Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Reflections on the Literature Circle

If you were able to participate in the Lit Circle this afternoon, reflect on the process, what you liked and especially how it helped you go deeper into the material. Dis the discussion affect how you plan to approach the material next time? How does discussion help one better one's reading?

Don't forget to keep a reading log and to keep reading when there is extra time in your schedule. Do not get behind in the reading. The deadlines have to be firm, otherwise students will not have enough time to read the next selections.

We decided to push the Pidd essay: Sentence Punctuation to next Wednesday. Complete the templates. If you missed Monday and were behind today, I am around on Thursdays in A-232 between 10-11 and 12-1. I am here everyday except Friday. Call me and I can tell you where I am on Monday and Wednesday mornings. Also, I am around on Wednesday after class and can make myself available on Monday after class as well.

Kimber Soriano
Professor Sabir
English 201A
10 Febraury 2011

Actually i liked the way we discussed about the chapter 1 and 2because it got so interested at the point of why women are oppresed and how did they struggle gender discrimination. We did talk about few things happened in the book which the Indian woman was sold by her parents whe was young and she became a prostitute in the large brothel area in India. When we asked few questions regardless to the things we want to share in those 2 chapters, we did excellent talking to one another. I plan to take notes and present what i think in reading the chapter. It helped me to learn and share our comments with each other.
Rosita Contreras
Professor Sabir
English 201B
13 February 2011

Reflection on Literature Circle

I like that we got together and talked about the book. I was the summarizer in the group and then other students summarized what they remembered of the chapter. I think it helped to do the literature circle because you get to hear what people thought about the chapter and what they got from the reading. We could connect what happens in the book with what happens in real life. I could not believe what those girls went through. I think they are really brave because they went through a lot and they did not give up. Also it is good to take notes because when you are going to summarize to the group it really helps.
Angelina Moreno
Professor Sabir
English 201B
15 February 2011

I thought that the lit circle gave everyone a chance to get to know one another. - really enjoyed hearing everyone's opinion about the chapter. I felt that everyone had really good feed back from the chapter. Things I had forgotten were brang up so it helped me connect the pieces I had with others.
Tyler Mecozzi
Professor Sabir
English 1A 8a.m.
15 February 2011

I enjoyed when people participated in the literary circle. At first, some were shy to speak; but as the class progressed, they became more comfortable with the group and expressed their opinion. To make things run more smoothly, we might want to assign general questions just to start the conversation flow.

Discussing the readings help me understand what I think about the readings more thoroughly. It is one thing to read a chapter, but it is another to have your own opinion about it. I feel that the groups made me stronger in my beliefs about Half the Sky, and I wish I had more "book clubs." :)
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