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Social Entrepreneur Essay Assignment

Assignment: Social Entrepreneurs: Engaged Citizenry

Open with the problem statement. Be descriptive.

The thesis sentence names your social entrepreneur as a person who is addressing the problem identified in the introduction.

Body paragraphs
Background on the social entrepreneur and what brings them to the work. You can cite statistics here to illustrate the problem

Introduce the organization or business venture. Does the work grow out of the community? How do the SE and the community interact?

Are there any partnerships with other organizations and/or government?

Are there any peer reviews or industry reports?

What are the measurable results for the community? Share a story here.

What are the measurable results for the SE. You could quote the SE here.

Your essay needs to answer all of these questions; you can structure it like a typical problem/solution essay or cause and effect.

The person has to be alive. Try to find someone local, who is living in the San Francisco Bay Area or in California. The person has to have been doing this work for 10-20 years (the length of time is negotiable; see me).

You need to locate 5 sources on your subject to form a bibliography; you don't have to cite them all. The sources can be published or broadcast interviews, books, articles, and films or you can interview them yourself. The person cannot be a relative. You can work in groups and share data. In fact, I encourage it.

You will have three citations: 1 in-text citation, one paraphrase, and one block quote in the essay. The rest of the writing has to be your own. The essay should be 4 pages (English 1A); 2-3 pages English 201. This does not include the works cited page or bibliography.

English 201 Social Entrepreneur Due Dates:

Planning Due by Monday, Nov. 15 (share)_____________
Essay: Planning Sheet, Outline, Thesis due Wednesday, Nov. 15 __________
First Draft Wednesday, Nov. 17 & 18 (peer reviews)__________
Final Draft due via email, Friday, (during class time: appointments with professor to check off essay______________

Presentations: Nov. 22-24

Supplementary Assignments

On-line Frontline World (on-line responses 3) Start Monday, October 18_______
Library Research sheet: Wednesday, October 20/21_______________
Website Evaluation completed (worksheet) by October 27/28 (in-class) _____________
List of sources (5) minimum in MLA format due Monday, Nov. 10/11 (share in class) ___________

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