Monday, October 18, 2010


TKW Essay Assignment

Today in class we completed our peer reviews in the afternoon class. For students who didn't complete their essays for today, get feedback from someone preferably who has completed at least English 1A with an A (smile).

We are looking at whether or not the writer has a Clear and Concise Thesis;
Evidence which sufficiently supports and proves the thesis, and a conclusion that is appropriate for the topic and adequately wraps up the discussion and is not redundant. Check for MLA, especially in the Works Cited page.

Essay are due via email by Wednesday, October 20, 2010 12 noon. Please attach all the supplementary materials such as planning and outline, as well as, notes and logs. If your logs are handwritten, bring to class. Email to:

For peer reviews, summarize them, if they are not written electronically.

In the morning class, we reviewed the essays this morning. The final drafts are due by Wednesday, October 20. The same instructions apply mentioned above.

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