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Email a list of topics you'd like covered in the concluding weeks of the class. We will continue working on essay structure, thesis development, comprehension and critical thinking, and MLA and research questions and strategies.

Book Report Essays Presentations:

Give a substantive comments on student presentations: What worked well? Key points raised that surprised or caught your attention?

In the afternoon class, we decided to complete Essay Exam 2: Possessives, and the Be-Verb Quiz, and postpone the presentations to Wednesday. We will spend the first part of class doing peer reviews on the Book Report Essay and the second part on presentations. Come on time.

If anyone missed Essay Exam 2, make up exams are Wednesday, Nov. 10, 3 PM.

Possessives Essay

Reagan Lolo
Professor Wanda Sabir
English 201 B/8-8:50 AM
10 November 2010

On Tuesday morning, I fallowed with a lot of interest the presentations of Edwin Peabody and Ronald Parker, and I did enjoy and learned a whole lot from them. Ronald was impressive in the way he showed the class his knowledge about Alice Walker and her book. He also seemed to master the topic of the book. He was able to use the information from the book to deliver a strong message to the whole class about the importance of being faithful. Although, I was not totally agree with his last comments about sugar daddy, sugar mami and so on, ones have to admit that he was pretty entertaining throughout the presentation. He was able to keep his audience on board and gave the audience the desire of reading " The Way Forward is with a Broken Heart .
If both, Ronald and Edwin were undeniably accurate, they were two different aurators. Like Ronald, Edwin knew his book and his author. We definitely learn a lot from his chosen book, " Three cups of Tea". He was as serious as his topic throughout the presentation. In the beginning it was a little sad to learn that Mortenson was unable to make to the top of the highest mountain in Pakistan in honor of his sister. The relief came when he finally found another way of honoring his sister, which was building those free schools. More importantly, empowering those Pakistanis women seem to be even better way of honoring somebody who you really love, because this involved changing other people's life.The story was really inspiring, and Edwin did a good job of convincing us to read that book. Congratulations to both them.
Jimmy Tran

Professor Sabir

English 201A

11 November 2010

Winnie – Woman Warrior Maxine. 5 chapter book. Woman plays a role about how her life shaped her. The Aunt was presented because of her death. Tradition and Culture was really focused on this book. I really liked that the book was given so much detailed about defending women.

Dalina – A child called “It” Save Pelzer. Dave survived from his own mother’s abuse. He had many bruises on him. He went to school embarrassed. This book was well presented by Dalina because it made me think about how Dave's life was affected in the book.

Evelynn ,Miguel and Jimmy - Always Running. – Luis has grown up in a gang environment. He had a son and he changed for the better. He wrote the book in order to inspire people. The book deals with a lot of issues on segregation. Evelynn and Miguel did good on summarizing the book because the describes many important aspects of the book. I ended up coming up last second and mention that he was treating his past girlfriends bad.

Rachel –Presumed Dead. Relationship between the couple had gotten rough and they both were divorced. Killings were happening. The wife was missing and it was obviously that he killed her. He did not show emotion. Evidence was shown by blood. Blood was everywhere in the car which is why he tore out the seat. 25 to life was changed to 15 to life. Very interesting book because it makes the readers think.Rachel was great on showing her interest between the struggling couple.

Folami – The color purple. Two sisters were living with their stepfather and he was molesting one of the sisters. He treated them badly and never really treated them like true family.Pure emotion and many knoledge to the book. I am looking forward on researching this book more.The color purple sounds something that everyone must read.
Nestor Mendoza
Professor Sabir
English 201A
10 November 2010

The first presentor was Winnie, her book report was about the book Woman Worrior. The book was about a female that was into dressing like a man inorder to accomplish things she wasnt able to do as a female.
The second presentor was Delina, her book report was aout the book A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer a child that was aboused by his mother. The mother would make him run to school, keep him from taking a bath and makeing him starve for three days. After a while the school nurse came and helped the boy face the fact that he was being aboused and tell someone about it.
The third presentors were both Miguel and Evelyn, their book rebort was on the book Always Running by Luis Rodriguez. the book was about a guy struggling with gang life and tries to move away but it seems to follow him wherever he went. The book is banned in many states through out the country.
the fourth presentor was Rachel, her book was Presumed Dead by Henry K. Lee, the book was about a woman who marries a man from russia. eventually the marriage comes to an end. One day the woman drops off the kids at her ex-husbans house and went missing. the ex-husband was accused for murdering her.he was proven guilty and was charged with murder.
The fifth presentor was folami her book report was on the book The Color Purple buy Alice walker, the book was about 2 sisters thet lived with their step fathers. one of the doughters molested by the step father and ended up pregnant. the kids were bebe kids, no guidanse.



10 November 2010


Dalina L. - A Child Called "It" By: Dave Pelzer
Dalina talked about how the author experienced through child abuse and how terrifying it is. She talked about how child abusivers also dont get sentenced a very time. She thought this novel was very well written but very sad.

