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Homework Recap Monday-Tuesday, January 24-25

Day one was fruitful. The class had an opportunity to get to know one another through shared freewrites. We also read an interesting op ed published in the current Laney College Town newspaper about singer/artist Lil Wayne. Is education really the opportunity it's chalked up to be or like success in the studio or on the athletic field, a combination of preparedness or skill combined with luck?

Obviously, students in class Monday afternoon believe education, even without luck, is an invaluable asset.

I thought the State of the Union Address was yesterday, when actually it is tonight at 6 PM. Watch it or listen to it.

Bring your responses to these questions to class on Wednesday. If you don't see these questions until tomorrow's meeting, don't worry, they can serve as talking points (smile).

1. Note at least three areas or themes covered in the address. What was the central idea or thesis of the speech? Restate it in your own words.

2. Summarize the speech or outline it--your choice.

3. What appealed to you most about the State of the Union experience: watching audience responses, seeing if issues that concern you were addressed, etc.?

4. Was this your first time watching the address? If not, how does this address compare to the other two President Obama delivered?

5. How did recent events such as what happened in Moscow yesterday with the bombing and in Arizona, January 8, 2011, when suspect, Jared Lee Loughner, 22, shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and 18 others, killing six people, including a 9-year-old girl who, according to the Washington Post, "went to the casual meet-and-greet because of her interest in politics."

In North Africa, Tunisia, there has been unrest, including self-immolation, and in Egypt citizens are upset over their president's recent budget. Côte d'Ivoire still has two presidents which has led to continued bloodshed since the November election results.

6. Does any of this creep into the speech? Are there any direct references to this or are the references implied?

7. Lastly, did you enjoy watching or listening to the speech and do you plan to listen again next year? What do those who opt out of listening to what some citizens look at as a very important occasion for American government, miss?

Other Homework

Homework from the syllabus and letter includes a response on the blog to both documents by this Friday. There is an essay assignment due Monday, January 31, outlines in the letter. Students are to email their contact information to me: coasabirenglish201@gmail.com

Students are to bring the Laney College Tower newspapers to class on Wednesday. We talked about visiting the exhibit at the Laney Art Gallery closing reception, next Friday, February 4, 2011, I think around 6 PM.

Kandace Chao
Professor Sabir
English 201A
26 January 2011

3. The thing about the State of the Union address is it was the reactions of the people listening to Obama that appealed to me the most. When Obama would say something, people would react negatively or positively. For example, when Obama talked about the concern for healthcare, people applauded loud- and that was the majority. The others just sat there. Also, he had talked about things like community and community colleges. It was like a head-turner for me. He cares about his people.

4. This was actually the first time in my 18 years of living that I had sat down and listened to the president of our country talk about his concerns. Surprisingly, I was uninterested in it, and surprisingly, it was interesting.

7. I have enjoyed listening to his speech, but I was forced to listen to it. For some reason, politics does not appeal to me, and I don’t wish to delve into it deeper. I guess as a person who doesn’t listen to their current events, I would miss out on many things happening around the world and our own country. But, I guess that’s too bad.
Thailea Boykin
Professor Sabir
English 1A
26 January 2011

#1: From the State of the Union speech, the three main themes: education, entrepreneurship, being the best. For the central idea of the speech, I got that Obama was trying to convey the importance of cooperation among us as American’s and those is congressional positions. I felt that the speech was to inform everyone of the things that are occurring and not to give the solutions to the problems that we are facing as a nation.

#4: Yes, this was my first time watching/listening to the State of the Union Address. I believe that I will be watching the upcoming addresses given by President Obama. But as far as other political events I probably wouldn't listen to because I don't favor politics and government. Its a bit much for me.

#6: Defiantly, Obama spoke on the tragedy that happened in Tuscan. He addressed this in the beginning stages of the speech. He acknowledged the missing congress official and the 9 year old girl that lost her life as well. These references were direct and not just implied.

Thanks&Be Blessed
Amgalanbaatar Sarantuya
Professor Sabir
English 1A
27 January 2011

3. The thing that appealed to me most were the issues that personally concerned me. Such as education and the next for the U.S. as far as military wise. I liked how he wants the school districts to come up with new and better educational plans for the future and if they appeal to him, he will supply them funds. Also I really was pleased when he said he was going to get the troops out of Iraq starting in July I think. Because we need to focus on the problems on our home turf and stop spending so much money on the pointless war. American soldiers are losing lives everyday. That needs to stop.

4. This was my first time actually watching the State of The Union and it was pretty breathtaking and moving. I watched it because I'm getting older and I'm more interested in politics, the U.S. economy is in a real downfall and it is personally affecting me and those around me. Also just because President Obama delivers really moving, emotional speeches.

7. I actually did enjoy his speech and now he just needs to turn his words into action and prove it. I do plan to listen to it and watch it again next year. As a citizen, it is kind of your duty to listen to these things and pay attention and be aware. Especially at a time like this. Those who opt out, probably miss out on the plans for the future and what is going on around them.
Julien Chen
Professor Sabir
English 201 B
28 January 2011

1.Three themes that President Obama discussed during the address were: the money that the U.S. is spending, the environment, and education. I think that the central idea of the whole speech was to tell the American people what to look forward to.

3.The thing that appealed to me the most in the State of the Union address was the things that concerned me. This strongly includes the subject of school and how Americans should be doing in school.

7. I enjoyed listening to President Obama’s speech. It was basically a huge summary of what is new and happening currently in the U.S. It was good to hear news directly from our commander in chief. I do intend to listen again next year, it was informative and uplifting. Those who did not listen to the address are missing the information that tells them what the future of their life would be.
Kimber Soriano
Professor Sabir
Course Name #1
26 January 26, 2011

1.-President Obama addresses issues to control government issues regarding on jobs and innovations.
-To put justice in Arizona shooting which a congresswoman Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot and wounded in the court meeting.
-Focus on the economical hardship of the nation
2. It’s about political tragedy in Tucson and how Barrack Obama made changes in political party. He also talks about solving the economic crisis that U.S. face today.
3. It was the fact that the initiatives for big government solutions to recover economic status back up.
4. Yes, I did understand why he delivers that speech to make the solution for the government and help U.S. economy recover.
5. I think they are many civilians are really afraid of these horrible things going on which includes terrorist attacks and shootings. In fact, many of them were killed because they don’t know when it will happen and how it becomes tragic to them. This world today is becoming worst people killing people.

7. Yes, maybe I felt that Pres. Obama may or may not make it possible if there are a lot of issues going on that he needs to be resolved.
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