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American Culture Cyber-Post

Today in class we began our presentations on American Culture. We found ourselves talking about many student's objects long after their formal presentation ended. Take for instance one student's presentation on a popular alcoholic beverage. This led to a lengthy discussion about alcoholism in American culture.

Post your narratives here and respond to another student by Thursday, Sept. 16 8 AM.

We will continue tomorrow in class, a few students weren't able to share.

I gave students an assignment sheet for the entire semester for SPHE. Ask for a copy if you missed it. I will post it later.

Stewart Pidd Hates English Assignments for Fall 2010

Sept. 7-9/13-16
Essay 1 pp. 31-51 Templates due electronically Sept. 15-16. Each student needs to prepare their essays: heading, header. Essay due Sept. 20, printed out.
Exercises pp. 1-30.

Sept. 20-23
Essay 2 pp. 86-106 Templates due typed Sept. 22-23. Essay due Sept. 27, printed out.
Exercises pp. 70-85

Sept. 27-30 Midterm Synthetica Essay
Pronoun Case – In class essay: Sept. 29-30. Bring in the templates typed and the essays heading and header with title already completed. We will pay special attention to ellipsis marks, which need to be properly used in this essay.

Don’t miss class, this is not homework.

October 4-7
Essay 3 pp. 153-175 Essay due October 6-7. We will print it in class.
Exercises pp. 128-152.

October 11-14
Essay 4 Be Verbs 198-220. Essay due October 18, printed out.
Exercises pp. 178-196

October 18-21
Possessives in-class essay due October 20-21. We will print in class.
Exercises pp. 222-247.

October 25-28
Parallel Structure in-class essay due October 27-28. We will print in class.
Exercises pp. 250-275.

November 1-4
Essay 5 Subject Verb Agreement 283-285. Essay due in class Nov. 3-4.
Exercises 278-285.

Hootenanny—(p. 288) November-December
This essay will use student essays written about their book report as the Pidd assignment. Any revision essays of the Social Entrepreneur essay will also use this format. These essays will list the errors, corrections and then students will also rewrite/revise the essay scrutinized.

Edwin Peabody
Professor Sabir
English 201A 8-850
14, September, 2010

The object that I choose today that I believed represented American culture was a Iphone. The Iphone provides many ways for people today to communicate. Some of the ways include Text, Aim, Chat, Skype, email, and also through internet access. Internet allows people to communicate through face book, myspace, and also twitter. The Iphone also provides the technology so people can download applications that provide extra uses for the phone. A few applications that are often downloaded are online banking, alarm clocks, map quest, music stations, dictionary, language translator software, eBay accounts, craigslist accounts, and news reports. There are many more application that the Iphone has but these are just some of the popular ones. The iphone a very convenient device that helps people do day to day routines in the palm of their hand. A lot of music artist don’t evan write their music using pen and paper anymore. Many of them have invested in Iphones and write their lyrics in their notes application. The Iphone is definitely a symbol of today American culture.
Thu B. Houang
Professor Sabir
English 201A (8-8:50AM)
14 September, 2010

The object that I thought would represent America was a Gold Dollar Coin. I choose the Gold Dollar Coin because to me personally, it reminds me of how all the Presidents brought us to where we are in America and without them America probally won’t be as what we call “America” now. So to me it really means a lot and the reason that the coin changed from silver with Statue of Liberty on the coins to different presidents on the Gold Coins. Without these coins I don’t think that Americans would remember all the Presidents of America maybe because some did not sacrifices enough to be memorable or some we remembered because some did something historical that we inspired and for the rest that gave their times to help lead the America was no mention or remembered till the Gold Dollar Coin was made.
Hoa Vo
Professor Sabir
English 201A 8:00-8:50

For my American Culture presentation, i choose a credit card as an indication to the American Culture. The use of money is being replaced with credit cards and it is rapidly growing in America. The use of credit cards is growing due to established credits by Americans and the average American usually has four or more credit cards. Also, consumers who use more than 50% of their credit line tend to have six or more credit cards. The rate is increasing in the nation because many consumers use their credit cards for gas, food, bill and mortgages. With that, they pay off their credit bills at the end of the month. If the bills are paid on time without delays, they will have good credit reports which will help them to invest to buyin homes, cars and etc.
Ronald Parker Jr
Professor Sabir
English 201B
15 september 2010

