’aye Bullock
Professor Sabir Eng.201B, 1-2:50

The August 30,2010 edition of The Huffington Post, Dexter Rogers reflects on the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Rogers states the foul circumstances that residents were put in after the hurricane. Such as, seeking refuge by "looting" and waiting around in the flooded areas for help. He also makes reference to the fact that racial division played a large part in former President Bush's poor aid techniques for the victims. Rogers then goes on to remind us of the Saints' Superbowl win and how much New Orleans has overcome since the year 2005.
Spell check and grammar check these posts before you post them. There are too many errors. This should be your best work.

The headings are all incorrect. Use proper MLA.
Many Who Fled Katrina Struggle to Rebuild Lives in East Bay
By: Angela Hill
Published: August 27, 2009
Oakland Tribune

Katrina was a tremendous hurricane disaster that happened in New Orleans killing more than 1800 people and leaving hundreds of thousands living in different states. This article pertained a couple stories of some survivors who live in the bay area today. One of the stories that caught my attention was named ‘Living in a Nightmare’ and it is about a mother, Dru Ann, who owned a futon and house wares boutique in New Orleans, but lost it to the flood and had to move to the bay area in 2005 with her two daughters, Taiisha and Desiree. After trying to rebuild her and her daughter’s lives, Dru Ann lost her 17year old daughter in 2009 on Labor Day to a gun shooting in West Oakland. Her daughter was an “innocent bystander” and the police have yet to find her killer. Dru Ann talks about how she still is trying to stay strong, but her and her daughter Taiisha plan on never returning to New Orleans. “There’s nothing to go back to” says Dru Ann.

Kaja Anderson
201B MON/WED 1:00PM-2:50PM
Michael Jackson Birthday: The World Pays Tribute
By: Tina Chubb
Published on: August 29, 2010
Only Kent Breaking World News

The post "Michael Jackson Birthday: The World Pays Tribute" by Tina Chubb talks about how the people of Michaels hometown Gary,Indiana has been dedicating and showing their appreciation of Michael Jackson. Additionally, Chubb also mentions that the father of Michael, Joe Jackson has participated in the event of celebrating his son birthday by joining the people of Gary in the cake cutting ceremonies and joining the thriller dance celebrations right outside of Michaels old hometown. Meanwhile in other considerations of the article, Dr Murray, the man that was charged with manslaughter to Michael has been trying to prove that Michael did not die due to drugs. His body may be "exhumed" for proving this certain situation. In the meantime , the people of Gary has nothing but love and respect for the legend of pop.

Jimmy Tran
Eng 201A 1-2:50PM
Myaisha Bracken
Eng 201A 8-8:50am

Michael’s summary
In the article “Jackson’s hometown plans to celebrate his birthday,” by inform music network states how Indiana, Michaels Jackson’s hometown, plans another tribute to the “king of pop.” It would be the Saturday before his 52nd birthday. Everybody in the city is honoring as a fantastic entertainer. It will also include local entertainers and a Michael Jackson impersonator.

Katrina’s Summary
In the article “Katrina Victim: It Never Goes Away,” by Michael Kunzeiman talks about how two victims from Katrina who didn’t know each other scanned 163 names on a marble wall honoring those who died. They are still emotionally hurt from the Katrina disaster.
Myaisha Bracken
Eng 201A 8-8:50

My favorite Michael Jackson song is “Billie Jean.”
Thesis Statement: The kid is not my son
Reason: It shows a different side of Michael Jackson that amuse me.
Katrina summary
by Dexter Rogers
i read that even now 5 years later things are not as good that they could be. also that after Katrina bush did not help thats why they still need so much work. 30 to 40% of people still need help and there houses fixed. during this hard time people had to live in the superdome which was also destroyed, they spent $300 million on fixing it. they saints where soon to win the super bowl. they hope that in another 5 years that things world be back to as normal as possible.