Evelyn A. & Miguel A & Jimmy T. - Always Running By: Luis Rodriguez
They both talked about how this book is about gangs. This book is about segregation and how hard it is for people of color spefically Latinos, Mexicans. They mentioned that this novel is based on the the author. Rodrguez started writing and became involved in being active and helping people. Writing saved him and his story was heard. His son went to jail for 28 years for attempted murder. This book is also similar to another novel named "Oscar".

Rachel M. - Presume Dead By: Henry K.
About a couple with 2 kids, and their relationship started going downhill and how they went through a nasty divorce. The woman became missing and no one knows where she went. She was last seen by her ex husband and he determined that he didn't kill her. In the end, they found evidence that he did kill her. Their kids ended up in Russia with their grandma.

Falomi - The Color Purple By: Alice Walker

This book is about slavery and how a man named owned two girl slaves. This slave Celie had two kids by a man named Mister. Nettie was her sister who moved to Africa and stayed in the missionaries. Nettie always wrote letters to Celie but Mister kept them and never gave them to her. They finally get in contact and make amends.
Bundarin Ouk Jr
Professor Sabir
English 201A
10 November 2010

People had to present their books to the class. There were only a hndle full of students that prsented, but they were good presentations.

First presenter was Winnie L. her book was and her book was Memoirs of a Girlhood among Ghosts by Maxine Hong Kingston. It was basically about a chinese girl in California and about chinese culture tradition.

The next presenter was Delinia and her book was called a Child it. And it was about a boy that goes to school like a normal kid but gets beat up at home aall the time. Eventaully the boy got comfortable telling the nurse he gets beat up, then soon his parents lost possession.

Miguel and Evelyn were the next prsenters and their book called Alays Running. This book is about a young teen growing up in poverty and joining into gang. And how he turned his life around.

Racheal book is called Presume Dead and it was about a man who killed his wife and now been incarcerated for 25 years. But been sentence to 15years to life because he revealed where his wife's body was kept. The author of the book tries to show how a man that is obviously the killer and the evidence is there but could be innocent.

Falawmy read the book called The color Purple. its about two sisters and their mom died and now had to saty with their step dad. But their satep da was molesting one of the sisters name Ceni, and eventally had kids with their step dad.
Samon Pen

Professor Sabir

English 201A 1-3pm

10 November 2010

Book report presentation:
The first person to present was Winnie li. she read a book called the women warrior by maxine. the different storys of the chinese warroirs of history. talking about the female empowerment that the characters shows. winnie added that the book is good for, if you want to read about story and likes of the asian culture. the second person to present was Dalina le. she read a book called a child called "it" written by dave palzer. the story of a man who have grown up living from child abuse. for three years that the abuse have been going on until the nusre of the school finally told the princal. the thrid to present was miguel, jimmy and evelyn they read a book called always running. the book was about a guy who was in the gang and talk about life and the relationship in his life at the time and how he change. the forth was racheal. she read a book called Presumed Dead which was about a murdeer in oakland. the story was about a husband who killed his wife saying that he was protecting his children. the last was folami with the color purple. a story of a women who grow strenght from abuse sy her husband and father.
Mayra S. Cortez
Professor Sabir
English 201A 8-850
10 november

Tuesday morning was a success for the book talk presentations, ronald and edwin did a wonderful job presenting, it seemed that they were very pleased with what they read, and held helpfull information onto why people should read the books they read. Good job. Ronalds books cought my attention about cheating relationships god know we all have experienced a cheating partner or have been a cheater purself. I believe his book can help change people into making better choices other then breaking someones heart!
Dulguun Enkhtsogoo
Professor Wanda Sabir
Englsih 201 A
15 November 2010

Winnie: Her book title was Woman Warrior. The book was about a woman who disgiused as a man.Also about chinese culture.

Dalina: A child called “It” Save Pelzer. This kid always get abused by her own mother. She always beat him and dont feed him. He always get bruises going to school and his school finds out aboit it , and helps him.

Evelynn ,Miguel and Jimmy - Always Running : Luis has grown up in a gang environment. He had a son and he changed for the better. He wrote the book in order to inspire people. The book deals with a lot of issues on segregation. Evelynn and Miguel did good on summarizing the book because the describes many important aspects of the book. I ended up coming up last second and mention that he was treating his past girlfriends bad.

Folami – The color purple. I have seen the movie by Oprah and Winnie , and it was great movie, brought the book into life.
Adalie Villalobos
Professor Sabir
English 201B 8-9
16 November 2010

Book Report Presentations

What worked well? Key points raised that surprised or caught your attention?

Ronald and Edwin are the only two that presented so far. Their presentations were both very informative and gave a clear look at the book they read. What worked well for Ronald was his knowledge of the book. He did not sound nervous and kept the presentation on point. Some of the key points that surprised me are that Alice Walker has done so much in her lifetime, and that she is an American novelist, short-story writer, poet, essayist, and activist. Edwin’s presentation was different but still informative as well. What worked well for Edwin was having the information in front of him because he seemed a little nervous. His presentation was longer than Ronald’s but for a good reason. The information he had on the person in his book was very interesting. The man in the book created schools for kids where he was. That man fought for what he felt was needed to be done and that is amazing. Overall, both presentations were great.
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