Wednesday, November 17, 2010


English 201 Social Entrepreneur New Due Dates:

Planning Due by Nov. 22 (share or write in class)_____________
Essay: Planning Sheet, Outline, Thesis due Monday, Nov. 22 (share and/or write in class) __________

First Draft Monday, Nov 29 (peer reviews)__________
Final Draft due via email, Dec. 1 by 12 noon. Send to

Presentations: Dec. 1/Dec. 2 (if we run out of time). Don't forget your abstracts. If you didn't get to present your book report, if we have time students will have one last time to present.

We will spend Dec. 6-8 working on portfolio assembly. Bring all of your work to class this week: all the graded drafts. The portfolio is due: Wednesday, Dec. 15, by 12 noon.

Make sure you paste it and attach it. Remember attach only one Word Document, not several documents. If you send it wrong, I will not read it.

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