Something that symbolizes American culture I felt had to be money. it has its good and bad outcomes of having it but as we all know we need money for everything. Even to get our a basic essential needs of living requires money. i know I use money for food, a place to live, gas, and alot of other things. Money helps aid people in rural countries, advance in public schools and education around the world. The more you have the more power, which gets you more respect. Only downfalls to it is when people use it in unsmart ways. Such as buying islands just to do it and although we need it supporting war. we shouldnt be in the position to have to support war. Healtcare and Schools are much more needed places for money.
Vanessa Dilworth
Professor Sabir
English 201A 8-8:50
15 September 2010

American Culture

My culture project was on the American flag. I choose it because I feel it symbolizes American culture. Whenever someone looks at a flag they think of what this country stands for, especially people who live in different countries. They think of the democracy we live in and the freedom we have. The flag has thirteen stripes and fifty stars which represent the first amount of colonies and current states of the United States respectively. It shows us not only how we have changed as a country, but how the laws we created in the beginning have been so enduring they brought us to the present.
Nestor Mendoza
Professor Sabir
English 201A 1-3pm
15 September 2010

-Rachel talked about how electronics came a long way.

-Kaja talked about the motto “In God We Trust” on our money.

-Dalina also talked about technology including the Apple iPhone.

-Bundarin talked about the basket ball and how came to be.

-Samon talked about a lighter and how it was invented in the 16th century.

-Micheal talked about how we live everyday using technology.

-Jimmy talked about the wallet and how it organizes our finances.

-Charls talked about the microphone and how it relates to our right to freedom of speech.

-Wennie talked about “smart phones” and the applications it has for EVERYTHING.

-Evilyn talked about the book and how it relates to our education and we can’t get nowhere without it.

-Ricardo talked about sports and how it’s been a part of civilization since the beginning of time.

-Folami talked about Hurricane Katrina…

-Quaneda talked about deodorant and how it came a long way from keeping us from being musty.

-Miguel talked about music and how it always helps us with any situation sad, happy or mad.

-Semy also talked about the basket ball and how it was invented a long time ago at the YMCA.

-Mey talked about the credit/debit card and how most people now keep most their money on them.
Vanessa Dilworth
Professor Sabir
English 201A 8-8:50
15 September 2010

American Culture

Yesterday in class we did our American Culture project and it was interesting. I liked
Sakima’s presentation I thought it was well thought out. Adali’s was on Coca Cola and it was very relevant, it is one of those things that symbolizes America. Reyva and Joshua brought in technology which is very prevalent in our culture, and has all but taken over it. Thu brought in a coin which was very American like. Hoa showed us a credit which is something that I think American’s created. Myaisha’s was on her hair which represented how all individuals in this country expressed themselves differently.
Great notes Nestor!
Miguel Ahumada
English 201A (1pm-3pm)
Professor Sabir
20 September 2010

Music is a big part of American culture. Many people wanted a small device u can carry with themselves and listen to music. A couple decades back the walkman was invented, then the CD player and now we have the “ipod”. Any person I see listening to music they have an ipod. This device actually shows what song is playing. Also people can play games and watch videos.
The company Apple invented the “ipod” or should I say they picked up on a idea from a British inventer. His name is Kane Kramer and he came up with the ipod design in 1979. A portable plastic digital music player was his idea, but since he couldn’t pay his patent, it expired. So he could not make any money of his idea.
In 2001 Jon Rubenstein and his Apple started to make the ipod. The first couple of ipods came out in October 2001. Different types of ipods are made small as a phone battery and as big as your phone, also different colors and memory capacity. Many people ask why Apple named the ipod “ipod”. There is simple explanation. A freelance copywriter came up with the name and he says he was inspired by the movie” Open The Pod Bay Door”, a film in 2001. Thanks to this invention music here in America is easier to hear anywhere they go.
Myaisha Bracken
Professor Sabir
English 201A 8-8:50am
14 September, 2010

