Thursday, December 02, 2010

Today we did peer reviews and reviewed the portfolio. I am dropping students today who are missing more than one essay assignment who have not communicated with me.

Homework is to complete the SE essay and send in via email by Friday, Dec. 3, 2010:

Work on the portfolios. Presentations are Monday-Tuesday we will answer questions and wrap up a wonderful semester Wednesday (smile). Thursday we will not meet.

Bring in the Subject-Verb AGR Essay templates typed or the completed essay on Monday as well. We reviewed the errors.

Template For Subject-Verb Agreement Essay

[Claim naming the types of error] “Insert the error.” The (singular/plural) subject “__” does not agree with the (singular/plural) verb “____.” [Explain why the error is an error. Explain how to fix the error]. The correct sentence will read, “Give example of corrected sentence.”

I'll be around Monday from 9-11 AM in A232 to help anyone who drops by with the portfolio and with revisions. Remember, all the essays included in the portfolio have to be graded.

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