Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Essay Exam 2
Peer Reviews
Book Report Presentations

In the morning class we took Essay Exam 2: Possessives. If you missed class there is a make-up on Monday afternoon, possibly Monday morning, call me.

In the afternoon class students made presentations, did peer reviews, and/or completed Essay Exam 2.

The mood was festival and noisy, but toward the end, students did really well on the presentations: Rachel on Henry K. Lee's Presumed Dead, Winnie on Maxine Hong Kingston's Woman Warrior, Dalina on Dave Pelzer's A Child Called "It", Evelyn & Miguel on Luis Rodriquez's Always Running, and Folami on Alice Walker's The Color Purple.

Don't forget to read a published review, a bio on the author and a critical article on one of the topics in the book.

I read all TKW essays, so check your email and revise by Monday. I look forward to reading the book report essays Friday. They should be in by 12 noon.

Some students are behind in Pidd, you have until Wednesday to catch up. Check the blog for the Portfolio Checklist, which is a list of all the assignments for the semester. Print it out and put your grades on it, an average is your grade so far in the class.

If you have missed many days and are very behind, talk to me. Next week is the last day to drop with a W. After Nov. 24, I have to give you a grade.

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