The object I have chose to bring to class for my American Culture assignment is my hair. I chose this object because it is real important to me. The style of you hair allows you to show your personality. It allows you to be creative in many ways. Many people spends hour in hair salons and barber shops to get their hair done. The style of your hair can give people who don’t kn ow you an idea about the things you like.
Joanne Africano
Professor Sabir
English 201A 8-8:50am
27 October 2010

The object I chose for my American Culture presentation was alcohol. Alcohol has been around for many years. There are three classes that alcohol is put into, beers, wines, and spirits. In the U.S., the legal age for dinking or purchasing alcohol is 21 years of age. Whereas in some other countries, the age can be different such as in Mexico, I believe the drinking age out there is 16 or 18 years. In India, the stat Gujarat, alcohol is forbidden for drinking or even buying. Alcohol acts upon the central nervous system, where it changes brain functions such as you vision, your mood and behavior. Not only is alcohol used for drinking, but also it has many uses such as in medical, antiseptic, and analgesic uses. As of today though, alcohol is not used as medical substance on its own; it is used with other ingredients to make some kind of cough syrup.
“Moderate drinkers of alcohol tend to live longer lives rather than those who don’t drink, and those who drink constantly”, Harvard researchers had noted. Mixing alcohol with medicines can be harmful also. Like certain medicines, alcohol can make u drowsy and oh lightheaded. Due to that, mixing both together may increase the effects. You may have a hard time concentrating or operating machinery.
Patron is a brand of tequila made in Mexico. It is made of blue agave and blue agave is a plant that is an important product in Jalisco. Patron comes in five varieties: Silver, Anejo, Reposado, Gran Patron Platinum, and Gran Patron Burdeos. The Patron Spirits Company is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and was formed by John Paul DeJoria in 1989. It is one of the fastest growing tequilas in the United States.
Reyva Jugarap
Professor Sabir
English 201A 8-850AM
30 October 2010

- Vanessa; the American flag.
- Edwin brought; Iphone.
- Joanne; Patron.
- Joshua; CD.
- Sakima; Guitar.
- Enrique; 'everyone' in class.
- Thu; Dollar coin.
- Myaisha; Hair.
- Hoa; Credit card.

The object I chose to bring to class was my digital camera. People in America seem to love technology, and many Americans use cameras. They're for capturing moments and creating memories. Digital cameras are more accessible than film cameras.
Adalie Villalobos
Professor Sabir
English 201B 8-9 a.m
30 October 2010

American Culture Presentations

-Vanessa brought in an American flag.
- Adalie brought in a coke can.
- Edwin brought in an Iphone.
- Joshua brought in a CD.
- Sakima brought in his guitar.
- Enrique brought in 'everyone' in class.
- Thu brought in a dollar coin.
- Myaisha brought in hair.
- Reyva brought in a camera
- Hoa brought in a credit card.
- Joanne brought in a patron bottle.

Everyone had great presentations. They all had good reasons for bringing them in and they were all different, which made the presentations more interesting.
Jimmy Tran
Professor Sabir
English 201A 1-2:50PM
14,September, 2010

My presentation “Wallet”
Wallet ( its very special because it keeps all our finance tools organized.)
-Need money to function in society.
- helps money, credits (so people would not lose anything.)
- It helps when people go out to buy things.
-pays for transportation, gas
-When people go out to eat, they can use money or debit card.

Rachel (Phone) – talks about how it has high electronics and internet values.
Dalina (iPhone) – talks about how it change culture in modern society.
Samon (lighter) – has history in the 1600’s and gun powder.
Kaja (Money/In God We Trust) – Has coin history because of civil war.
Bundarin (Basketball) – Has history of the NBA.
Michael (Technology) – PSP and other tools. It all represents growth.
Charles (Microphone) – Symbol of Music and different languages we have in America.
Evelyn(book) – talks about how it brings success.
Folami(Hurricane Katrina) - talks about how it killed many people and how it changed America.
Miguel (iPhone) – talks about how music gets us through life.
Meuy (credit card) – recession
Winnie Li (Blackberry) – technology, word, powerpoint and mentions it’s a Canadian company.
Ricardo (sports) – it teaches discipline
Sammy (basketball) – 1891, 1846, NBA was founded. Important figures such as Michael Jordan.
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