Thursday, September 16, 2010

In the morning class we reviewed Essay 1 in SPHE. Students completed the introduction and conclusion. The freewrite was to respond to two questions posted yesterday in the other class re: TKW. Read through chapter 5-6 in TKW.

Next week, in both classes, students should bring in a typed copy of the essay on Monday. We will complete peer reviews and grade each other's papers and turn in.

Make certain you complete the self-evaluation. We will also have two grammar quizzes from SPHE on sentence punctuation.

We do not post Pidd assignments. Occasionally students might email them to me, but not post, the authors do not like posts. It encourages cheating they tell me.

Shonta Jones
Wanda Sabir
23, September 2010

In the Novel the Known World by Edward P. Jones in chapters 6-8 it talks about how a free man can be bought back into slavery and how some folks use there power for bad to control the slaves who are free. The poem Black Mountain Blues talks about how a black man gets no justice and how the bad men will shoot quick and straight.
Down in the Black mountain
They all shoots quick and straight
The bullet’ll get you
If you starts a-dodging to late
Got the devil in my soul
And im fulla bad booze. (p. 70)
The poem indicates that this is a lonely and sad time because no one receives lawful justice, if a judge wants to post your bail he will, and if a judge wants you to hang that will be done. In the known world a slave by the name of Jebidiahs’s has free slave papers that he drew up himself, and the way they find this out is his old master Mann comes to take him back home. Jebidaih is than sold to a colored woman who looks white by the name of Fern Elston who takes him in to teach him manners of how to act when free. Jebidiah does not want to learn manners from Fern but only wants to collect the money that her husband Mr. Elstons owes him. (p.257)

All through chapters 6-8 there is a lot of blues going on, Jebidiah gets a nail in his foot and has to have his foot cut off and also gets fifteen slashes from fern for being disrespectful. Moses comforts Mrs. Townsend because she morns the death of her husband and they end of sleeping with one another.. Alice walks around Moses cabin singing a song about how he must have a slapping dieses because he beats his wife and children, I feel Moses is taking his power of overseer home to his family cause he loves his new power and is no longer in love with his wife that why he goes out in to the woods. (p. 263)
Work Cited
From Totems to Hip Hop, Ishmael Reed, Published 2003
The Known World, Edward P. Jones Published 2003
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