quaneda morris
English 201b 1-2:45p.m
Hurricane Katrina Summary
Five Years After: Haley Barbour is one of the heroes of Katrina.
By: Ellen Rather
Published August 30, 2010 Washington Post
Haley Barbour was one of the many volunteers that helped after Hurricane Katrina devastation. It was hard to believe that within a day, the city became first world status to third world country status, and she thought this can’t happen in United States of America. There are many politicians and leaders participated and gave hand to the cause and some didn’t even show up. Governor Haley Barbour did so much after the storm, and he ensured that local needs were being met. Hurricane Katrina made black and white communities come together as one to develop new community, but future storms and housing problems making New Orleans grow slowly but millions of helping hand will bring the city back, and it is America’s best strength.
Dulguun Enkhtsogoo
Wanda Saber
English 101 1pm-2:50pm
EdwinPeabody Professor Wanda Sabir
Eng, 201A, 8-850
30 /August/ 2010
Katrina 5 Years Later
My Katrina 5 years later article, by Brett Zongker revealed that a special museum would be opening in Louisiana which will help explain the terrible disaster known as hurricane Katrina. This museum will have belongings of journalist, news paper stories, and artifacts all recovered from hurricane Katrina. It will also contain film from survivors showing their reflections on this huge flood. The museum will specify the exact number of people that died, were injured or survived. In the theater area of the museum, you will hear people of Louisiana chanting HELP.
Hurricane Katrina summary
Aug 25,2010
New York Times

In the Gulf Coast Hurricane Katrina struck and destroyed an area which favored New Orleans and destroyed part of Mississippi. 1,700 people have been killed, thousands of homes destroyed.

Bundarin Ouk Jr
Eng 1a 1:00-2:50pm
Hurricane Katrina is so destructive and I can't belive it was 5 years ago!

Bundarin Ouk Jr
Eng 1a 1:00-2:50pm
Ronald Parker

Michael Jackson Summary
This article talked about How Michael Jacksons death was because of certain reasons. the medication he was on its what led to an overdose and caused him to die. Michael Jackson was also noted for being a big inspiration to alot of people such as kids and adults
Vanessa Dilworth
Professor Sabir
English 201A 8-8:50
9 September 2010

September 11th and The Gulf

My article was about President Obama comparing the September 11th terrorist attacks and the oil spill in The Gulf. Obama says that the attacks as well as the spill was first of their kind and has drastically changed how we think of our foreign policy and environment, respectively. The comment however got mixed feedback from people who lost family members in the fire. SallY Regenhard whose son is now deceased said, “Just like 9/11,
there were no plans for emergency preparedness, coordination of response.” Jack Lynch who also lost a son had a slightly different perspective he says that to contrast the two disasters are inappropriate and that "Politicans have no sense of reality.”one thing was for certain in the article, Obama plans on going after BP, the company responsible for the spill to insure that restitutes are paid to the parties.
Vanessa Dilworth
Professor Sabir
English 201A 8-8:50
9 September 2010

New Orleans: After the Aftermath

After the devastating catastrophe of the levies breaking in New Orleans, which has now been found to negligence on the part of The Army Corps of Engineers, the five year anniversary has brought with it a sense of rebirth. An estimate 355,000 people now inhabit the city from the previous 473,333 that once did. The survivors of this disaster can be found in different states, with relatives in and out of the city, and in abandoned buildings in New Orleans. The cause of this displacement is the striking lack of habitable homes, which have now reached 50,000, a rate not found in any other part of the country. While many are dislocated it hasn’t broken their spirit to rebuild their internationally known town.
The commitment to rebuild has been due to the relief funds of the government as well as the town’s people. The government has given billions of dollars to the city and has provided it with assistance to their schools and hospitals. The citizens of New
Orleans, however, have also taken matters into their own hands and have begun to rebuild their
homes .Ordinary residents, handymen, as well out of state volunteers have also participated in this project. They have begun drawing up blueprints and are focused on the future and reconstructing the city.
Jennifer Lopez 201A 8-9am

In the article of Dexter Rogers "Hurricane KAtrina:five years later" talks about how 30-40% of the affected areas still need to be repair and how it shows how much damage it is. It also talks about how bush took so long to respond and give help, and people who was affected had to find whatever needs to survive. They were living in rooftops and shelter with no food and no running water to help the sick. To DExters perspective race still matters and he gave and example of how in southern california bush immidelately helped those families that were struck by the fire. And how california iz 66%white. He also mention how 300million dollars have been spended in reconstructing the affected areas. To him the best symbolic symbol was brought to new orlands was wen the orleans sai ts brought home the shper bowl trophy. It shows how much obstacles they have overcome in this past 5years. Jennifer lopez 201A 8-9am
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