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Book Report Essay Assignment

Book Report Assignment
This semester we are looking at Privilege

Each student was asked to choose a book. The author needed to be alive and living in the Northern California and if the book is a biography, the person profiled needs to be alive and also living here, the San Francisco Bay Area. I suggested students chose a subject or author who might also work as a topic for the Social Entrepreneur profile. For example, Alice Waters is a social entrepreneur and there is a book written about her life. She lives in Berkeley. She is not 30 or younger, but that is okay. That requirement is flexible.

For each essay, students need to find three articles: a published book review or analysis, and for the author, see if there is something on the author in Literary Criticism, (on-line in the Library Database and in COA library (public libraries as well). Third, find an article that addresses one of the themes in the book. Include all of these sources in your works cited page.

The essay will be 2-3 pages and in it you will summarize your book’s major themes and analyze them. If the book is a biography, feel free to tell us something about the author and how he or she comes to know the person he or she writes about. If the book is an autobiography or a memoir tell us how the author came to write it and if this is his or her first book.

The presentation is weighted heavily here, so prepare well, and please include an abstract which includes the title of the book, the key points you plan to make and any arguments you’d like us to consider. Bring in copies for each student.

Book Report
Planning Nov. 8___________
Planning Sheet, Outline, Thesis Nov. 8___________
First Draft Wednesday, Nov. 10___________
Final Draft Friday, Nov. 12 via email____________
Presentations: Monday-Wednesday, Nov. 8-10___________

Book Report Presentations: Monday-Wednesday, Nov. 8-10
Grade is an “A “for all presentations or “-0-“ for opting out. The presentation is a quarter of the grade for this assignment

Dalina Le

Professor Sabir

English 201A

8 November 2010

Book Report Presentation;
First presenter was Winnie Li, presenting Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston. This book was about females growing up as Chinese-Americans in California. basically the memories of her childhood.

Eveylyn R., Miguel A., and Jimmy Tran reported a book called Always Running by Rodriguez. This book is about a teen that was in a gang and tried to make a better life for himself and his son because he did not want to put his son in any dangerous situation. He was treated horribly in high school and also in kindergarden when he first dealt with the police for playing in the schoolyard past the time. He was also an artist and made a mural. He was powerful and fell in love with a prostitute. His son went to jail for 28 years for attempted murder.

Rachel presented a book called Presumed Dead by . The book was about a marriage based on a man who married a woman from russia that persued to become a doctor but as the marriage got worse, so did the divorce phase. She then disappered/murdered and was last seen by her husband and police did not have enough evidence to prove that the husband was really the murderer but the emotions and physical movements he did proved that he did kill her.

Falomi presented The Color Purple by Alice Walker. This book is about two sisters who lived with their stepfather whose mother died. Celie was molested by the stepfather and gave birth to two children and then was given away by marriage. Mr. treated Celie really bad and Netty was treated better than Celie and Netty moved to Africa. Netty reunites with her niece and nephew whom was raised by her aunt. Sophia was married to Harpo who was a kid of Mr.'s. Harpo slapped Sophia because he seen that Mr. was treating them girls badly.
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