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Today we met for the first time in A-232, the classroom with technology. Students in the afternoon class were able to become familiar and more comfortable with blogging. Students shared their summaries and made comments on each other's on the site.

A student said that her freewrite was personal, so I told her to post her freewrite anonymously. Students all have the option of posting freewrites anonymously. You can then email them to me with your name so you can have credit for the post:

In the early class, we completed the video and had a short discussion about the terms and some of the concepts discussed in the film. We didn't have another discussion in the afternoon class. We just dived right in.

After about an hour working on the blog, we looked at MLA formatting for essays. Folami volunteered and read the essay aloud. We then reviewed one of the quizzes together. The second quiz was completed in groups.

There was a third quiz, I told students not to complete as we haven't reviewed it in Stewart Pidd Hates English (322-230).

Since only a few students had the textbook(s), I passed out a workbook on paraphrasing and summarizing which we talked about a bit before once again getting into groups and working on the exercises together.

Homework is to work on paraphrasing in SPHE pages 339-380. Students do not have to complete the entire section by Monday, do about half. We'll finish the section next week.

Additional homework is to bring in an article about New Orleans and the Gulf, five years after Katrina. Also bring in a news article about Micheal Jackson. His birthday is Sunday, August 29, as well. He would have been 52. If you like, bring in a Michael Jackson song, we can play it. For extra credit, you can bring in, or email lyrics to a Jackson song. I will print copies for you for the class.

Your presentation will be to summarize the key ideas of the song and identify the thesis and tell us why you like it. It would be great if students also posted their comments. If you want to bring snacks/finger food -- not too messy, for a party, that's fine as well. Send me an email if I need to pick up anything like napkins.

We are going to practice paraphrasing sections of the articles. Bring them to class on Wednesday as well. Students will post the paraphrases on the blog. Students can pull the articles from the newspaper's website.

Bring The Known World to class next week. I'd like to start reading it next week as well.

EdwinPeabody Professor Wanda Sabir
Eng, 201A, 8-850
30 /August/ 2010
Katrina 5 Years Later
My Katrina 5 years later article, by Brett Zongker revealed that a special museum would be opening in Louisiana which will help explain the terrible disaster known as hurricane Katrina. This museum will have belongings of journalist, news paper stories, and artifacts all recovered from hurricane Katrina. It will also contain film from survivors showing their reflections on this huge flood. The museum will specify the exact number of people that died, were injured or survived. In the theater area of the museum, you will hear people of Louisiana chanting HELP.
Joshua Gonzalez
Professor Wanda Sabir
English 201A 8a-8:50a
31 August 2010

New Orleans Five Years Later

The Gulf of Mexico has experienced a lot of devastation in the past five years. According to The Washington Post, hurricane Katrina has left many displaced after all these years. It has actually caused the population to decline despite the rebuilding efforts.

On the positive side, hurricane Katrina caused the state to evaluate the school system. Many of the public schools became charter schools and have resulted in an improved educational system.

Unfortunately, the crime rate has also drastically increased. The Oil spill in the gulf has compounded the problem and left the residence hoping and praying that the levies are working properly.
Hi Edwin, where was the article published? The museum sounds like an interesting project. I am looking forward to visiting it. I love museums.

Great summary Joshua. Well-written. Both of you posted this assignment in the wrong place. Always post your assignment where it is given unless instructed otherwise.
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