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Assignment Due Dates Update

The English 201 8 AM class's orientation was with Steve Gerstle, M.L.I.S. -- Reference and Instruction Librarian, 748-5217, on Tuesday, September 21. There were handouts. We also watched a video.

There was no homework due to Professor Gerstle. Here is a link to the Youtube videos on privilege: 20/20 Privilege in America

Here is another Developing a Topic:

The afternoon class met with David Hatfield Sparks, M.M., M.L.I.S. -- Head Librarian -- Technical Services/Systems, 748-2253. There were handouts and an assignment we started in class and continued as homework due Monday, Sept. 27. Professor Spark will grade the assignment sheet. Attach a second page for the third reference, if you have one.

Check-in with a classmate and for further clarification talk to me.

Essay 2 is not due typed on Monday, Sept. 27. Complete the exercises up to the essay, pages 53-85. We will complete the essay by Wednesday/Thursday, Sept. 30-October 1 in the book. The essay will be due by Monday, October 4, typed and printed. Both classes.

The schedule is off, we are behind by a week. I returned the essays I received on Monday to the English 201 afternoon class. Peer reviewers inflated the grades for most students. Do not do this for Essay 2, the reviewer will lose credit for this on their essay beginning with Essay 3.

Most of the errors were not serious, just MLA: spacing, header, heading, underlined titles. The serious mistakes were: missing thesis sentences and/or conclusions, problems with the introduction--two paragraphs instead of one, unnecessary punctuation, incorrect templates.

Don't forget to read your essay aloud to yourself before submission. There is no reason why a student who pays attention cannot turn in an essay and get a passing grade the first time. Work towards this. I do not have help this semester, so I do not have time to read essays more than once.

I will not be kind to those students who I feel are wasting my time, and to pass the course, students have to pass all the PIDD essays.

In the reading in TKW. We are up to chapter 7 as of this week.

Here is the reading schedule:

Chapter Logs up to Chapter 7 due Monday, September 27, typed or copies of handwritten notes, stapled.


Chapter 6-7: Sept. 27/28 Discussion and Writing Assignment; Chapter 8-9: Sept. 29/Oct. 1/2 Discussion and Writing Assignment.

Chapter 9: October 4/5; Chapter 10: October 6/7

Chapters 11/12 end note (letter): October 11-13 Discussion and Writing Assignment. Chapter logs due, copies or typed (typed is best).

Book Report Essay or Life After TKW (smile)
Book report essay due: October 25/26.

Bring in the book or titles for consideration beginning September 29-30 to October 11. I need to approve the book first. The book doesn't have to be an autobiography, however, if it is, it can also be used for the Social Entrepreneur assignment. We are looking at people who are using their business to better society or more specifically to work against privilege or entitlement based on race and class and/or gender.

Social Entrepreneur Essay
Our last essay, the Social Entrepreneur Essay planning is due mid-November for peer review.

We will start reviewing the portfolio process in November as well to be completed before finals. We will not have a final in this class. The portfolio and the portfolio presentation is the final. We will complete this before classes end.

More later on this.

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